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Last Post I don't need your help!, Asdra is found
Posted: Aug 14 2009, 09:08 PM

New Member

Group: Members
Posts: 9
Member No.: 28
Joined: 6-August 09

Groaning, Asdra staggered through the barren landscape, a hand kept to his left side at all times. He didn't even bother to glance down at the wound; he'd seen it already...where that feral wher had hit him hardest. Blood flowed freely from the wound, drenching his bare side and the entire left leg of his pants. The left side of his cape felt heavier, too; that had probably gotten soaked with blood too.

Despite everything else, he dared another look; he was holding himself together, almost literally. That was how deep the cut was. Almost like a semicircle in his side from which pain was emanating. All his other cuts and bruises didn't matter at all. Not anymore.

Breathing heavily, he thought he could make out the sound of water hitting water. He pivoted uneasily on his left foot, gritting his teeth against the pain, and stumbled onward towards the sound; sure enough, he found a small lake, being fed from a sheer cliff face and fueling a river that went away from the waterfall. He knew water meant life, even for him. He almost could have smiled. Almost.

Staggering towards the water, he tripped on a small stone as his feet shuffled across the ground, and landed hard on his injured side. The wound exploded with pain as though he hadn't ever been injured before, and at once all the pain he was in finally broke through his efforts to ignore it. He screamed, as loud and as hard as he possibly could, screamed so long he thought he would kill himself from forcing the air out; the feral roar of agony echoed back to him from all directions when he finally stopped, panting, a single tear escaping his eyes before his face hit the ground.

So...close... he thought to himself. I need to get to the water. If I can just get a drink...

Only the sounds of nature answered his restless thoughts.
Posted: Aug 16 2009, 03:50 AM

New Member

Group: Members
Posts: 7
Member No.: 31
Joined: 6-August 09

I want to bathe in the lake. The waterfall is fun to dive under! Dcaneth said as she changed her direction to the west.

B'lar laughed, patting Dcaneth's neck. "Alright, alright, we can go to the lake! It's probably cold for me, though." His green eyes searched around the landscape below through his flying goggles, and he sighed happily. It was brisk out, but not uncomfortable yet. The night would be pleasant, and he wouldn't mind camping out for the night if he had to.

That would be nice. Do you have a bedroll with you?

"Yes, Connie, I always have it when you go to hunt. Remember a year ago? I don't want to be outside during a cold night without something to keep me warm." A year ago, he had hunted Dcaneth and, since she had to fly straight, ended up sleeping outdoors on a particularly cold night. He had been grounded by the worst cold that following week.

B'lar snapped his fingers, remembering a bit of protocol. "Would you let the wingleader know? I know we don't have drill tomorrow, but still..."

I already have. There's the lake! The dragon flipped her tail to the right, making a landing spiral.

"Would you be a dear a drop me off on the side before diving in? I would like to get the camp set up before dark."[/color]

His dragon agreed, letting him slide off her shoulder with the pack, then looming over the lake and diving straight in. B'lar laughed as he unrolled the hide sheet that would protect him from any rain or morning dew that he might experience. After getting his tent and bedroll set up, he went in search for firewood.

((I didn't want B'lar finding Asdra, since you had intended for one of the wher pairs to find him first.))
Posted: Sep 5 2009, 08:13 AM


Group: Jr. Moderator
Posts: 80
Member No.: 11
Joined: 6-March 09

Kendrick laid a hand on his Kesk's shoulder to call a quick pause, his sharp brown eyes scanning the wide expenses before them through the infra-red lenses of his great brown wher. He could see the shimmer of the lake from where he stood - a shining mass spanning wide and long from the darkness of the night-shrouded land. Belior and Timor were bright tonight, the light they emitted showing up pale with just the barest hints of red in Kesk's eyes. Standing and watching, there was little that missed the keen gaze of the big brown wher - and by default, his handler.

The young man withdrew from his brown's eyes with a soft exhalation, his hand running gently up the curve of the shoulders to the broad withers before trailing off. There were those who said that whers were ugly, with their massive bulk and powerful limbs, so unlike those of the more graceful dragons. But to Kendrick they were beautiful, not only in their strength but in the way they carried their heavy frames: lithe with predatory finesse despite their bulk. They were hardy too, survivors and warriors, with a better constitution than any dragon would ever have. Whers, he knew, had been created about the same time as dragons; he was sure they would be around long after the dragons were gone, if such a day ever came.

Kesk warbled, sensing his thoughts, and Kendrick slapped the big wher on the shoulder. Time to move on. The pair had taken two steps together, beginning the descent to the lake, when the echoes of a far-reaching scream flicked the head of the big wher around. He hissed once, all his limbs abruptly stiffened, and Kendrick caught his shoulder with a terse hand.


Kesk hissed again, his muzzle a pointer indicating the dark spaces towards their right. Without speaking again, the young man snapped his mental prompt into the brown's mind. Kesk wheeled set off at a fast-moving lope in the direction of the cry, leaving his handler to come on behind him at a steady jog.

(Apologies for the delay!! >_< I've left things open so that the 2nd pair can come in as needed.)
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