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  3. Pinned: First Official Look @ Henry Cavill as Clark & Kal
  6. Cartoon Hooligans on Batman V> Superman
  7. Spoilers for villian
  8. 1st Trailer OFFICIALLY released
  9. Leaked FULL trailer
  10. Teaser of the Teaser....THIIS ONE IS REAL!!
  11. BvS Choreographer Teases THAT Fight And JLA Origin
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  14. Comic-Con 2014 DC/WB Panel
  15. Jason Momoa IS in Dawn Of Justice
  16. Emily Blunt Up For Role In DAWN OF JUSTICE??
  17. "The Dawn IS Coming"
  19. Wonder Woman has been cast
  20. The CYBORG is in.
  21. Superman Vs........
  22. FINALLY....we have the title
  23. New "Batfleck" (RUMORED) details
  24. MOS2 DELAYED TO 2016!!!
  25. "Beware Bertron's curse, for his name is DOOMSDAY"
  26. Jaimie Alexander Talking with WB/DC
  27. Could We Actually See WONDER WOMAN In MOS 2?
  28. and the NEW Batman is.............................
  29. This is how Superman & Batman should meet in 2015
  30. Snyder Meeting With Frank Miller
  31. Henry Cavill Talks Superman and Lois Lane
  32. Metropolis set is moving
  33. Who will be the next Dark Knight??
  34. MOS Sequel is NOT a DKR adaption
  35. Superman/Batman [2015]

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