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Title: Pirates Vs. Ninjas
Description: The RPG

Kamaku - July 19, 2005 06:27 PM (GMT)
The Story

Back in the late 1700's, a large group of Pirates were terrorizing ports in the Far East. Port after port fell to the Pirates, as they made their way up from the East China Sea to the Sea of Japan. Their overall goal was to take control of the trade routes that flowed from China and Japan. The Japanese Navy could do nothing in the wake of the attacks, and were simply crushed by the Pirates. The Chinese Navy didn't even have a chance; with most all of their shipyards overrun by the invaders.

-Their only hope was a large band of Ninjas headed by the Grand Ninja Master who, using their great combat and evasion skills, hope to end the enemy occupation of both Grand Countries. Half of the Master's forces were located in Japan, the other half in China. The Master himself floated back and forth from both countries, leading both his forces into battle against the Pirate menace.

-The maurading Pirates had only one thing on their minds: To pillage and pluder until there is nothing left. Their aquisition of several Chinese naval ports had given them access to countless Chinese warships, ever strengthening their massive navy. There was also word from the Japanese that they had plans to invade all of Japan and topple its Grand Empire. They are lead not by one man, but by the Captains of each of the seven Pirate flagships that sail the Sea of Japan.

EDIT: I decided to forego the 6 member thing...feel free to commence posting at any time!


Kamaku - July 21, 2005 04:11 AM (GMT)
I guess I will start off...(Note: I'm using maps of Japan and China for my city names, to try to help make locating characters easier. So if ya wanna know where my character is, just look at a map ;) )

Yedoshi Kawazoto crept behind a tavern overlooking the Japanese port city of Masuda, on the Sea of Japan. The city had been overrun recently by European mauraders, known by most as "Pirates." They had stolen their women, their riches, and their homes, and built shoddy taverns on every city corner. This one just happened to be the largest the city had to offer. Arming himself with several throwing stars, he aimed to take out two drinkers hanging out in front of the tavern. The two overweight men wobbled and chugged their alcoholic beverages as Yedo waited for the perfect time to strike. Just as he felt the time had come, the two men dropped their drinks and keeled over, punch drunk.

With those two out of the way, Yedo was to make his way down to a resturaunt in the center of the city. Once there he would rendezvous with a few of his comrades and try to hijack one of the Pirate vessels. After that, they hoped to make their way up the Sea of Japan and reach Wasaka Bay. There, they would meet up with more of their comrades and hope to take back the ports of Fukui.

"Here goes nothing..." Yedo whispers, making his way down into the city.


Henry - July 21, 2005 04:36 AM (GMT)
OOC: So hmm, I don't wana pwn to many pirates, so I'll make this slow and casual...

IC: Yoshi Akamaru sat silently in a medatative pose in a dark room overlooking the bay, the pirates had nearly overrun his home city, having taken his sister, he's gone into hiding.

He heard something, he got out the pose and walked over to the window silently drawing his sword, he looked down and right bellow were two pirates, "Drunk as usual" muttered Yoshi drolely, he threw a smoke bomb down and immdietly jumped down out the window slicing both pirates through at the waster he sheathed his sword and walked down the street.

Around the corner the pirates friends were wating for him, he knew they were there he pulled out two darts and the moment he rounded the corner, they struck, although he jumped behind them. they turned around. "Gosh, you guys are being foolish." The ran after him with they scimitar/swords drawn the moment they got in range Yoshi through the darts into their hands causeing them much pain and to drop the swords, he pulled out his katana and ran it straight through brining it up and giving it a twirl, he sliced through the other one.

"man, you'd think they'd be smart enough to know what I would do."

OOC: So tell me what you think, to gorey? (and with the darts, FYI-I did something way less gorey than I was planning ;))

Cassus Kagal - July 21, 2005 06:58 PM (GMT)
IC: Daniel Thomson, captain of the Nemesis, stood steadfast and firm, waiting for any reports of comming danger. The Nemesis was near the port in Fukui, and a deep fog had set. Perfect for the plans of Captain Thomson and his little schooner.

"Sir!" came the report from the crow's nest, "There are some Pirates in the ahead. They look rather rich."

"Alright. All silent, heave to drift, and ready the cannons. Prepare a boarding party."


Henry - July 22, 2005 05:27 AM (GMT)
IC: "Gah, so much drunken pirate smell." He mumbled running accross the top of the roofs, he jumped accross one and then down into the streets, six drunked pirates moved accross over to him. "Arr..." They said raising their scimitars, and walking over, they were drunk, he sheathed his sword, they wouldn't reach him in time, immdietly after walking over a few feet they keeled over dunk, "unconscious," He laughed. "I might aswell leave them, no need to kill un-conscious pirates."

He walked slowly down, following the smell of drunken pirates. "There's a bar or somethign near here..." He said to himself.

"Gah, Fukui has become a port for pirates, smuggling there goods, stealing from the japanese, and chinese." He walked into the bar, no wone had noticed him yet, these pirates, didn't really appear to be as drunk as the rest "Finally, [SARCASM] yay, a challenge.[/SARCASM]" He laughed.

He pulled out 8 daggers and threw them slitting the throats of 8 pirates, he un-sheathed his swords (he has two BTW) there were 15 more pirates there. "It would take 20 pirates to equal one of me." He laughed.

"Let's do this."

Cassus Kagal - July 22, 2005 06:16 AM (GMT)
IC: Like a ghost from the fog, the Nemesis swiftly came behind the prospectful Pirate ship. The cannon's, loaded with chain-shot, fired in a synchronised fashion. The chain shot ripped through the rigging and masts, and the ship was crippled. The Nemesis quickly swooped around the side, and threw over thre grapling hooks to board.

The crew of the Nemesis charged forward, jumping across the gap, and tearing into the enemy's bones with serrated blades. crackling and teaing of fleash could be heard all over the ship. Thomson lost a few men, but the Pirates took he most damage. After sliting the throat of enemy captain, Daniel searched the cargo hold. He found a few barrels of rum, and a chest full of bloody jewels.

"Looks like we did well. Blow 'er up,we're heading to port!"


Henry - July 22, 2005 06:38 AM (GMT)
IC: "ARRGGH!!" The Pirates got up and began lumbering toward Yoshi. He ran through slicing down three of the pirates.

He initiated a twirl kick, sending three more flying, "six down," He muttered as he jumped into the air. "9 more to go."

He sheathed his sword and pulled out four throwing stars, he threw them quickly, and precisely, landing each one into a hand, arm, or leg, crippling them. Only a handful remained, instead of letting Yoshi get close, they decided to take a long range effort, his eyes widened as they began shooting, round after round, he hid behind a table, he pulled out five darts, and as they re-loaded threw the darts, 3 missed, but the other two jammed there. "wonderful..." He said sarcastically, he unsheathed his two swords, he figured that if he could get in close the pirates wouldn't fire for fear of being hurt, instead when he got close the pulled up there swords and being running at him at differen;t agnles, he began twirling his swords in a fashion to create a defense, only, one of them shifted the sword position to late and cut a deep gash into right arm, while by attack the twirling sowrds got the other three pirates arms cut off, he immdietly slit the pirate who caused the gash's throat, the other two ran away in fear.

Red-Alert 2 - July 22, 2005 05:05 PM (GMT)
IC: Asleep in his quarters Roger is awakened by the blasting of cannons. The first mate comes down to inform the captain of the loud sounds: "That sounded close, too close (talk about cliche), we can't see where we're headed in this blasted fog, and any other ship intent on our demise can come out of nowhere."
Flint responded "Well, first mate, there's not much we can do right now but keep watch and hopefully find a safe port soon. Keep the cannon corps ready, the chainshot loaded, and send a new crewman up to the Crows nest every quarter." Roger continued " We'll Lay anchor and we'll stay here for the night, let's hope the fog clears in the morn', then we can get some good old fashioned plundering done for a change."
Roger Flint gets up and walks around a bit, decides to finish a book he's been reading and settles down for a long dark night....

OOC: Not far off the captain of the Nemesis is busy surveying his recently plundered treasure, more importantly, he's chewing the newly captured tobacco the enemy ship had also stolen. Little does he know of the impending danger that a small Ninja warship conveys as it slowly makes its way down the river......


Henry - July 22, 2005 05:20 PM (GMT)
OOC: BTW, me an Anthony had this plan to do a big long character battle between our two character, so please people, don't do anything that would interfere with that.
BTW, Asa, you might wana let us know who's talking by saying "Whatever.." the first mate mumbled,"


with that said...

IC: "Gosh, this stupid fog" Yoshi mumbled walking slowly back up, up to his home, "They've kid-napped my sister, my mother, my father, what more do I have?" He asked. "Nothing, nothing, I must bring them back." He shouted. "The person who did this will pay, and pay dearly."

OOC: I decided to take a break from pwning pirates, since I already pwned 27 pirates :P.

Red-Alert 2 - July 22, 2005 05:25 PM (GMT)
For anyone wondering where Masuda is: user posted image

OOC: Not only devastated by the losses of their main ports, and a good chunk of the Emporers fleet, the people of Japan were infuriated that infidels had even touched down on their beloved Homeland. Soiling Japans honor with their drunkeness and violent ways, retribution must be meted out. But how? Only a huge army of the Emporers finest could combat such a concerted forcs of Pirates, but with the army spread out defending the homeland, and other contingents out fighting various wars with te Chinese Japans only hope, if you can call it a hope, laid with the corrupt elite Ninja fighting force, but how and when would they be able to strike, and if it would make a difference in the ensuing weeks still remained a mysetery to all Japanese civilians. More importantly, would the Empire be able to raise enough monies to pay these vile assassins?
On the other side of the coin, the Pirates were having the time of their life, walking door to door they slowly set about impoverishing the people of Masuda port, but not all Pirates are heartless and cruel. On the pretense of helping plunder the whole of Japan Roger Flint agreed to the plans laid out by the other 6 Pirate Captains. Little do they know of his true intentions, to liberate the Japanese people from the ruthless Ninja Overlords. And take in some revenue in the process, courtesy of Her Majesties' Royal Navy...hehe.
In the continuing feud with his dual enemies of the British and the Ninjas, Roger hoped to lure some of the outlying British colonies stationed in The Phillipines into a trap. Forged papers from "The Queen" gave information on a great gathering of Pirate fleets all converging on the Japanese homeland.
So, with the trap laid Flint hopes to complete his revenge on the British Admiral Sir Richard Williamson (leader of the Phillipine colonies) for imprisoning his Family, and to take down his sworn enemy the Mysterious Ninjas overlord, whose corrupt regime has tendrils stretching all the way into the London downtown district.


Kamaku - July 22, 2005 11:37 PM (GMT)
Having reached the resturaunt without any incident, Yedo proceeded to make his way into the rear room, where his comrades were waiting. He gave them a coplimentary bow.

"Nice to see you have made it," one said.

"It is nice to be here," Yedo replies. "Is everything ready?"

"Yes," another comrade responds. "There is a small Pirate cruiser in the docks." the ninja pulls out a telescope and points to the ship, which could be seen in the distance. Looking through the telescope, Yedo could see it was lightly guarded.

"As you can plainly see, the ship is relatively lightly guarded. Most of the ship's crew spend their time at the nearest taverns. Once we commandeer the craft, we have a very short time until they realize the ship has been stolen. We must act quickly."

"Very well," Yedo responds. "Let's get to it."


Crawling along the edges of the closest building, Yedo bolts out into the open for a split second, crossing the street and onto the docks. With his comrades right behind, they crawl up ropes holding the ship in the docks. Boarding, they make quick work of the guards, tossing their bodies into the sea. Raising the anchor, the steady wind carries them out of the port.

"H-hey!" a pirate drunkedly yells, stumbling out of the tavern. "The ship...!" he stammers, with a throwing star slamming into his chest. Various other pirates climb out, firing rifles and pistols in vain at the lost ship's crew.

"Next stop, Fukui." Yedo comments. "Let's hope it is a safe and uneventful journey."


Cassus Kagal - July 28, 2005 03:46 AM (GMT)
IC: "Something isn't right...." Thompson said, pulling the spyglass down from his eyes. Fukui appeared to be burning in parts, and it looked as though many pirates had been slaughtered.

"Still," he said calmly, "It could work to our advantage. There must be tons of gold in there. Men, wait here, I'm going to scout it out."


I suppose I should check the tavern. The innkeeper usually knows what's up...

Walking through the shadows, he quickly snuck into the town. Nearing the inn, he risked walking into the light to enter. As he walked it, he saw the remain's of a massacre. It appeared no one survived. Blood was everywhere. Daniel quickly ran out the back, and hoped to find some small amount of treasure. Instead, he ran right into a strange dark clothed person. As they gained their feet, the stranger shouted.

"You! you're one of them! Where is my family!?"

"I don't know what the bloody-ho you're talking about!"

"Prepare to die, scurvy pirate!"

"No, wait!"

Henry - July 28, 2005 05:04 AM (GMT)
IC: "Don't play dumb!" Yoshi raised his sword and started running towards the pirate....

Posts should be at least 3 to 4 lines in length.---Kamaku :P

Darth Vader - July 28, 2005 07:52 PM (GMT)
IC: Master Falcon surveyed the map before him. Which port would be the next major target? He had to choose wisely. The people of Japan were already wary of his 'clan', he didn't need a major disaster to rile them further. If he weren't careful, the minds of his people might turn on him, their very savior! He knew there were those who would try and take advantage of the actions of a few rogue ninjas, and blame the ensuing fiascos on him, and his army. His heart secretly mourned for his people, as the actions of a few had led the people to see his army as corrupt. His strike had to be perfect. Perfect. Nothing else would do.

He secretly mourned for the souls of those about to die, on both sides. Closing his eyes, he let the power flow through him. The wind, the air, the trees, the birds in the sky, they each whispered to him. He laid his palm flat on the map, and moved it in a circle.

And then he knew.

He called for his second-in-command.

"Release the birds. Our nearest squads must convene on this port." He pointed to a place marked on the map.

His second's eyes widened. "They wouldn't!"

"I fear they will. And this time, we must stop them."

OOC: The falcons flew, the messages clutched in their talons. They knew their destinations, and before long, the birds split up, flying straight and true, knowing, somehow, that they carried life itself in their grasp.


Well... DV has arrived. And as the head admin, he is now the head ninja. You rogues might want to make sure your actions are sanctioned. :P


Cassus Kagal - July 29, 2005 05:30 AM (GMT)
IC: Daniel drew his saber quickly and parried the incomming attack. The ninja spun quickly and reversed his movment in a tricky fasion, and Daniel barely was able to block it. He then thrust his sword , but Daniel circled the ninja's sword and knocked his hand to the side somewhat.

Now is the attack of opportunity...

Daniel lunged at the ninja, but he was too fast. He managed to kick Daniel saber away entirly. With another attack comming in, Daniel drew his dagger. Holding it upside down, he narrowly stoped the incomming atack. With his free hand, he drew his double barrel pistole, and fired both shots. On struck the ninja's sword, and bending the blade a bit, it bounced into the dirt. The other Daniel was sure hit the ninja somewhere, but it didn't seem to phase him. The ninja chucked his now off balance sword, and drewtwo daggers.

OOC: I would like my ship sunk please, I don't care how just sink it. But leave a sloop in the port. And let some of my crew make it to me.


Henry - July 29, 2005 05:47 AM (GMT)
OOC: You care who sinks it?

IC: "Let's see if you can dodge THIS." Yoshi threw two daggers causing Daniel to have duck. He brought out 3 throwing star tossing them, trying to pin him to the wall.

"Wait! Hold on!" Daniel shouted as Yoshi charged forward, not stopping despite what Danield said...

Cassus Kagal - July 30, 2005 09:57 PM (GMT)
"Oh blast." Daniel said. The battle was going no-where. The ninja had great attacks, but Daniel was quite skilled at parrying. He wanted to get the ninja to a point where he would stop, maybe figure out why he attacked him.

"Gah! Stop it already! Why are you fighting me?"

OOC: Nah, I don't care who, make it quick though, and leave that Sloop of War in the port.


Henry - July 31, 2005 05:41 AM (GMT)
OOC: M'k, I'll see what I can do...

IC: "Because!" Yoshi shouted tears streaming down his cheeks. "You and your pirates stole my family!" I pulled out five darts and thre them simultaneously.

"Stop! I don't know what bloody-ho you're talking about!" He said. Yoshi stopped. "I didn't take your family! I don't have anyone aboard my ship besides my crew!"

Aslan's Disciple - August 20, 2005 08:14 PM (GMT)
IC: Slash crept along the bows of the ship, feeling his way along in the dark. Whoever thought this ship was worth sinking had probably never seen it before. He creeped towards the deck, hiding amongst sacks and barrels. A lone pirate stood on deck, overlooking the waters. "Too easy . . ." Slash whispered. With a quick move, Slash clapped his hand around the pirate's mouth and pulled him in amongst the sacks. After tying and gagging the pirate, Slash reluctantly donned his clothing. It was a sickening uniform, but it would have to work.

He walked casually along the deck, moving up towards where the ship was steered. "Hey there, my good man!" Slash said in a pirate accent, having mastered voice manipulation quite a while ago. The man turned, keeping one hand on the steering wheel. "Yeh?" Slash ran a quick script through his mind. "Captain says to rest. I will take steering from here." The pirate's face brightened up and he headed down towards his cabin where he settled down in bed.

Slash grinned as he took up the wheel. His eyes skimming over the water, he spotted the one option: A large underwater mountain that stuck up out of the water. He threw the wheel to the right, aiming the ship directly at the mountain. He had to stay there for just a few minutes until they were close enough so that the course couldn't be reversed. After a few minutes, men started shouting and screaming. "Turn her around! Turn her around!" A large mob of men started charging towards him. "Just a few more yards . . . THERE!" As the men reached the steering wheel, Slash grabbed the handrail and in a somersault motion flipped off. He headed for the lifeboat, his hand on his katana. After fending off a few pirates attempting to get to the lifeboat, he lowered it down and took off.

OOC: If you want that to be your ship, go ahead and add on to it.


Cassus Kagal - August 20, 2005 10:44 PM (GMT)
Hoorah! somebody posted! Therbye making me want to post!

IC: "YAAGH!" Shouted Daniel, throwing his knife at the ninja. It was easily blocked but it bought him some time, enough time to grab his sword again.

"Now, shall you surrender?"

The Ninja swung his sword, and Daniel fliped over his head.


Henry - August 21, 2005 09:57 PM (GMT)
IC: Slicing down Daniel created a large gash in Yoshi's back, wounding him. "NEVER!" He shouted turning with lightning speed slicing at Daniel with his sword, his back was aching in pain, he could barely lift his sword. He threw a dart at Daniel, but he dodged and pulled out a gun, shooting him in the arm and wounding him.

Cassus Kagal - August 22, 2005 03:35 AM (GMT)
IC: "There is no possible way you can win..." Daniel said, and it was true. The ninja had taken too much. He quickly droped his sword to surrender.

"Now, if you will let me, I'll treat your wounds." Daniel cautiously aproached the ninja, and pulled some very crude surgical tools and a hankercheif from his pocket, and proceeded to remove the slug from the ninja's arm.

"Now, you have time, what's all this about your family?"


"YAAAAH!" cried the helmsman. The nemesis struck the rocks, and quickly started to sink. He, the first mate, and a a fair part of the other crew made it to the lifeboats before the ships sunk entirely.


Kamaku - August 22, 2005 03:53 PM (GMT)
Without incident, Yedo and his fellow ninjas made their way to the port city of Fukui. Much of the city was ablaze, and they hoped their brothers were not harmed.

After pulling the ship into a dock, they exit the craft and survey the surroundings. No one was in sight.

"Split up," Yedo suggests. "Two of you go East, and I will go with someone to the West. Let's try to meet back here in twelve hours to report our findings."

"It is agreed." The others respond. One of them looks up to see a falcon flying overhead, something grasped in its talons.

"The Grand Master..."


Henry - August 26, 2005 04:59 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Cassus Kagal @ Aug 21 2005, 08:35 PM)
IC: "There is no possible way you can win..." Daniel said, and it was true.  The ninja had taken too much.  He quickly droped his sword to surrender.

"Now, if you will let me, I'll treat your wounds."  Daniel cautiously aproached the ninja, and pulled some very crude surgical tools and a hankercheif from his pocket, and proceeded to remove the slug from the ninja's arm.

"Now, you have time, what's all this about your family?"

IC: While Daniel was treating wounds Yoshi explained, "You see..." He began. "A few weeks ago some pirates came in..." He said as he was remembering the horrible battle. "And took my parents, they didn't get me but they took my sister brother mother and father." I said. "It was a horrible day, I fought off as many as I could-but, they, they got off with my family."

Aslan's Disciple - August 26, 2005 10:44 PM (GMT)
IC: Slash circled back as he watched the ship sink. It had just come to him that the ship may have prisoners on the boat. Not only would they have financial value but . . . emotional value to what happened to his master. He watched as a man worked the wounds of a figure who appeared to be a Ninja. Slash unsheathed his katana as soon as he realized that the man working the wounds appeared to be . . . ". . . a pirate."

OOC: This is irrelevant.

EDIT - "Ma! I hit the forum with that there shovel and now it's just layin' there all quiet-like!"


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