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Last Post Nizana : Feral Candidate : Female
Posted: Feb 1 2010, 12:00 AM


Group: Members
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Player Name: ShyneOnMe
Contact info: dragongirlyumi@yahoo.com
Character Number: Feral 1


user posted image

"Child borne of moon and sun; with parents as different as night and day."

Name: Nizana "Nai-Zan-Uh"
Age: 8
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Undecided

Appearance: Nizana is every bit her father's daughter when it comes to looks. Her skin has a golden hue to it, just like N'zan's; though a bit darker than his is, and her hair is a dark brown color like her father's as well. The only thing of her mother, looks wise, that Nizana seems to have inherited is her mother's slightly uptilted, pale aquamarine eyes. Her cute little heart-shaped face is complimented by her straight shoulder length hair. More often that not, Nizana can be seen with a pretty emerald ribbon in her hair with a color to match her mother's dragon, as well as a cute little dress usually in shades of yellow and white to match her father's dragon. Nizana is more leanly built than most her age. (though this is probably due to how much time she spends exploring and running around than anything else.) Nizana's voice, when she's calm at least, is very light and lilting; much like many a Harper's. When she's angry or upset, however, her voice rises in pitch and either grates on people's nerves (if she's upset) or snaps sharply like a whip. (when she's angry) Nizana LOVES to dress up and, when not in her favored yellow and whilte dress, can be seen in many a cute and frilly dress. Pants aren't for this little lady, no sirie, in fact she refuses to wear them unless she absolutely has to. Nizana, despite being so young and inexperienced, often carries herself with a sense of pride. Not pride in the sense of 'I'm-better-than-you-are' though. More like pride in who she is and who her parents are. Nizana knows what it means for her to be the daughter of two dragonriders. She understands that it is important that she does great things with her life. (though she often resents this as she wants to decide her own future) Her demeanor often tells of a child that knows what she wants out of life and exactly what she'll have to do to get the things that she wants. Since she is only eight turns old though, her appearence may change as she gets older and matures; but that in itself remains to be seen.

Personality: Wild, Free-Spirited, Affectionete, Stubborn, Mischeivous, Independent - At such a young age, Nizana's personality is nothing short of adorable; just like her appearence. This young lady right off the bat is gentle to a fault and kind to all things; especially to certain Green and Bronze dragons. Nizana has a deep love of dragons as well as all things cute and cuddly. She's openly affectionete with both of her parents and will often tackle them at the most inopportune moments to give them love. Unfortunetely for N'zan and Keistra, Nizana is also stubborn about getting what she wants and often will resort to any means necissary to get the things she wants. From the dreaded puppy dog eyes to real crocidile tears, this little girl knows just what to do to pull the heart strings of those around her in order to get exactly what she wants. Despite this, Nizana will never be considered a spoiled child. Unfortunetely for her parents, Nizana is also a strongly independent and mischievous child that tends to get into anything and everything she can. This girl has no problems running off and getting herself into dangerous situations, in fact, she seems to thrive on it. Nizana has little regaurd for the normal rules of society. She goes wherever the wind takes her which attributes to her wild, untamable nature. Being so young, Nizana seems to have a bottomless store of energy and is often seen in a constant state of movement. Despite her childish nature and gentleness to dragons and animals, Nizana has the strange tendancy to be a bit moody to adults and other children when things don't quite go her way. Nizana is an odd child to say the least, letting nothing and no one frighten her.

Her young age and wild temperment lead many to think Nizana doesn't think things through and, to a point, she doesn't. Like any other little girl her age, she does a lot of things impulsively but as she has started maturing she's shown signs of beginning to think her actions through a bit. Nizana HATES being still for any period of time and is always active. From the moment she opens her eyes she's out seeing what the world has to offer her and how much trouble she can get herself into before someone stops her. Something strange to note about this young lately is that, unlike other little girls, she enjoys finding and playing in the dirt and chasing others with bugs of all sorts. Nizana loves to play around in the dirt, which is what lead Keistra to suggest giving the girl a small garden of her own to care for to her foster mother. Nizana seems to enjoy this very much but only for a limited amount of time. Mostly this young lady just likes being outdoors, a passion that she's likely to never grow out of. Nizana may not be afraid of bugs or getting dirty, but she does have things that frighten her; though she's likely never to admit it unless someone catches her while she's hiding from what scares her. The fact is, Nizana is afraid of whers; as in won't go anywhere near them without screaming kind of afraid. Her parents aren't sure what caused the fear, and Nizana isn't sharing. Lately though she's mustered up the courage to get near the whers though; for a short time at least, so it seems as if she's slowly working through her fears by herself. Nizana loves being out in the sunshine, and gets up early every morning so she can stay out longer; making her definitely a morning person. The downside to this is that, once her head hits her pillow, she tends to be out like a light until the next morning. All in all, Nizana shows all the makings, even at her young age, of being a strong person as she matures into an adult.

History: Nizana was born to Greenrider Keistra and Bronzerider N'zan as the result of a flight. Born at Sinthera Weyr, Nizana has grown up around dragons and so is very comfortable with them. From the time she learned to walk, Nizana was up and exploring her surroundings in the weyr, oftentimes even leaving the weyr itself behind. The daughter of two dragonriders, Nizana was fostered from a young age but grew up knowing exactly who her parents were and the names of both their dragons. Being an extremely independant child, Nizana often snuck into the caravans in order to travel with them for a while unnoticed. As she got older, she got better at her little excapades and could disappeared for extended periods of time from the weyr before anyone noticed she was gone. It was all a great game for Nizana though, one she was very good at as well. Just after she celebrated her eighth Naming-Day, Nizana decided she wanted to explore the mountains that everyone seemed so careful of. She wanted to go on an adventure. This in mind, she donned a disguise as a merchant's apprentice and left with a caravan that would pass by the mountains she wanted to explore. At first finding nothing, she travelled with another group to Sinthera Hold, fully intending to return home. That was when it happened.

A dark shaped appeared in the sky just as night was falling. The dragon had no rider that she could see and a hide the color of the night sky itself. Before she knew what was happening, she heard a gruff voice telling her she'd been chosen and that she should feel honored, before she suddenly found herself in the dragon's claws carried high into the air back towards the mountains she'd explored only hours before. Somewhere between terrified and excited, Nizana at first tried to escape her captor, only to be told by the same gruff voice that, yes, he would drop her and she should stop squirming. Alarmed and not wanting to be dropped, Nizana shut her eyes and forced her body to be limp as she pretended to be unconcious. What happened next changed her young life forever. The dragon, whom she later learned was named Iexth, had brought her to what amounted to a weyr for the Feral dragons. She'd been brought there against her will and they were determined that she would stay there. She was apparently to be candidate for a Feral dragon; according to Iexth at least.

Upon learning all this from Iexth, Nizana stood somewhere between annoyed and amazed. At first, she thought the dragon was tricking her since she knew she was much to young to Impress. But the longer she stayed, the more she realized that these dragon's followed their own rules; ones not the same as those she'd grown up with. Now Nizana remains among the Ferals, unsure of her place or what exactly it is she is supposed to, but determined not to show any fear to the dragons and to hold her head up proudly until she can figure out what to do. Her thoughts lead her to want to escape, but curiousity currently keeps her among these strange and mysterious beings known as Ferals.

Rank: Feral Dragon Candidate
Pets (if applicable): None Yet
Wolf Tears
Posted: Feb 1 2010, 01:23 AM

&& Ayokunlith

Group: Admin
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I love her. Accepted!
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