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Last Post Everything Changed, (Afternoon After) - Vyviaan
Posted: Aug 9 2009, 11:42 PM

thank.you.for.the.music.♬ :.

Group: Admin
Posts: 243
Member No.: 2
Joined: 11-February 09

S A N ' T I A & O K A T H
    It was almost unwillingly that he pulled back and rolled over, and there he paused. He really didn't want to leave, but he knew he had to. It was getting late, and Sanlivon surely would have returned by now to find him gone, and he wouldn't rest until he knew where his father was. San'tia was always in his weyr at night, and Sanlivon would be expecting him. And, as much as he was pleased at the turn of events today, he would rather his son didn't know. Sanlivon was under the impression that his father was a good man, and he was loathe to threaten that belief, however unfounded it might be. According to San'tia, at any rate. Strong, proud, noble, sure. Good, no.

    With his parenthood looming over him, he sighed and continued all the way to standing up, quickly grabbing his pants and pulling them on. A quick glance over his shoulder had him halting again, a fond and reminiscent smile taking over his features as the glance turned into a stare. Vyviaan. They were both older, but she was just the same. Only now he knew she would have loved him regardless of where he was, and a pain had started in his chest at remembering all those turns that he'd wasted. No more. He turned back around and crawled on to the bed again and over next to her, stopping when he had her below him between his arms. His smile now was different from the earlier ones, softer and not so dark and wild. Softly he leaned down and kissed the curve of her cheekbone just below her eye. He hesitated by her face.

    I have to go.

    The whisper was as much for him as it was for her, and he pulled himself back so that he was kneeling next to her, still attempting to force himself to leave even as he wished he could stay.
user posted image
Posted: Aug 10 2009, 12:16 AM

Remember, police rarely think it's as funny as you do.

Group: Members
Posts: 138
Member No.: 10
Joined: 4-March 09

"I have to go."

Vyviaan would have very nearly not woken, caught in a sleep that could only be likened to the dead. But San'tia's words broke through the surface of her sudden internal rest like a beacon of light though a storm, and immediately, the slate blue eyes opened, and she turned to feel the touch of his lips at her cheek. For a moment, it was a dream, and she blinked in surprise when he didn't fade into the evening dark like so many times before. The day's m emories came flooding back, and Vyviaan lifted her head easily, sliding her body back on the wide lavish bed and bringing the blanket with her, a long leg free and dangling over the bed as she righted herself. Tiara, in the strange hammock above, opened her own eyes and chirped softly in the dark at the strange man below, before falling silent again.

"It's been a long time since I've had to beg you to stay." Her voice was soft, cool and amused. She knew why he had to leave, and while it might have been a problem with any other man, she knew that Sanlivon was an important enough reason for the bronzerider, and offered no argument. "But you have that look of a young man that doesn't want to go, so I suppose I can use that to my credit." Reaching up, she casually smoothed some of the tumbled hair, pushing it out of his dark eyes, before straightening, the heavy hide lined with velvet like a strange gown as she found her feet, dropping it again on the bed and reaching for a thing deep green robe. Pushing her own pale hair back and pinning it with a long silver pin, she found his eyes again, and smiled.

"I suppose, before you go, the real question is where we go from here."

First things are first. The smug voice drifted in from the ledge to them both, where Azrayesth had continued her long conversation with Okath throughout their riders' tryst. My rider is going to do what she can for Okath. Knowledge willing, your bond will be healthy again, bronzerider.

Vyviaan nodded, her eyes finding something on the floor. Kneeling to scoop San'tia's shirt into her hands, she moved back to the bedside, sitting and letting the article of clothing lay in her lap. "I do not wish to keep you. But there are many things to discuss." Leaning forward, with burning eyes that indeed said that she did wish to keep him, she brushed fingertips on his cheek, letting them fall down the curve os his neck before sitting back again, pleased with herself.
Posted: Aug 21 2009, 03:34 PM

thank.you.for.the.music.♬ :.

Group: Admin
Posts: 243
Member No.: 2
Joined: 11-February 09

S A N ' T I A & O K A T H
    She woke up. For all the deepness of her slumber, he still could pull her out with a few quiet words. And this did nothing to speed his escape. He was caught again for a moment as her eyes opened suddenly to reveal her pale gray eyes, caught in the memories that came from seeing her eyes newly woken from a pleasant dream and in the bliss of seeing those eyes again. But he still pulled back, called by other memories of a far different pair of eyes with far different meaning to them. The two clashed in his head as he sat back waiting to go, the lover and the father. This side of the day, he wasn't sure if both could exist. They never had before. But they had to now. He couldn't give up either of them, now that they both were his. Things had changed.

    He was pulled from his worrying as Vyviaan spoke, and he listened quietly as she did, save for smiling and laughing quietly. Both faded slightly as she reached up to brush his hair back, a brief thrill running up his back at her gentle touch. Again, very much unhelpfully, he forgot all about leaving as he just stared at her, even in the menial tasks of putting on a robe and pinning her hair. If he had been asked to leave right then, he would have immediately found the idea detestable. Instead, very much against the previous plan of leaving, he crawled forward and put his hands on her shoulders, pulling her slightly towards himself as he leaned down to kiss her neck, his hands ghosting down her back then around her waist. He pulled back as she turned toward him, and was once again faced with reality in its fullest.

    where we go from here.

    He pulled back again, as slowly as before, considering this question. He was interrupted by Azrayesth's faint words in his head, and turned out toward the ledge where the dragons rested. Dragon voices not belonging to Okath were strange enough that he had to take note, and again he lapsed into quiet thoughtfulness. There wasn't much of a question of their continued relationship. That was going to happen, regardless of anything else. The real question concerned their plans. He wouldn't hold Vyviaan - or Azrayesth - back, but if there was a way to get Okath back again, that problem was solved.

    Careful, kid. Not sure I'm going to take being your 'problem' anymore.

    San'tia looked up at Okath's words, to find Vyviaan leaning toward him. The initial surprise of his dragon's words gave way to the same hunger he hadn't shown for years before this morning as she trailed a hand over his face and down his neck.

    Oh, but I do wish to keep you.

    He reached forward and wrapped one hand around the back of her neck, and had to force himself to stop there, though he did lean forward closer to her.

    I know I can lead your Weyr. If you can make Okath fly again, I would not hesitate to try again. To pick up our plans where we left off. But perhaps a bit changed. Updated for the current times.
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