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 Hear Ye, Hear Ye
Posted by //. Joker - 11-11-09 00:11 - 0 comments
What's this? I do believe there is a contest taking place in the Ball. Naturally, of course, it is to be expected. If everyone dresses up, there ought to be a contest for them. And who knows, maybe you yourself will win one of those eggs Harper& more
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 Don Your Disguises
Posted by |-{ Gypsy - 10-18-09 23:01 - 6 comments
Please direct your attention to this thread. It is an article of some note, and it concerns all of you.

It's time to party, Sinthera. Ge more
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Posted by Tarra - 06-22-09 14:21 - 0 comments
Hey all, we're currently looking at cleaning up the boards a little and archiving all those old threads which have not had a post in two months.

So if you know of such a thread (or are in one) and still wish to continue or wra more
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 New Staff Member!
Posted by Mellody - 06-13-09 13:25 - 0 comments
Please welcome to the staff: Tarra! She is our newest Jr. Mod, and will be helping out with plot, archiving, and looking at characters. Yay for Tarra!
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Posted by Mellody - 05-23-09 23:21 - 1 comments
You have only about a week to answer ALL of the lessons. Lesson one is good, but the other three are waiting. Just a short post and you're good to go.

read more
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 Wher Hatching!
Posted by Mellody - 04-26-09 21:47 - 7 comments
There are three eggs that are going to start hatching THIS WEDNESDAY. For whers. Which are lovely and adorable. And you want one. Yes you do.


Or just dual candidates. We currently have two more
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 Weyr Updates!
Posted by Mellody - 04-4-09 03:23 - 4 comments
We’ve been open for a month! And things are starting to move along.
    All our members are new, but they bear naming anyway.

    - SaidalTam
    - NightSong
    - Eyota
    - Deryn
    - Bookworm
    - Desert
    - Darwin
    - Ice more
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 A Note on Signatures
Posted by Mellody - 03-25-09 03:22 - 0 comments
This is not necessarily a bad thing, but a reminder. Everyone who has characters needs to keep links to them in their signature. This includes dragons and humans, with pets being optional. New characters will be held back until the old ones are link more
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Posted by Mellody - 03-12-09 22:39 - 0 comments
With thanks to NightSong, we now have money. Yay! However, this is how it works.

You get money from your post count, and the only posts that count are the ones you post in the In-Character boards. So spamming OOC boards isn't goin more
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 Grand Opening
Posted by Wolf Tears - 03-3-09 23:15 - 1 comments
Are there tweaks to be made?


Will there be kinks to work out as we go?

Most likely.

Are we open?


That's right, darlings- Sinthera is officially more
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