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Posted by: N7 Joseph Shepard Aug 7 2015, 03:12 PM
this is going to be long lol


god, I actually hate being right about Fantastic Four. I love superhero movies and seeing one fail....and not just fail, its beating Batman & Robin as the single WORST movie of all time....

It failing in such a way puts a bad stamp on the genre thats already got such a bad rep and is still on the up and up out of said rep.

One of the things really bugging me is how Josh Trank, the director that so many said would do the movie justice because "he did such an amazing job with chronicle", now is doing the blame game saying the films sort comings is because of the studio and he had a version planned that would've been "fantastic".

He's the damn director, if he felt the studio was making a bad call he would've left the project like so many have done in the past. He is FULLY to blame for this disaster of movie. Don't get me wrong, FOX definitely has a part in the blame for not figuring it out yet that their ideas for these movies DON'T WORK and the times they do is because they gave creative freedom to movies creative teams who end up following the source material instead of doing their own fucked up crap...

Some have actually blamed the down fall of the film because of Johnny Storm being black. I'm not a fan of the race change, but come on. If everything was the same, the race change would've been exactly the same as the other 2 Fantastic Four films with Jessica Alba as Sue Storm (they just cant get those Storm kids right lol). Not the problem is the story, the pace......and oh god wtf did they do to Doctor Doom.......*facepalm*....

I'm just going to wrap this up, FOX needs to stop trying with these films, they made the right choice giving Spider-Man back to Marvel and need to do it with the rest of their lineup pronto cause they have no fucking clue of what they are doing and they prove that nearly every damn time.

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