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Title: STAR WARS: The Mandalorian Wars
Description: An additional RPG.

Cassus Kagal - March 13, 2007 02:25 AM (GMT)
I asked around, checked with several people, and I've opted to make a Mandalorian Wars RPG. If approved by Kamaku, I'll be heading it up as the Game Master(GM). So first, background story.

The year is 3,962 BBY. Mandalore the Ultimate and the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders have finally begun a full scale invasion of the [Old] Republic. Onderon, Taris, Serreco, and several other planets have already fallen, and Duros assult has already begun. It seems nothing can stop the Mandalorian hoards, and the Jedi Council refuses to aid the failing Republic forces. But now, a few rouge, young Jedi led by Reven and Malak are at last begining to help and turn the tide of the war, and the unlikeliest of allies will be set into an adventure that could shape the face of the galaxy for millenia to come...

For more information on the Mandalorian Wars, please click here.

-Limit 2 characters per person. In fact, it'd be even better if you stuck with just one, but if you must, 2 tops.

-Your character is not invincible. You can't run around with a chainsaw like some poorly produced movie and not ever get hurt. Be fair, be realistic.

-No commanding large armies. For the sake of not messing up the backstory or plot of the Mandalorian Wars, all major commanders and Non-Player Characters(NPCs).

-No Dark Jedi or Sith in this RPG. Currently, Sith are thought to be extinct, and the Sith that are around are in hiding. So, any Sith that we may encounter will be NPCs.

-Remember that the Mandalorians at this point are comprised of several species besides humans. So, if you want to be one of the Mandalorians, there's nothings stoping you from being an alien.

-Lets not make any new alien species here. Keep it to known aliens. Same thing with star ships and other technology, and keep in mind this is Old Republic stuff, so some things won't work as nicely as they do in later periodes.

-Please wait for me to approve your character before you post. I know you may be excited, but I need to verrify that your character(s) fit the rules.

That's the basic run of things. We're gonna kick off things with all the main hero characters(the good guys) being on Duros as the invasion begins. We'll all be thrown into action and get together somehow. Villians(Mandalorians) can be wherever they darn well please, but try and be in coordination with the timeline, so we don't all get confused. That's basicly it, if you think a rule is unfair, or something I do isn't right, talk to me, I'm willing to remain open.

Here is a character creation template/sample.

Name: HK-51a
Age: Unknown
Model: Advanced HK assassin droid
Gender: Masculine Programing
Weapon(s)/Gear: DC-15 Blaster Rifle w/ Vibro Bayonette, Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon
Vehicle: Aggressor Assult Fighter
History: HK-51a was one of the original units manufactured by G0-T0 durring the KOTOR II era. They were meant to be more advanced HK-50 units capable of further destruction. The project had it's flaws though, and the HK-51 units were not easily tamed, nor did they recognise any master. The problem would soon have been remedied, if it were not for the interferance of HK-47. The rogue unit was infuriated that so many copies of himself were made, and convinced the HK-51 units to join his cause. Together they destroyed the factory, and spent most the rest of their days as bounty hunters.

Vega - March 13, 2007 09:45 PM (GMT)
Good idea, Cassus. I am working on my character right now. I will probably send you the profile later tonight.

Kamaku - March 13, 2007 09:58 PM (GMT)
I approve, but I think I'll sit this one out.


Cassus Kagal - March 14, 2007 06:41 AM (GMT)
The character creation topic is up and running. Please post all new characters there.

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