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Last Post Ferals
Posted: Mar 3 2009, 02:32 AM

&& Caerwyth

Group: Sr. Moderator
Posts: 56
Member No.: 5
Joined: 18-February 09

Applying for a Feral character - be they Candidate, Rider, Terrified Hostage or whatnot - is a bit different from applying for a regular character.

Here are the rules and the steps for application:

1) Check the Approvable Characters list. That'll tell you if we have any places open for riders/dragons. (Remember: not all Feral dragons must have riders.) Other positions (Candidates, Terrified Hostages, Random Hostages Who Are Used To It By Now, etc) are always open unless there's a note there specifically saying we're full up.

2) Okay, so the spot you want is open! Good for you. Now comes the hard part. Well, actually, it shouldn't be that hard. What you have to do now is go to the Character Forms, grab a form for a character comparable to the one you have in mind, and fill it out - just like you would if you were making any normal character. However, instead of posting it straight in the Pending Characters forum, you finish it up and send it to me: Nai-ru/The Amazing Goddess of Ferals. UPDATE FROM TEARS: You may now send your applications to Wolf Tears or Mellody. You'll probably get a quicker response that way, given as Nai's been inactive lately.

3) Now you wait. Twiddle your thumbs a bit. Stare at a wall. Watch the grass grow. Take out the trash. Read a book and expand your horizons. That or watch Spongebob. Whatever it is you do while you wait for stuff. During this time, if the Gods of the PM System are willing, I will recieve your profile and, if The Amazing Goddess of Ferals (that's me) is willing, read it. If I like it, you're in for the next step, and I'll mail you that along with any changes I need you to make. If I don't like it... well, sorry. You lose. Game over. Try again later. It isn't personal (or maybe it is, you never know) but you don't get to move ahead. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. You don't get to argue and you don't get to whine. That right there will just make it certain that you will never get a Feral character as long as they're restricted, because the Great and Glorious Nai despises whiners.

4) Still reading all this crap? Good. If you've made it past the preliminary inspections, there's only a bit further to go. Once you've made any corrections I ask you to make, you can move on to the real audition. This is the part where you send me a sample post with your character. Make sure it's nice and long and pretty, but also make sure that it is an accurate representation of how you RP. I don't want to gush over your long, glittery, beautiful sample post only to find out that your real posts are three lines long. That's grounds for Aida squishing you. And she will. Oh, she will. Anyway, send that lovely sample post on over to the Great and Glorious moi, and I'll review it. If I approve, you're in! If I don't... well, refer back to the "You lose" bit in step 3. And the "no whining" part. Still don't like whining.

5) You've been approved! Congratulations on that, kiddo. Now it's everybody else's turn. Go ahead and post that profile in Pending Characters and let the rest of the Mod Squad have a gander at it. If they think it's all good, then you're set and you may start playing your character on the Feral boards!

6) Sound like too much trouble? Good. You probably would've failed anyway. I'm picky and so is Aida, and we're the ones who pick who gets in and who doesn't. If this makes you sad, just remember that if it were up to Bella you'd all be in and you'd be given free cupcakes and My Little Ponies would be dancing for you. But Bella has no say in this. So, as I like to say since I'm posting this on Dr. Seuss' birthday, "If you suck, you're s*** outta luck."

7) Remember, your character can be rejected at any point during this process. Though I don't like to be pestered again and again with the same rejected character, you may apply again even after you don't get in. I never reject without a reason, and as long as that reason isn't plot-confidential, you'll probably get an earfull of it. Unless the real reason is that I don't like you, in which case I'll be nice and make something up. Aren't I sweet?

8) Get cracking, hopefuls! Time's a'wastin'!

NOTE: It is important to read the character profiles of both Bellamie (Bella) and Idraveth (Aida) - the Feral "Weyrwoman" pair - before applying, as they contain important background information to the entire Ferals situation.

Yes, I just used the word "important" twice in one sentence. It's very important, okay?
Posted: Mar 4 2009, 02:49 AM

&& Caerwyth

Group: Sr. Moderator
Posts: 56
Member No.: 5
Joined: 18-February 09


If you're applying for an adult unbonded feral, the process is the same as the above.

However, if you wish to apply to recieve an unbonded Feral at a Hatching, the process is a bit different.

Remember that not all Ferals Impress to anyone at all. Some are simply not interested, or else don't see anyone they particularly want at the time and just deicde to do without. As a precaution, please realize that if a Feral does not Impress upon Hatching, it will never Impress at all. UnImpressed Ferals are to be treated as independent characters.

They will be handed out at Feral Hatchings as follows:

In just the same way as others, they will Hatch, and some will look around for an appropriate Candidate. Upon being unable to find one or simply making the decision that they do not want a rider, they will announce their names and declare their independence to their mother (and to the other Queens, as they are the ones who need to know). At this point, they will either elect to go and find food for themselves or be fed by a human whose job it is to do so. This point is up to the person who is selected to play that dragon. After going through the application process (described below) applicants will be considered on the same basis as regular Candidates would, and in the Hatching/"Impression" post of an independent Feral a note will be made as to who has recieved the dragonet. From then on, the Feral is that person's character to play. They will be provided with an appearance, a mindvoice, and a basic personality for their new Feral, but the rest of the profile is for them to determine. Obviously at this point the Feral must be accepted and moved by a mod or an admin, but largely the process is up to you.

Here is how to apply:

1) Send a message to Nai - moi - indicating your interest in recieving an independent Feral. This message should indicate any preferences for color, and its contents will be shared with relevant members (ie, those participating in running the Hatching).

2) Wait to recieve confirmation of your request.

3) Once this confirmation has been recieved, send me a sample post of how you would play an independent Feral - it is up to you to make up an independent Feral solely for the purposes of the application. This character will not be used in any way as a basis for selecting your Feral (if you recieve one). Remember to make this both nice and an accurate representation of your roleplaying style.

4) Wait for and recieve confirmation that your application has been completed, along with any information I deem necessary.

5) At the Hatching, you will be required to post to confirm your continued presence and interest - this post may be OOC and simply indicate that you are there, and, if you have a Feral character already, may be tacked on to the end of your post with that character.

Remember that not everyone who applies will recieve a Feral. Even if there are extras, we may simply not have room for more PC independents at that time.

When there are extras due to a lack of interest, independent Ferals will be put up for adoption with their skeletal informatiion. In order to recieve this character after the Hatching, the only requirement is to send a completed application to me along with a sample post of how you would play that specific Feral, which may be approved or rejected.

Remember: Independent Ferals are full characters, with full responsibilities. If you recieve an independent Feral, you are expected to meet posting requirements just as you would be with any other character. Just because these dragons do not Impress does not mean that they may be treated as castoff characters. If you do not respect the privelege and fulfill the responsibilities of this character, it may be taken from you. Do not apply for an independent Feral if you do not fully intend to respect it.
Posted: Aug 9 2009, 05:56 PM

&& Niflehmeirth

Group: Sr. Moderator
Posts: 78
Member No.: 3
Joined: 11-February 09

Please send feral applications to any of the MT team, that way you have a better chance of quick turnover, in case one of us gets busy. smile.gif
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