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Last Post Lesson 2, Dragon Health
Posted: Aug 21 2009, 04:15 PM

thank.you.for.the.music.♬ :.

Group: Admin
Posts: 243
Member No.: 2
Joined: 11-February 09

Weyrlings. Tell your partners to report to the lesson area outside of the barracks. You may join them if you wish. The lesson starts now.

The last part was added slightly after the much warmer previous words, and clearly were none of Marith's making. A'rote was not in a pleasant mood. He didn't enjoy this lesson. Because half of the Weyrlings weren't going to pay attention, and the other half were going to forget it as he said it. And he wasn't about to go out of his way to make a boring topic interesting. This wasn't the creche; if they didn't want to listen, they weren't going to learn.

With this less than friendly opinion written all over his face, A'rote brooded in front of his waiting black dragoness, waiting for his Weyrlings to arrive. Naturally, not too patiently.

Hurry up, then! Sooner we start, sooner it's over.

He waved in the stragglers irritably, and stood glaring until the pack of hormonal teenagers had themselves still and quiet.

We're going over basic dragon health this morning, so do try to stay awake. This will cover most everything you need to know about your dragon's physical state. Anything beyond this is what dragonhealers deal with.

He then proceeded to point out dragon eyes, dragon talons, dragon teeth, dragon wings, dragon limbs, dragon hide, dragon wingsails, dragon anatomy, and anything else having to do with everyday things to expect and look for in the average dragon. It was very long and very boring, and doubtless he put at least one person to sleep, if not more. It is at the least boring enough that I do not want to write it, and I'm sure you do not want to read it either. But things got interesting again at the end of the lesson.

A'rote paused for a long moment, looking out over the lethargic group to see which were asleep, conversing, or trying desperately to pay attention and remember. Then he clapped loudly, the sudden noise made even louder by Marith's helpful stomp. The old man smiled wickedly and quickly went to work.

Stand up! Everyone! Make a line! In front of me, right here. Arm distance apart! Hurry up!

He moved forward to help the more sleepy or slow ones into place, and directed the traffic until a line was formed.

Good! Now everyone, arms out! Parallel to the ground! Keep them up! You will not put your arms down until I say. And I will not say until each of you has told me something you learned today about your dragon's anatomy or health. We will go down the line. Whenever someone drops their arms, we will start over. No repeating information either. So. N'iko, if you please. Start us off.

Oh, joy. And they said that A'rote didn't have a sense of humor.
Posted: Aug 28 2009, 04:21 AM

New Member

Group: Members
Posts: 9
Member No.: 22
Joined: 6-May 09

Marith calls. You have lessons. Rhadith’s melodic voice made him look up from the stain he had been scrubbing out of his tunic. He was glad for an excuse to leave the stained garment for a while. His hands had turned into prunes, and although they weren’t painful they were a tad uncomfortable.

You mean we have lessons, C’del corrected the dragon, something that he was rarely able to do.

No. I mean that you have lessons, but Marith says that I am welcome to join. His tone did not waver yet C’del felt a smug change in the dragons demeanour. Was he finally learning to understand Rhadith?

He rolled his eyes at the prospect of lessons. Great, lessons without his dragon, he had a feeling that this was just going to be one long lecture. This was not far from truth.

Rhadith had escorted him over to Marith and A’rote before detaching himself to sunbath on a warm rock a little ways away. He scowled at the dragons retreat. The Weyrlingmaster looked unhappy and that made this the last place in the Weyr that C’del wanted to be. As the lecture began it was obvious that A’rote was in no mood to teach. This along with the monotony of the subject soon had C’del’s thoughts drifting to other things. Flying dragons, pretty Hold girls, hot cakes...

The arrival of Rhadith halfway through the lecture was accompanied by a sharp mentally poke, and his dragonrider was forced to focus on the lesson once more. Now that Rhadith had returned C’del would not be able to dose off. A soft mental chuckle from the blue reinforced that thought.

C’del shook head and sat up straighter. It wasn’t like the lecture mattered much anyways. How did the blue put it last time? ”You will have that knowledge when it is needed.” He contemplated that for a moment then shrugged it off. He might not have the knowledge but a healer most certainly would. He prized himself on his outstanding logic and attempted to continue his pleasant daydream . Another mental shove from Rhadith told him otherwise and he was forced to pay attention for the rest of the lesson.

When the lecture finally finished he gave a sigh of relief, he would never be a healer, ever! C’del was half out of his seat before A’rote-Marith’s thunderous clap woke even the weyrlings which had slept through the entire lecture. C’del sat back down to hear the instructions.

Soon they were standing in a line with their arms raised like figurines. C’del groaned. He had been paying attention, but he knew full well that half of the Weyrlings had slept through all but the first 5 minutes of the lecture.

See, I helped. The cocky ring of his dragon covered the majority of the complaints from the other Weyrlings.

He looked down the row to N’iko. “Come on N’iko, let’s get this over with quickly. We’ve got better things to do than standing in line.” He briefly hoped that the gibe towards the Weyrlingmaster would go unnoticed, but it didn’t matter much, either way it was the truth. In his mind the dirty tunic back in the Weyrling’s Barracks was much more important than knowing which way the veins ran on a dragon’s wing.
Posted: Jan 15 2010, 03:11 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 87
Member No.: 20
Joined: 28-April 09

Gwynell and Rhosweth

It might have been harder for Gwynell to listen to the lecture, as so many seemed to have problems - the topic wasn't one generally given to rapt attention, unless one was a Healer - but for Rhosweth. The green took it upon herself to chatter near constantly at Gwynell, but not in a way that would impede the Harper's listening to her Weyrlingmaster, merely clever additions to what he was saying, that in her bright and cheery way, kept her rider awake. Clever girl. An'loike h'said bout ma knees, I cain't dis-lo-cate'em. Of course, the holding her arms out thing would be a bit difficult, but after learning the harp, which required something close to the maneuver - though more directly out in front, rather than to the sides as was required now - she figured she'd be passably fine.

K'nan and Chalchiuith

Remember my ribs are not connected to my backbone, K'nanmine, Chalchiuith growled to her half-asleep rider, nudging him awake with her head. He thanked her silently, standing and stretching before joining the others lining up - if only he could remember that fact long enough!

((Facts taken from here, it's really helpful for this lesson!))
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