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Last Post [.}ARCADIAE.vias.peregrinatur{.], [Hatching of the Paradise Clutch]
Wolf Tears
Posted: Jul 21 2009, 11:33 PM

&& Ayokunlith

Group: Admin
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(OOC- And so Tears' obsession with non-English languages continues. This one is Latin, and the most direct translation I've been able to find is "may they wander the streets of Arcadia." Arcadia, in this case, is not a place in Greece, though that's where it gets its name; in this case, it's basically a wild Utopia. Supposedly, it's a place involving a bunch of harmony with nature and other good stuff. The phrase showed up at the end of Dragonhaven, and the author favored a looser translation, but either works here.

ANYWAY. Hatching time! <333 Failpost, but who cares?)

LakiyaMine, do you not fear for the parchment? It may burn here.

“It’s not that hot,” Lakiya said- and this was true. It was summer, and the Sands gave off their own heat, but even the combined effect was dulled in the cool northern climate. The result was a hot but not unbearable temperature; however, running about would quickly make it worse, so she had taken the opportunity to sit down in a chair and go over a scroll- a letter, actually- and make sure that there were no mistakes. Unfortunately, the heat was enough to make her drowsy, and the letters were beginning to go fuzzy.

Not that that was going to matter much longer.

La- Kiya! The eggs! Skepnadth, our eggs hatch!

“What?!” Lakiya stood, dropping the parchment- which curled back into its rolled-up state- on the chair; she turned to find that the Candyland Egg was bouncing and flinging out waves of what could only be described as telepathic sugar, and it was doing so energetically. Beside it, the Utopia Egg was edging away bit by bit, looking almost annoyed at this intrusion of its personal mental bubble.

“Oh my.”

That was essentially Zajadisth’s reaction, but she was too busy to voice it. As she reached out with a paw to nudge the eggs apart, she opened her mind to the Weyr. All candidates to the Sands, now! The eggs hatch!

We've found a kind of paradise in a flowers bloom.
We've seen the end of a mystic land so close it meets the parting sun.
We've shared the thoughts that two could share
We feel the truth, magic that we send...

Valhalla Egg - Black (F) Vivecath - Impressed to R'hit
Heaven Egg - Brown Azraeth - Impressed to Niva
Aaru Egg - Blue Khalith - Impressed to K'ai
Candyland Egg - Turquoise (F) Yukamith - Impressed to Cessaly
Utopia Egg - Blue Danoth - Impressed to F'lin
Tamoanchan Egg - Green Chalchiuith - Impressed to K'nan
Eden Egg - Green Demetrith - Impressed to Kamerin
El Dorado Egg - Bronze Guativath - Impressed to A'res
Island Egg - Turquoise (M) Maikaith - Impressed to N'iko
Nirvana Egg - Blue Rhadith - Impressed to C'del
Svarga Egg - Brown Ritayuth - Impressed to Z'riel
Jannah Egg - White (F) Reineth - Impressed to Leahl
Tir Na Nog Egg - Green Rhosweth - Impressed to Gwynell
Fiddler's Green Egg - Black (M) Gerath - Impressed to Z'ien
Posted: Jul 22 2009, 12:31 AM


Group: Members
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Zafien stood stone still, one arm extended outward. In it was a piece of fresh, bloody herdbeast, snatched from the kitchens half an hour earlier, when no-one was looking. Calm, composed, and somber, he stared across at his unblinking opponent and waited. It was coming.

There was a blur of bronze in the air as Zepnar dove at the scrap in Zafien's fingers, and the boy jerked backwards, arms rolling both for balance and to keep the meat away from the firelizard, and instantly, the game was fun. Day after day, he'd played this game with Zepnar, and each time they played, his manual dexterity improved, just a little bit, and Zepnar flew stronger and faster, making it just a bit harder for him to keep the meat away from the firelizard.

The roll of Zajadisth's voice through his mind while he was poised at a rather precarious angle startled him, however, and Zafien tumbled to the ground as Zepnar shot into the air with his prize, crooning cheerfully. "Oof!" Zafien exclaimed as he landed, all the air forcing its way out of his lungs at once upon impact. Muttering irritably, he rubbed his now-sore tailbone and got to his feet. What a lovely way to start a hatching. He was going to be sore for an hour.

Nevertheless, he took to his heels, sprinting lightly toward the candidates' barracks and tossing open the locker at the foot of his bed. Swiftly, he pulled out the white robe and those silly, annoying sandals, then knocked it shut, again. He hated shoes. He especially hated sandals. Yanking the robe down over the clothing he was already wearing -- after all, time may very well be of the essence -- he scowled at the sandals.

They really were pointless things. In the winter, even he would break down and wear boots, but during the summer? Shoes were superfluous. Sandals, even more so. They did little to protect one's feet. Almost nothing, really. So far as he could tell, they were a frivolous accessory meant for ladies and men with sensitive skin, neither of which applied to him. Still... if it meant impression...

Sighing, he pulled the sandals on, then once more took to heel, sprinting, with a bit less grace, this time, to the sands, where he stopped, leaning against the door for a heartbeat to catch his breath, before standing and walking in, bowing deeply to the queen-mother, before looking up at the eggs with a faint thrill of excitement. He'd failed once, already. He was not prepared to fail again.
Posted: Jul 22 2009, 01:43 AM


Group: Members
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E'rik and Skepnadth

The weather was warm, and peaceful. Not that the sun held much delight for E'rik besides giving him additional light-he was too busy thinking. J'ndor hadn't turned much additional information up, nor had any of his other assistants. He wished he had turned up something more-either the definite suspect, or at least let one person off the proverbial hook. Nothing.

Skepnadth was busy-thinking himself, and sunning. It was the first time the bronze had allowed himself to relax; these past few sevendays had been spent keeping Zajadisth calm as the Candidates made many more visits to the Sands, or trying to confer with Ulakith and Itwath on just who killed Yidoxeth's rider. Opinions varied, but the central suspects were Okath's rider and Azrayesth's rider, at least among the dragons. His had heard some curious things about the two-Skepnadth, our eggs hatch! Skepnadth stood quickly, wings fanning out to steady himself through the rapid movement. E'rikmine, the eggs! They are hatching! Hurry!

E'rik stood with a swear, barking his shins on the desk. Shards, that hurt. He stumbled over to his wardrobe, pulling out his summer-weight Gather tunic: the rest of his clothes were decent enough for the Hatching, but as Weyrleader, he did have to look somewhat nice. He grimaced as he looked into Lakiya's closet-it was so impolite, but necessary-whisking out her long summer-weight Gather overdress-even if she didn't have time to change, this would cover the majority of any stains she might have on her clothing, and it would work with either a dress or pants as a tunic.

Skep, send the blues, turquoises and greens to collect the Candidate's families, those that wish them here, and send blacks and browns out for the Lord Holders and Craftmasters who wish to attend. Tell them to be quick! E'rik hurriedly said, while stripping off his dusty tunic, slipping on his Gather tunic, tying on his mask, gently bundling Lakiya's overdress in his arms and striding for the ledge. A man of multitasking-crucial for the Weyrleader, after all.


When they landed, E'rik swung off, careful to not drop Lakiya's overtunic in the warm sand below-at least it wasn't too warm for the Candidates' sandal-shod feet, one good thing about being this far north.
They will be wondrous, a stór...they already are. Skepnadth murmured, risking much to gently rub his cheek to the gold's, resting firmly beside her.

The Weyrleader tugged at his mask, making sure it was firm in place-doing it one handed and midair sometimes made for a sloppy tie, and he couldn't risk it falling off today, of all days. Pride be damned, it was crucial, so as to not have his 'disfigurement' be yet another strike against Sinthera's leaders. He knew Lakiya didn't care, but the foolish Holders did, as he well knew. And just because they might not be her it still wasn't worth the risk. It was when he touched it that he realized he hadn't grabbed his plain white mask-this was much too rough. No, he had picked up the very one he had decided not to ever wear. It was a recent present from his Mere, a suprise, she had taken and painted the latest mask he had requested from his Pere-it now boasted a pattern of the Sintheran badge delineated by bronze. But it was either this or nothing. And so he wore it, not realizing that while it may cover the obvious scars, in its own way, this mask didn't hide anything-it made a strength out of the perceived weakness, and ware to those who tried anything.

"Kiya," he stepped over to her, holding out the Gather overtunic-dress-whatever, "I hope you don't mind I looked into your closet and grabbed this out...we don't want to give the Holders any chance to put on their airs and graces-though I doubt they'd try much against you, too afraid Zajadisth will eat them." His lips curved into a smile that as always, tugged on his scar.


Gwynell and Hal

The Harper girl was, as too often now, it seemed, staring at Eilliyssa's last music. Not, now, that she was grieving for her friend-time and the first Touching had erased all that-now it was just frustration. Not a word was coming, not even an emotion to start the words flowing! It was so-so-so! Any more thoughts on the nuisance of such a thing were forgotten as the rough, excited words of Zajadisth floated through her mind, Hal, as he always did, hissing at the unexpected additional mind in His' mindspace. Either that, or he was just upset at being roughly ejected from her lap when she stood.

The sun felt good on her back as she ran pell-mell from the lake, where she had been resting and contemplating, back to the barracks. Hot, sweaty, not a good idea for Impression-though in a way, it didn't matter, as she would be getting hot and sweaty while on the Sands...but it felt good to swipe a wet cloth down her limbs and across her face before donning her too large (despite all the sewing and altering she'd done to them) robes, and foregoing the sandals-it seemed that even for the time Gwyn had been there, only one other Candidate had feet as small as she, and that one had the one pair of sandals that small. Her feet were going to burn, likely, but she'd bear it to get a chance at Impressing. She didn't even bother trying to lock Hal into her room as she left-too concerned with getting to the Sands, and as long as he behaved and didn't pull the same as he had at the first Touching, she saw no harm in it. He liked the Weyrleader well enough, it seemed, and the large former Harper dealt easily with her rambunctious ball of fur.

She smiled tightly at E'rik and Lakiya when she made it to the Sands; her feet reacted to the heat, then settled-it wasn't too terribly warm, at least at the moment. Maybe she could do this without getting injured or made a fool of! Her bow was correct towards the Leaders' dragons. The petite Harper stepped up next to Zafien, and grinned at him good-naturedly. Sure, she was worried, but above all-it was a Hatching!

Hal, meanwhile, had slunk into the shadows, considering just when it would be right to go up to the Pretty Petter and the Scarred Petter. Because the Shiny Things were moving, and that was scary, but he couldn't reach up to get to where the Big Wings would be-but he wanted to be UP, and knew he couldn't go to His to do so right now. His had other things to concentrate on, like the Shinies, which might give her her own Little-Big Wing.



Kharanjanan whooped when the call went out that the Hatching was beginning, handing off the last of racks of herdbeast ribs to the drudge. Jinna smirked, "Go on, get, Candidate. We can handle things from here." The man-boy raced away, already stripping off his vest. Hatching! He could, he would, show those mean drudges at Nerat, he was going to be a dragonrider! Even Ma had to like him now, even if he deliberately avoided his father (not that his father was at Sinthera...though that V'ran fellow was remarkably close in appearance). Three twists, a jump over someone's canine, and he was in his room, fighting with his clothes-yes, they were his older neat pair, regarded now as only good for chores, but he didn't want to rip them just the same!

Once they were off, and his white too-short tunic on, sandals flapping he made his way to the Sands, vaulting over yet another canine, to his utter annoyance. Keep control of your pets, people! He bowed stiffly to the Weyrleaders once he got to the Sands, and shared a small smile with the Harper-girl next to him. He knew her, she was Gin or something like that; she had taught him a bit these past few sevendays about fingering and other gitar techniques, had actually given him a spare from somewhere, she was really nice!


(E'rik's mask looks sort of like this, except, you know, better than a terrible MS Paint sketch...the black small squares are the diamond-flower-things on the badge...lets say my drawing is much worse than how the actual mask looks! XD)
Posted: Jul 22 2009, 03:47 AM


Group: Members
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(Eeeee! Tears, I love that song. <333 My favorite from that anime though is Heaven's Not Enough. *hums* Gawd, I cranked out one uber post already today and now I am to make another? Trying to injure my fingers. I think it will be a failpost just because. ._. You'll get a better one as soon as some action happens.)

Ever since the touching, Falin had known this day would come. The candidate had tried his best to sleep when he was supposed to so he'd be awake when he had to. It had worked for the most part, though sometimes he tended to stumble around in a haze. Rest was elusive, but he managed to catch snatches at a time, a catnap here and there so he wouldn't fall completely out. Thankfully, his exhaustion worked for him in the long run. The one night where he slept from the moment his head hit the pillow to the time when the wake up call went out led to the day of the hatching. Falin was well-rested and bright-eyed, ready to face the day as soon as he woke.

He went about his chores with a gusto that had some of the other candidates staring at his unusual burst of energy. They were much more used to a lethargic Falin, not this speed demon. But he was done with things quickly and in a great mood, especially when the humming began. The male all but ran back to his room, brown eyes twinkling with excitement as he shoved on his robe and pushed his feet into the awaiting sandals. He took a moment to pause and wince at the thought of the heat from the sand burning into the thin souls of the sandals and straight to his poor feet, but then chased the thought away. He had more important things to worry about, like if he would impress at all. There was no room for worrying over the heat.

He hurried his way down the corridor and out into the weyrbowl, heading towards the hatching grounds. He paused in the entrance for just a moment, eyes searching out people who were already there, taking count and seeing just where things were. Once he was satisfied, he strode forward, bowing deeply towards Zajadisth. No need to anger the mother. Once that duty was served, he moved out and away from the golden queen. She always made him nervous and he had no wish to be near if something made her mad. Once he decided his position was satisfactory, he turned and studied the eggs, some of which were already shaking. The time was at hand.
Posted: Jul 22 2009, 06:28 AM


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Kai was in the middle of reading an old scroll he had found while down in the Lower Caverns of the Weyr when he threw the thing into the air and instantly grabbed the customary white tunic and sandals off his bed. Ever since the Touching he had laid them out and tried to stay as close to his room as possible, not daring to be too far when the Hatching started. He turned a blind eye to his roommate, who had obviously heard the same message as him, and was busy getting ready. The eggs where hatching! Not caring much about indecencies he tore his current clothes off and slipped on the awaiting white clothing. He tried not to think about how ridiculous he looked in it. Really, why couldn't they have picked a better outfit for candidates. Being too inpatient he grabbed the sandals and went hopping down the hallway as he attempted to put them on while making his way towards the Sands as quickly as possible.

He couldn't believe this was happening. His life back at the Hold seemed like a lost, distant memory. It was fuzzy and no where near as in focus as what future might be awaiting the young man. He had wanted a new, better life. A future worth fighting for. And now he had a chance. Kai, who never once in his life saw a dragon before that faithful day the brownrider came to his Hold, could in but a few minutes, or hours, in fact he wasn't exactly sure how long a Hatching took, have a dragon of his own. An ever constant companion and friend. Someone he could perhaps fully trust and rely on. If he would have thought about that before coming to the Weyr he would have felt sick and bemused at the thought. Allowing someone his full trust and the very secrets and desires of his soul was unthinkable to him. But as he ran towards the Sands he couldn't help but pray that perhaps, for once, someone could have all that and more from him. The more time that past and the more he experienced of the bond between a rider and their dragon made him feel more and more determined to experience it for himself. When he first arrived he was determined to stand at a Hatching, but he wasn't nearly as emotionally bound to it as he was now. No, things had changed. He couldn't, no, he refused to walk away bondless. Even if he failed to Impress this turn around he would stay and try again with other clutches until he was too old to be considered a candidate. He knew for certain what future he wanted, and that future was laid out in front of him.

He stared in awe at the rocking eggs and nearly forgot his manners to bow to Zajadisth and Skepnadth, before stepping in line with the other candidates on the warm sand, but quickly corrected himself. There were so far surprisingly only a few others there waiting. Leaning in towards the boy he had dubbed Janan, having decided a while back his full name was much too long, he jokingly nudged him in the side. "These clothes we have to wear are hideous. They even make you look good, Janan." The whole time Kai wore his ever smug grin and once he was finished gave Kharanjanan a hard pat on the back. He didn't mean any harm in the comment, he just felt like joking around a little. Although he would never let it show he was as nervous as hell and needed to release it somehow. Whatever Kharanjanan would do in response to Kai's "joke" in the end didn't matter. Kai's full attention was back on the eggs and he eyed each one hungrily. He of course had his favorites from all the times he came to visit them, but the dragonets inside the eggs would be the ones to decided in the end, not him. And damn how he prayed one of them would choose him. This was it, this was the beginning of everything.
Posted: Jul 22 2009, 03:10 PM

thank.you.for.the.music.♬ :.

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    The chatter going on outside the Weyrling barracks was cut off quickly as they all heard the voice rip through their minds. And if Zajadisth wasn't proof enough, then the half-grown dragons arranged nearby lifted their heads and started to hum. A few moments of surprised silence followed, and then the entire crowd turned to Jadan.

    "Get going, dimglow!"
    "Impress one for us! We want to see you in the barracks tomorrow!"
    "Hurry up, wherrybrain!"

    With these words of encouragement, Jadan was all but shoved in the direction of the candidate barracks. He lost his footing on the way out of the crowd of his old candidacy friends, but continued running anyway, taking off like a sprinter toward the lower caverns as the boys behind him cheered him on.

    The barracks were a mess and a blur as he dodged half-dressed candidates overeager in their wish to get to the hatching to get into his room. At last the door slammed behind him and he rushed to his trunk to throw it open and start searching. You'd think he'd have kept it somewhere easy to get to, but in a contrary style he'd stowed it at the bottom of his things for safekeeping. Eventually he got to the bottom and could pull out the tunic, but by that time his belongings now decorated the room. Apparently the idea of a hatching still got him excited. Just a little.

    At long last he was properly dressed and was free to dash from his room and join the rushing stream of candidates headed for the Sands. He easily found a place in the line, and soon enough he got there. Another bow for the Queen and her crowd, much the same as the one he had offered at the touching, and he hurried around to find a place on the Sands. He pulled up to a stop next to Falin, looking out over the eggs breathlessly. He didn't know Falin very well, but he seemed to be a friendly guy. A quick glance told him that the crowd of Weyrlings he had come from was indeed the source of much clapping and cheering going on in the stands, and then he looked back at the eggs.

    Who knew? Maybe this time his dragon would be here.
user posted image
Posted: Jul 22 2009, 03:20 PM


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There was a vague half-circle beginning to form as more and more Candidates made their way to the Sands, and the utter silence of the waiting white-clad forms was interrupted and overrode by the growing crowd in the stands, all glittering and shimmering in their finery. At least two of the Lady Holders would faint, like as not, before the Hatching was through-their Gather best involved much too many layers for the heat radiating from the Sands, despite the fact that even now it was no where near terribly overwhelmingly warm, thanks to the chill that was inherit with being so far north.

Kharanjanan was determined to be up on the ledges the next Hatching, lounging against his own dragon, or perhaps talking with a pretty greenrider a ledge or more below. He had no want to ever meet K'pat, his father-he thought it would be rather something, despite this, to just happen to come across the man and show off his own dragon; Kharanjanan's companion being of an equal rank to his father would make it all the sweeter, though he knew that his ability to Impress a brown was likely very low.

A nudge to his side nearly made him fall over, but the blond boy caught himself before he toppled into the sand. "These clothes we have to wear are hideous. They even make you look good, Janan." He groaned at Kenai's comment, accepting the slap on the back with much more aplomb than he had the initial hit. He smirked-time and distance had taught him the difference between teasing in fun and malicious bullying; not before knocking some few craft-and holdboys down during his travels, but he had learned it just the same.

"Me?" He turned and glared at Kenai, slugging the other boy in the shoulder before going back to looking at the rocking eggs, "The robes do much more to help you, Kenai, than they'd ever have to do for me." He said loftily, knowing full well every word that just came out of his mouth was absolute wherrydung.
Posted: Jul 22 2009, 03:44 PM


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The candidates were already filtering in when the great dark-hued bronze drifted lazily down from the heights, his massive wings whirring a soft beat as he settled onto one of the many dragon ledges overlooking the Sands. Guiyath's eyes whirled as he turned to warble a greeting to Skepnadth and Zajadisth, and T'or took the chance to slip gently from his neck onto the warm stone. Rock in the Hatching areas were never cold, though they might feel like ice elsewhere in the Weyr. The young bronzerider strode to his dragon's side, peering over the ledge, and as usual made a quick salute with a rare smile to his Weyrleader and Weyrwoman.

Down on the Strands, a lone figure wandered in from the tunnels that branched towards the wher quarters, and promptly lost itself into the growing crowds of the lower seat areas. Sharp brown eyes pierced the mirage of heat over the Sands and the rumbling eggs, taking in the sights even as they sought out a certain...someone. But she was not here, not yet at least, and with a soft sigh Kendrick dropped back onto a seat, cupping his chin onto his hands as he recalled the sight of Leahl as he had last seen her - resplendent in her silvery dress on the Sands...

(OOC>And thus I join the ranks of the failposts - but I just had to get a post up at the Hatching XD )
Posted: Jul 22 2009, 05:58 PM

&& Niflehmeirth

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Even in the summer, the weather at the mountainous Weyr could never truly be considered hot. But to the native northern inhabitants, the warmth seemed more than it was and most reveled in the break from snow and ice. So it wasn't so shocking to see the ripples marring the glassy surface of the lake, emanating from a small, pale form in its depths. By no means were the waters even slightly warm, in fact, they barely escaped 'frigid', but Cessaly, knowing only the tempestuous northern climate, and toughened by her former trader lifestyle, braved the chilled water with hardly a second thought. Her body had become accustomed soon enough, and there was strong sun to dry her after her swim.

The candidate was currently floating on her back at the surface, eyes closed, dark hair billowing in a strange halo around her pale face. Above her, usual companions in the form of her blue and black flitters, Kip and Pyrrha, winked and flashed in the sunlight, occasionally darting beneath the surface. For once, she'd managed to evade candidate duties, like several of her fellows. Today, there just wasn't too much to do. And so she had happily whiled away the morning in the cool lake.

Zajadisth's call echoed alarming in her head and Cessaly's easy balance crumpled and she sank below the surface, coming up a moment later with a cough and much spluttering. But she didn't wait to catch her breath, moving towards the shore with practiced strokes. The air was cool as she spalshed up the shallow beach, heedless of the somewhat improper exposure. A holdbred girl might have been horrified to go swimming in only her smallclothes, but Cessa gave it little thought. It was the most practical, without extra fabric to weigh her down. She gathered up the heap of clothes and raced back to the barracks, with the two flitters diving around her, chirruping their owner's excitement.

The run whisked most of the water from her form, but it still dripped from her thick, sopping hair as she slipped and slid into her tiny room. Her old clothes were thrown pell-mell across the bed and she rummaged through her trunk for the simple candidate's robe the candidatemaster had given her after T'or and Guiyath had searched her and led her to the barracks not so long ago.

It was probably the plainest piece of clothing the girl had worn since birth, but it was traditional and Cessa had resigned herself to it. She wriggled into the robe, as the cloth caught and pulled on her damp body. Cessa cursed vehemently as the white fabric pooled around her feet. She'd forgotten that the robe they'd given her was far too long for her petite frame. She'd been planning to hem it, but had never gotten around to it. It was too late now. She grabbed the scarf she worn earlier and wrapped it round her waist. The extra fabric bunch at her waist, folding over the brilliant green scarf, but at least she could walk. Much was covered, but little glints of the hue could be seen as the cloth shifted. Uncouth, perhaps, but utterly Cessa. It was the best she could do, now.

And so the girl was off again, loping to the Sands. She was disheartened to see most of the candidates had already arrived, and though eggs were shaking, none had yet hatched. Cessaly slowed to a stop near a tall boy she recognized...Jadan, perhaps, standing beside another, equally tall blonde who looked a bit older. Only when she was able to stand and catch her breath did she realize that she'd forgotten her sandals, too accustomed to going without shoes. The hot sand was caked to her damp feet and a tingling warmth was spreading up her legs. Though hot, it felt wonderful after her chilly race around the 'Bowl. She grinned sheepishly at no one in particular and tried--and failed--to discreetly wring out her soaking hair.

Of course Kip and Pyrrha's chattering didn't help much, and the small girl called the flitters to her shoulders, petting each and willing them to quiet down. They obliged, but the trio trembled with excitement. Their chance was finally here.
Wolf Tears
Posted: Jul 22 2009, 06:20 PM

&& Ayokunlith

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(OOC- Gah. How can Kiya act so weyrmate-ish without ever thinking in relationship terms? Poor E'rik- that woman can be so dense...

Anyway. As well as a regular post, this is a hatchling post! I hope the baby is liked <3)

Of course, Skepnadth. They are ours, are they not? Zajadisth crooned gently at him, and though she made no move to return his gesture, she didn't attack the bronze, either. He had come to be a friend, and while she doubted that he would ever mean what Yidoxeth had meant to her, the gold was glad she could count on him.

"Oh, Faranth. Thank you!" Lakiya all but tackled her weyrmate with a hug before stepping back and taking the dress, gently shaking it out. "Zaja doesn't need to be fed; one person, and she'll be after the rest."

The weyrwoman turned to the aforementioned dragon and spoke; Zajadisth listened, and then stared down at her rider as though she were insane for the request she was giving. Human modesty is beyond me, LakiyaMine. Really, why-

Zaja! Kiya kept her voice mental so she could shout without sounding panicked. Will you just-

Alright, alright. Zaja, still grumbling and refusing to keep her eyes off her children for any longer, lowered her wings to form a protective cage around her rider. Quickly Lakiya slipped out of the riding leathers she was wearing and pulled the dress over her head, lacing the back with a few practiced movements and cursing quietly when she realized she'd gotten her braid in the ties. A few moments later she tapped on one side of her golden coccoon, and Zajadisth obligingly lifted her wings, allowing her rider to slip out and run back to take her place between her queen and her Weyrleader.

It was just in time. Lakiya hadn't seen the Tir Na Nog Egg begin to hatch, but that was okay, because most of everyone else, hadn't, either; they were too focused on the antics of the Candyland and Utopia Eggs. Besides, Tir Na Nog didn't want them to notice. It was going to surprise them, and it was going to be lovely. Well, for the egg, it would. They'd just have to see about the humans.

Centimeter by centimeter, hairline by hairline, the egg made its way toward the candidate, stopping whenever it thought it might draw attention. Finally, when it was close enough but still near the other eggs, it stopped completely, and anyone watching could have sworn it was holding its breath and counting down. 3.... 2... 1...

Blue fragments burst from the top half of the shell, and a small dragonet burst forth, landing with paws outstretched as though pouncing. There was nothing there but sand, though, and the hatchling, which was still covered in egg goo, frowned at it, then looked up, appearing confused. Apparently something clicked, and it leaped forward again, this time landing on its intended target; but again something went awry, because as they landed, the dragonet realized that it had accidently poked its claws into Gwynell's chest. Not badly, it seemed, but enough for blood. With a noise of curious concern, the hatchling stood- though it made no move to get off- and shook the egg goo of of itself- herself, for the hide beneath was undoubtedly green.

G'n'Mine! You're hurt! 'ow'ver did tha' h'pen? Something about the speed of her speech and the accent lurking beneath her voice seemed to be causing the green to drop letters left and right. Wa'n't s'posed to. Oh well, you're okay. 'Least, yer not dead. That's somethin'! The green got off her rider and sat, blinking down at the girl with rainbow eyes. C'mon then, up y'go. Food sounds good, yes? Maybe y'do'n like food? Sad, sad if y' don't. Food is so very good! You must love food! Tell me y' love food, Gwynell'Mine! Because Rhosweth likes food, see, and if y'don't... The dragonet continued to talk, but she was talking far too fast to be intelligible anymore.

Poor, poor Gwyn.

user posted image
Green Rhosweth
Paradise Clutch (Gold Zajadisth x Bronze Skepnadth)
Tir Na Nog Egg
Chatty, playful, cheeky, mischievous

Rhosweth is a very small, very pale little dragon. She is the fresh, vibrant color of mint, a green with just enough blue to not be at all yellow, but not enough to be called sea foam. Her hide darkens to sage on her points: her nose, headknobs, tailtip, feet, and hands, making the little creature quite adorably natural looking. In a strangely unnatural seeming way. Especially when it is also considered the yellow-green marks. They are quite bright and in any more prolific settings would be incredibly obnoxious. But on Rhosweth this green is all but lost in her pale coloring. Still, it can be clearly seen along the trailing edges of her wings, the line between colors blurred but seeming almost like seeping ink when the lines can be distinguished. Besides these edges, there are also yellow-green designs over her eyes. These usually aren't seen, but they are there. One long line colors the edges of the upper lids, the end extending back toward her headknobs, and three small dots make a parallel line under this liner.

She would not seem so small if not for her incredibly delicate build. She has enough flesh to keep from being gaunt, but no muscle structure to speak of. Her limbs are not long, but they are incredibly thin and girlish. If Rhosweth ever hopes to fly with her rider on her back, she will have to be incredibly diligent at her exercising, and even then it will be hard for her. She was simply not meant for passengers, and she's too small besides. Her wings also tend to gain attention, simply because it seems as though there wasn't enough sail attached to them. Her wing fingers are as long as to be expected, but her sails arch far up into the empty spaces, which will certainly do nothing to help her fly. At least not with a rider on her back. Free from weight she is as agile and controlled in the air as a bird.

Rhosweth's is a very high, childlike voice with a laugh like crystal bells. It drips with sweetness, but certainly not innocence. She is a very mischievous creature, and no one is spared from the pranks she pulls. It shows in the smug smiles she gets and the wry twist in her voice. She also has a tendency to talk too fast, going off on her own conversation as her listeners struggle to keep up with her tripping words. It doesn't help that she has this little accent with a lolling, lazy rhythm that often leaves some words only half-pronounced. It is of course adorable, and many young girls love to listen to her talk even when they don't understand a word of it. But don't let her fool you. She has a malicious streak, and she knows no bars be it rank, age, or disinterest in her 'jokes'.

Smiling, Lakiya shook herself away from the scene and turned to talk to E'rik. Curious almost despite herself, she reached up and gently tapped the mask. "This is new," she said. A question running through her words, but she didn't actually phrase it as such; he didn't have to answer if he didn't want to.

(OOC- I'm bad at wrapping up posts. x.x Just presume that there's some sort of actually-conclusive thing there. XD)
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Remember, police rarely think it's as funny as you do.

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The kitchens were bustling, but Leahl had forgotten all about the klah she had come to fetch. Instead, she stood out like a sore thumb among the group of much younger boys and s that were staring raptly at a man that was older than she. Normally, she'd have come and gone, but alongside the children she stared, as the stranger pulled things from thin air, coins from behind ears, and made things float, and reappear, broken things become whole again... She'd taken to giggling and clapping as loudly as the weyrbrats in delight whenever he finished one of his utterly amazing tricks. It was magic, a thing she'd never seen before.

Zachriel was thrilled. The young man loved children, and he's managed to uncover a crowd of them, first with Giblet's antics, and then with a few slight of hand tricks. The little ones, and even an older that looked like another candidate were ensnared by the trick, and as he made the small marble disappear again, the soft sighs of the children in front of him made him smile, until a voice shook his usual steady hand, making him drop the toy.

All candidates to the Sands, now! The eggs hatch!

His eyes widened, and just for confirmation, the dark brown eyes shot to the in white ahead of him. She too look as though she'd been struck, and without warning, she turned on a heel and dashed out of the room. Saying goodbye softly, the herder moved deftly among the people heading in the same direction, and took off behind the .

The sands were buzzing, she realized, and Nyra popped from between to settle on her shoulder and joined in the humming, peering around excitedly at the eggs, some shimmering and others simply waiting. Theboy magician had slipped in behind her, and she glanced back to see Zachriel leaning back on the wall of the cavern, after offering a deep bow to the gold ahead. She curtsied as well, and watched breathlessly as the first dragonet broke free and ran for Gwynell.

Zachriel suppressed a cheer for the , watching with a spot of warmth in his stomach as his first friend, beautiful as she was, found her lifemate. His clapping joined the applause from those inthe stands around them.

(I'm here! GAH so excited!)
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E'rik and Skepnadth

He staggered slightly at the exuberant hug from his weyrwoman-and Weyrwoman-but managed to stay upright. E'rik chuckled at her words, answering, "And I do think whoever is left, Skep wouldn't mind dining on himself." He at first was slightly put out that she felt the need to hide while changing but then realized-he wasn't the only one on the Sands any longer, so propriety said she had to hide herself. She did, he reflected, look very good in her riding leathers. And, he found, in Gather-dresses, when Zajadisth's wings opened and Lakiya stepped out again.

He was, he had found, slowly becoming besotted with her. Not good, considering it seemed she didn't see him, or anyone else, in that way. Any other thoughts at the present time on his predicament were forgotten as the Gwynell, the Harper with the feline, Impressed. He clapped for her, pleased she had found her lifepartner.

Inwardly, however, he groaned. A green, and a weak looking one at that. Not that she seemed weak to his practiced eyes, only slender....but the non-riders of the crowd would see the green-Rhosweth-as weak, and even without Thread, strong looking bronzes were still held to be the luck-bringer to a clutch. This did not bode well for the Holds, Crafts or even other Weyrs considering Sinthera or their leaders strong themselves. They would have to prove it by action and merit. Not a bad thing to do in and of itself, but still a nuisance when considered how much one little hatchling could affect the standing of an entire Weyr.

It was the tap on his mask that first drew his attention back to the woman by his side-he had without thought grabbed the hand that tapped his mask. But as thought came back to him, somewhat, he gentled his hold, and pulled her hand towards his mouth, where he kissed both the back and palm before dropping them down, fingers lacing with hers. "This is new," her comment registered faintly as he manouevered, and he had to laugh, "Aye, Mere decided to paint my mask as a gift. All I can be thankful for is she did not choose something as colorful as red or blues. Even with the badge patterned across, the colors are simple. Makes me happy we're not in Artorie or Illidyn...not that a different Weyr would matter so much if I was with you." It took him a moment to realize just what had come from his mouth, and he turned away, mortified.

((Gwyn's getting her own post, as she's feeling peckish.))
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Niva had been running outside the Weyr. Clearly, she wasn't going to use the Weyrwoman's logic that running around would make things hotter. She couldn't sit still, and she wasn't going to miss her workout for a day just because of a little heat. Suddenly, a voice resounded in her mind. All candidates to the Sands, now! The eggs hatch!

The voice made her miss a step, a rare thing for her, and she stumbled and fell to her knees. Niva let out a muffled oath as the ground scraped her knees. Her heart pounded in her chest with more than just the exertion of her run. She was going to miss the Hatching! Ignoring the pain of her skinned knees, Niva got back to her feet and started sprinting back to the Weyr.

By the time she reached the Weyrbowl, she was parched and sweaty. She swerved into the kitchen for a drink, then raced to the barracks to pull on her white robe. Niva was soaked with sweat and stinky, but hopefully the dragons wouldn't mind. After tugging on her robe, she ran the rest of the way to the Hatching Grounds

She slowed down as she reached the sand, bowing her head as she approached the clutch. She didn't want to be punished for being late. Quietly, she slunk into line with the other candidates. Looking up again, she saw that one egg had hatched. Niva sighed, disappointed at missing the first hatching, but at least there were still eggs left.
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The hatching of the lovely little green was more than enough to bring a startled smile to Zafien's face. She was adorable. Now, he wasn't normally one for 'cute', but it was, after all a hatchling. Babies did tend to be cute, regardless of species, and anyhow, the green was female. Cute females could be very, very pleasant, even if they never grew out of it.

Did he really want to ride a green, though, or was it just the wish for a dragon that made her seem so entrancing? Perhaps both... Or perhaps not. Much as he was fond of greens (and green riders), he wasn't altogether sure that was really for him.

Not, of course, that it was to end up mattering, as the green impressed herself out almost immediately, and Zafien turned his attention back to the eggs with a fleeting mental note to congratulate the girl, later. Hatchings were far too chaotic, he'd noticed, for him to bother worrying about trying to congratulate her now. There would be plenty of time, later. That was what Hatching Feasts were for, right?

Oh, shaffit. He'd forgotten about that part...

Feasts. Ugh. He'd have to socialize, make nice, chat, and be friendly. Wouldn't that be delightful? ..No. No, it wouldn't. For a dragon, though... he'd do it. It would be worth while, and then some. Anyhow, who knew what all he'd be able to see? He might even be able to find himself a nice, comfortable corner from which to observe, which would make the evening downright fun. People always did and said the most interesting things when they thought no one was watching, and no one could hear them.

He really hoped he didn't fail, again...
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Aneres had been lounging on his bed, trying unsuccessfully to nap, when Zaja's voice once more intruded into his thoughts and made him flinch. It never failed -- he wished they would stop doing that.

So the eggs were hatching? Aneres stared at the ceiling and contemplated skipping this Hatching. It would be much easier on his state of mind to keep off the Grounds. Too many memories... but seeing the newly Impressed weyrlings would evoke the exact same images, so it was a lose-lose situation for him no matter what.

An enormous bustle soon charged into the barracks, much to Aneres' dismay. Of course, all the excited candidates would desperately throw on their robes and pelt into the Grounds, eager to try their luck. How could they do it? He had been part of that throng, once upon a time, but after Lenarth, he didn't see the point of their enthusiasm. Maybe it was just him.

"Aneres! Hey Aneres, come on!" one of the youngest candidates cried, tugging at his arm. "Don't you wanna come to the Hatching?" Bless him, this lad had no idea of what had passed four Turns ago. Aneres managed to put a wistful half-smile on his lips and waved the boy on. The older candidates, who had been around to witness Aneres' personal tragedy, gave him sympathetic looks, and one ushered the enthused youngster out of the barracks.

Aneres leaned his head back onto his cupped hands once the barracks had cleared, while a deep sigh slipped from his lungs. The internal debate went on for another few moments of hesitation, before he slid into a sitting position reluctantly. He moved slowly to remove the much-abused robe from his trunk and pull it over his head. The only description for how Aneres moved into the hall could be that he shuffled. Perhaps he moved so slowly in the vain hope that the Hatching would be over by the time he got there -- not that he actually thought so.

In actuality, Aneres slouched into the mob of boys just as Rhosweth broke shell. Aneres' breath caught in his throat right then, for although this dragonet was clearly vigorous and spry, at first glance by the pale color of her hide, she looked much like Lenarth had. Far too much. The young man's eyes snapped closed to block out the image; he swallowed hard and clenched his jaw, willing himself not to delve into the reel of memories that began when his dear green had broken her shell.

At that point, Aneres was sorely tempted to turn on his heel and leave. Hatching were always bad enough, for how could anyone who had ever Impressed not relive that moment in their lives when they watched a new generation of dragons find their lifemates? Only for him, it was a bittersweet memory. He took a deep breath; focusing on the heat radiating from the sand below him was much easier than paying attention to anything else around him, for the sights and sounds would only stir up more pain from the core of his shattered heart.

ooc; gah, playing him like this always makes me feel depressed. >_>; i wish i could post more but i lack Muse, sorry.
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