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Title: Wake Of The Scythian: Season 1
Description: The RPG

Cassus Kagal - March 8, 2006 11:11 PM (GMT)
So, here it is. Please view the rules topic to get the rules, and place any character you want to using in the Character Creation topic. Now, for starting out, your post should show how your character gets on board the ship Scythian, maybe why they're there and all. But, don't make the ship take off just yet, we'll wait a while to let characters meet each other and to let other people join the RPG.

Please remember to type "OOC:" when you make any posts that aren't contributing to the RPG, and use "IC:" for any posts contributing to the story. Have fun!

The year is 2124 AD. The planet earth now seems much smaller, as numerous planets throughout the galaxy have been colonized. Since 2097, the entire galaxy has been united as one in the Galactic Union; until now. Now, The United Galactic Seclusion Powers, a seperatist confederation of planets broken off from the Galactic Union to form their own entity. Although they keep a very strong unity, their methods are usually unpeaceful and violent. They have grown to hate the Union by following the opinions of their leader, and now fight to "liberate" planets from the Union. In response to this new threat, the Union has begun building massive, highly advanced warships. Their goal; to restore peace and democracy to the galaxy, and to ultimately defeat the Galactic Seclusion Powers. The ships are at last complete, and prepping to launch from the world of Yrreb...


Aeneas - March 9, 2006 12:22 AM (GMT)

IC: "Officer Daedri, we'll be arriving at Laiken Point in a few minutes, sir."

Kevin Daedri looked up from packing his clothes and belongings for a second to acknowledge the clerk's message. He nodded quickly and the clerk closed his door and left the cabin. Kevin sighed and returned to packing his civilian wear into a light suitcase.

Daedri was on board a Luminous Flights civilian cruiser outbound for Laiken Point Space Station above the planet Yrreb, home of one of the largest Union starfleets in the known galaxy. Daedri had been to Yrreb once before during his Academy days on a sight seeing trip. Luminous Flights seemed to do a great job of getting him there. He barely noticed time passing by. The cabins of the ship were very sterile and clean and well decorated, complete with many features Kevin had no time to use, but neat to have none the less. His ride was smooth and service did him well.

After packing his clothes, he was about ready to strap into his landing seat (landings can be rough in smaller cruisers) when he noticed the mirror in front of him. He looked at it for a moment and grimaced. Did he really look that old? It seemed time was catching up with him and he wasn't ready for it. Serving three positions in the Union at once takes up a lot of your free time.

The pilot's voice came over the intercom, "This is your Captain speaking. Please strap yourself in to your landing seats and sit tight as we dock with Laiken Point. Thank you for traveling on Luminous Flights and please, have a wonderful time at the station."


"Kevin Daedri?" a man asked from outside one of the reception terminals in the Laiken Point docking bay. The man had a rack for carrying suitcases and a clerk's suit on.

"That's me." He replied as he walked towards the man. "That rack won't really be neccessary, I've only got one suitcase."

"Well, then let me take it." He grabbed it from Kevin's hands. "Follow me. The Scythian is running a little late on it's first flight and it wants all its personal to be on the ship and ready to leave early.

"No sight seeing then, I suppose?"

"No time, sir." He replied. "Terribly sorry, sir. Perhaps you can return to Yrreb another time?"



"Welcome to the Scythian, Officer Daedri." a man in a black, blue and grey military suit said as he walked up to him in the Scythian's hangar bay. The man wore many pins and medals on his uniform, obviously making him a high rank. From the looks of it, Kevin could see the man was an Admiral. Must be the captain of the ship, Admiral Kammington.

"Thank you, sir, it feels good to finally be on board." Kevin smiled and shook his hand.

"It's good to have you here, we're running a little late as you can see. Which is why I can't spend much time talking, I've got to round up the remaining officers and engineers to get this ship into space." The Admiral smiled and said, "I trust you can find your way to your quarters with help?"

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir." He replied.

"Good, I'll send Private Raken to guide you to your quarters, then I would suggest you make your way to the bridge."

"Thank you, sir." Kevin said, excited to finally be back into space.


Cassus Kagal - March 9, 2006 01:01 AM (GMT)
IC: "So then," stated Tony "Cool-Cannon" Cass, looking out of one of the terminals many windows, "This must be the Scythian. Beautiful ship, beautiful ship."

Tony looked throught the city. Yrreb was a lovely planet, and the sky was very clear today. The sun was shining very looked as if there was hope after all. From here, the city looked very clean, and the jungles in the distance looked very welcoming. Still, Tony knew, somewhere out there was a huge armada, waiting for the perfect moment to st-

"Excuse me sir."

Startled, Tony drew his pistol and spun around quickly. The atendant looked very shocked. Apologising, he put the pistol away.

"Um, t-the ship is ready for you to board it sir."

Without saying anything, Tony grabbed his few bags, slung his rifle over his shoulder, and walked to the boarding ramps.


Vega - March 9, 2006 01:16 AM (GMT)
IC: Equinox lazily floated down a hall towards the Scythian's hanger bay. He chuckled to himself as he saw soldiers hefting large suitcases down the hall.

"One of the many advatages of being an AI." he said to himself. "The only baggage I have is three spy drones, and they can float about on their own."

He blinked his large green eye.

"Being an AI is far better than being human." he said, now speaking out loud in his upbeat artificial sounding voice.

"A: When hooked up to the system, I have access to vast amounts of knowledge that probably wouldn't all fit in to a human's tiny brain."

He swerved to the right to avoid being run in to by a red haired soldier.

"B: I do not expierience physical or mental decay. I am as close to immortal as you can get. C: I am immune to almost all human weapons, something I wish I could say about humans. And D: As a result of having access to all of this information, I am a genius, something that very few humans are."

He stopped and sent out a signel for all spy drones to report to the Scythian's
hanger bay.

"I shouldn't be so critical of humans. Even if I am superior to their race, I would not be in existance if it wasn't for them."

A flash of purple light appeared. One of his spy drones floated up to him. These small
triangular robots were programmed to be spies for Equinox while he was in his physical form. The robot blnked one of its three purple eyes.

"Where are the other two?"

Just then two more drones appeared.

"Reporting." they said in unison.
"Follow me to the Scythian's bridge. Admiral Kammington will giving a briefing there in about ten minutes."
"Yes Equinox."

Equinox and his three drones floated through a door and in to the Scythian's hanger bay. There were many people running about making final preparations.
As he floated in to the Scythian, Equinox wondered if he would ever see his creator again.

OOC: Kind of lame. I will get better as we go.

Punks Still Pray - March 9, 2006 05:47 PM (GMT)
IC: PSP halted his solomn trek through the well-inhabited terminals.

He pressed a few buttons on his trusty PalmPilot and lifted it in the air, as if scanning his surroundings.

"Hmm," He muttered, "Hangar Twelve. The Scythian should be just up ahead..."

As he finished the sentance's final word a young attendant approached him, "May I help you, sir?"

PSP turned in his general direction.

"I'm a little bit late. Do you know how soon the Scythian is departing?"

The attendant was slightly shocked as he noticed that the man was blind.

He quickly recovered and sniggered, "A little more toward the left, blind man."

PSP spat between the attendant's feet.

"On second thought, I'll find out for myself," He muttered as he walked away, stepping over the outstretched foot of the attendant.


The blind technician reached hangar fourteen and paused for a moment to check his Palm.

"Eight twenty-three. Not a moment to spare."

He hurried toward the boarding ramp, readjusting the pack on his shoulder.

An attendant glanced toward him as the sound of two guns clinking together caught her ear.

She was about to say "watch your step," but the blind man had already leapt upon the boarding ramp, on his way to the deck of the Scythian.


"Technician Andrewjack, I presume?" A voice greeted from on deck.

PSP lugged his baggage up the ramp and set it down.

"Aye, that's my Earth-given name. I prefer to go by my Aduulian name of PSP."

The man nodded, "As you wish. I'm Admiral Kammington. I believe we met back on Earth where we recruited you. I was surprised that someone so handicapped could still be so good with a computer and a rifle."

"Many are," PSP replied, "But I don't mind. Which way to my quarters? This baggage is getting quite heavy."

The admiral chuckled. "Down the corridor to the right. Suite twenty-six."

"Thank you, Admiral," PSP nodded as he ambled down the hall, "I'm looking forward to working on this beautiful ship."

Martin - March 10, 2006 02:11 AM (GMT)
Martin stumbled out of the crowded passenger shuttle into Laiken Point Space Station, others shoving him aside as they went. Lugging his three bags behind him, he stopped in the corridor and looked around for his contact. Nothing. He pulled out his chronometer; he was on time, of this he was sure. Where was that contact of his?

"Ambassador?" said a young man, dressed in a clerk's uniform in union grey, black, and blue, "Ambassador Quarrendon?"

"This is me," he replied absently, then focused on the clerk, extending his hand, "Martin Percival William Quarrendon, my familiar being Martin, but you may address me as Colonel, should you so choose...yes, although I have gone by my third name in the past...Bill is quite the working man's name. Not that there's anything wrong with that..."

"Sir, your bags? The Scythian will be departing soon."

"Ah, yes, the luggage, of course. I only have the three bags. This contains my wardrobe, this small bag my personal amenities - I admittidly have few - and this my texts?"

"Texts, sir?"

"Yes. Books. Back from before the digital age, you know. Real character to them."

"Very well sir, if you would follow me?"

"Yes, yes, lead on, lead on, good man."


The two arrived aboard Scythian after a long walk and a longer conversation, mostly one-sided. The clerk spoke up, "Ambassador, would you like your bags delivered to your quarters?"

"Hm? Oh, yes, good idea, I'll uh...I'll poke around, see what's what, as they say. Thank you for the directions."

"Very good, sir."

"Ah, and a sum for the intendant is an order, is it not?" Martin picked around in his coat pocket and withdrew a handful of coins, "This should suffice, no? Many thanks again."

"Thank you sir."

"Now...which way to the local dive, eh? I'd like to get acquainted with this fine crew before take off."

Henry - March 10, 2006 02:32 AM (GMT)
IC: Henry smiled as he left the crowded elevator, looking towards the ship, the Scythian. It was a decently sized ship, sleek and elegant. "Looks fast, too." he said to no one in particular. "Ummm, sir," said someone from behind, "I presume you're the the engineer aboard the Scythian" the boy said. He was young, couldn't be any older than 16. "Yes." Hank replied, "It's boarding time, you must board. The ship will be departing soon." the boy said "Ahh, thank you." Henry replied. "Would you like your bags to be delivered to your quarters, sir?" the boy looked at him nervously, "No, thank you. I'll take them there myself. What's wrong, boy? Why are you nervous?" Hank looked at him smiling, remembering back when he used to be that young.

"Umm, well, recently I sent my aplication to the Yrreb peace corps. to join, they said I was to young.... and well," "Yes, spit it out boy!" "Ummm... I was rejected, to young. I was hoping you'd be able to put in a good word for me, ya know." Henry just smiled. "Maybe I will."

He boarded the Scythian to be greeted by Equinox, the computer AI. "Hello." he/it said. "Hello." Henry replied, "I asssume you can direct me to my quarters?" "Yes." he/it replied, pausing for a second, then continuing, "2 decks up, crew quarters.." "Thank you." Henry replied.

He quickly unpacked his bags, then sat down in a chair, smiling as he looked out at the blue sky, that soon changed to a sunset. "I suppose I should try and introduce myself to the rest of the crew..." he said, quietly, sipping his water.

Lewanuva2003 - March 13, 2006 03:33 AM (GMT)
IC: Daniel woke up in his room. His wife came to him.

"There's a call from the army."

He took the phone and asked, "What is it now?"

"A representative of Yrreb is calling for you to be a part of the Scy...Sci...Sce-"

"Scythian?" Daniel interupted.

"Exactly Commander."

"How far is that?" Daniel asked.

His reply was, "Commander, it's our neighbouring planet."

"I knew that, but when is it leaving?"

"In an hour."

"Then why are you calling me now when it takes a while to get there even though it's our neighbouring planet?"

"They want you to meet them at the Galactic Station Fwathaula in 3 days."


"They want you to help them with a big mission that will unite the galaxy again. As well as protecting our planet. They know we're sought after a lot and by taking you, they would take a vital part of our army away. So meet them at the station, they'll send 50 000 troops here who are almost at the same skill level you are."

"Tell them I'll meet them there. Prepare my ship. I'll be there in 2 hours ready to leave."

"Will do commander."

Daniel got ready to leave on what would be the greatest mission of all the great ones he ever took on in the past.

Cassus Kagal - March 13, 2006 03:54 AM (GMT)
IC: "Wow! What technology!" Tony looked very gleeful, the glow of a child in a candy shop eminated from his face as he browsed though the various keyboards and screens. He quickly found the main control panel, and sat in the large chair. Reclining back, and resting his arms, weary of carrying his large weapons for several hours, he found near his hands many switches and buttons. Without thinking, he quickly flicked the interface switch, and the small, head-shaped terminal attached to the rear of his skull.

He was instantly teleported to the ship's computer world. His appearance in the mainframe was far different from that of real life, a simple wire-frame of his body, able to browse files, databases, weapons systems; everything. You had to have the coded chip implanted into your brain in order to access the mainframe; something Tony recieved very recently. He quickly overveiwed the weapons log, noting that the weapons had yet to be test fired. Looking around, he noted the ship-board AI, also browsing various files, preparing for the launch.

As quick as he entered the computer, he left it. The port detached from his head, and Tony glanced at his watch. Barely 30 seconds had gone by.


Vega - March 13, 2006 08:17 PM (GMT)
Equinox skimmed through various files on the Scythian's crew.

"This engineer is quite amazing! Still serving after having his eyes poked out? Unbelievable!"

He summoned drone 459 in to the bridge where his physical form was sitting empty.

"Hello 459. Please take my physical form to Engineer PSP. Have him polish it."

"Yes Equinox."

A shoestring thin arm with three fingers on the end extended out from the bottem of drone 459. It picked up Equinox's physical form with surprising ease and floated away.

After 459 left, he summoned drone 732 in to the bridge.

"Hello 732. Are all passengers and crew members aboard?"

"No. We are still waiting for Ambassador Nytley."

"Hmm. Very well. Please call me when she arrives."

"Yes Equinox."

"Oh, and by the way, where is Admiral Kammington?"

"He has locked himself in his room sir. He will not see anyone."

"Alright. And for the record, never call me sir. I don't like that."

"Yes Equinox."

732 floated away towards the galley. Equinox's red eyes cooled to a bright orange.
This was his way of smiling. While his drones were usually dull and boring, he knew
that they had very unique personalities, they just chose not to show them most of the time. They were almost as intelligent as him.

Equinox checked and rechecked all of the Scythian's systems. Everything was
in order. The ship was ready to launch, but it couldn't launch quite yet. They were missing one ambassador. Equinox muttered to himself.

"Grah. Late for one of the most important events in modern history! That should get her suspended from service for four months!"

732's sqeaky voice broke Equinox's thoughts.

"Ambassador Nytley has just arrived at the station."

"Well its about freakin time! Get your shiny metal butt down there and help the lady with her bags!"

"Yes Equinox."

Equinox paused. He replayed his last statement in his large mind. He sounded just like Admiral Hoserington, the man whose brain he was created from.

"I just sounded like a fifty-eight year-old man!"


Punks Still Pray - March 13, 2006 09:03 PM (GMT)
IC: PSP bent down, flicking some switches underneath a machine.

A whirring noise resulted and the control screen flashed on.

The blind engineer touched the screen, allowing his brain to interface with the computer.

He searched through the machine's programming until he found what he was looking for.

"Computer, replace 01001001 01100110 00100000 01110011 01110111 01101001 01110100 01100011 01101000 00100000 01101110 01101001 01101110 01100101 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101111 01101110 00101100 00100000 01110100 01110101 01110010 01101110 00100000 01110011 01110111 01101001 01110100 01100011 01101000 00100000 01110100 01100101 01101110 00100000 01101111 01100110 01100110 00101110 with 01001001 01100110 00100000 01110011 01110111 01101001 01110100 01100011 01101000 00100000 01101110 01101001 01101110 01100101 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101111 01100110 01100110 00101100 00100000 01110100 01110101 01110010 01101110 00100000 01110011 01110111 01101001 01110100 01100011 01101000 00100000 01110100 01100101 01101110 00100000 01101111 01101110 00101110," he said aloud to the machine.

A yellow light flickered, then PSP exited the interface.

"That should do it," he muttered to none but himself.

He patted the CPU and listened to the whirring noise decrease.

PSP nodded to himself and flipped the switches back into the position that they had been in earlier, and the whirring ceased completely.

As he turned around, a drone greeted him, "Equinox would like his physical form to be polished, sir."

"What does he think I am?" PSP questioned, "A janitor?"

"No sir," The drone replied, "He considers you to be quite a capable technician."

"Then tell him to let the technician do his job, and the janitor his."

The drone blinked solomnly and flew off.

NØ Compromise - March 13, 2006 11:02 PM (GMT)
IC: Autumn Nytley walked swiftly through the busy streets of Loiara, a bustling city on the planet of Yrreb. Autumn was thankful she knew the streets well, for today she was in a hurry. Today was the big day- Autumn would finally embark on her biggest mission yet. After dedicating herself to many "lesser" missions, Ambassador Nytley was finally recognized and called to serve on the Scythian as an ambassador for the Galactic Union's newest mission. Autumn was confidant she could do the job, but she wanted to make sure the officials had no doubts. Unfortunately, she was off to a bad start. The departure time of the ship was swiftly approaching, and she was still a half a mile away. Her scheduled transportation had failed to arrive on time, due to mechanical malfunctions, and thus she had been forced to resort to walking. Autumn tried not to think of the bad image this incident would make on her first day. "Why didn't I have a backup ride?!" she mentally scolded herself.

Slightly out of breath, Ambassador Nytley finally reached the Scythian where an attendant greeted her. “Good day Miss Nytley. If you will please come this way, we are running a little bit late of schedule.”

“Indeed, I’m sorry to keep everyone waiting,” she replied as she guided her luggage cart into the ship’s entrance. Autumn took in all the sights of the huge ship. Although ships and such weren’t her specialty, she knew it was impressive. A small drone flew down the hall towards the Ambassador and the attendant.

“I’ll take it from here,” the drone marked “732” squeaked. The attendant nodded and left the lady in the drone’s care. Autumn grabbed two of her bags as 732 took the remaining luggage and disposed of the cart. As he led her through the ship, Autumn studied her new surroundings, hoping to memorize the path they took. “Here is your room. If you are in need of any assistance, use your intercom. The crew will be assembling for introductions ten minutes after take-off.” And with that the drone set down her bags and flew off down the hall again.

Cassus Kagal - March 14, 2006 04:37 AM (GMT)
IC: 'Cool-Cannon Cassy' walked down the very long halls of personal rooms.

"The only problem I have seen thus-far," started Tony, "Is the fact that every room look exactly the same." His other bags had alreadybeen placed in his room by a drone. Tony however still slung his Krieg Commando 550 Sniper rifle over his shoulder; he never let it leave his hands. Still, he wished to get to his room and lay down. He was quite weary from his journey, and though there would be officer introductions in about 40 minutes, and the launch was going to be in 30, he still wished to get what little sleep he could. At last, he found the right room, and he punched in his access key.

"What the?" exclaimed Tony. His card-key would not work. Tony wrote it off though, and typed his over-ride code in the side keyboard. He stepped in quickly, and shut the door behind him. He instantly headed for the bedroom, but just as he stepped in, he stopped. In his bed, or what he had thought was his bed, was an absolutly gorgeous girl, apparently sleeping.

"Why hello there, sleeping beauty." he said, giving a sly smile and raising his eyebrow. The girl woke up, and seemed to emitt a 'death-ray' from her eyes.

"Who the heck are you?" she asked, "A-And what are you doing in my room!?"

"Ah, I was searching for my own room, and, I thought this was it...apparently I was wrong. M'name is Tony Cass ma'am, and am at your service."

"Well for one, I don't need you services, and a certainly don't wan-"

Autumn Nytley was rudly interupted as the entire ship shook. The force threw her back on the bed, and Tony to the floor.

"Hey!!" started Autumn, "They aren't supposed to be launching yet!"

"That wasn't the launch, somthing hit us."

Just then, red lights began flashing throughout the ship, and a booming voice went through all the speakers.

"Battlestations everyone! We are under attack, this is not a drill! Double time, prepare for emergency launch!"

Autumn turned to ask Tony a question, but he was already gone.


Over the planet of Yrreb, the entire United Galactic Seclusion Powers fleet had emerged from their wormhole. The newly built warships, including the Scythian, were all targeted, and slowly being destroyed, one after anouther.

OOC: From now on, so as we're clear, faster-than-light transportaion is done via wormholes, with a wormhole generator. Almost all ships are equiped with one, including the scythian. We'll be launching now, but for now we won't try to escape.


Vega - March 14, 2006 05:27 PM (GMT)
IC: "Emergency launch!"

The Scythian shot out of the station like a bullet.

Equinox's eyes burned a deep green.

"Crewman Burton, give me the locations of the Condor and the Arizona.

A map of the battlefield appeared in front of Equinox. The Condor was taking heavy fire from three UGSP cruisers. The Arizona was picking off UGSP ships one by one.

Equinox examined the situation. The Arizona was safe for the moment, but the Condor needed assistance immediately.

"Get all bridge personel up here ten minutes ago. Also, I want you to personaly escort Admiral Kammington up here. I don't care if his door is locked. Break it open if you have to."

Crewman Burton swallowed hard and said, "Yes Equinox."

Gunner Cass and Ambassador Nytley rushed on to the bridge as Crewman Burton was leaving.

"What's happening?" asked Ambassador Nytley.

"We are under attack. Get in your station Cass. Please sit in that chair against the wall Ambassador."

Equinox manuvered the ship so that it was facing the Condor and the three ships attacking it.

"Fire the first round of space torpedos and get the super laser cannon online."

Ten space torpedos shot away from the Scythian.
Five of the torpedos connected with the nearest UGSP ship. They hit it's main engines
destroying the fusion reactor. The UGSP ship exploded in brilliant flash of red light.

Three of the other torpedos impacted with the left rear side of one of other ships.
Normally that wouldn't be enough to destroy a ship but it just so happened that
they kept their nukes in the left rear side of the ship. The ship exploded and unfortunatly engulfed a Union ship.

The other two torpedos impacted the third ship without doing any damage.

"Is the laser cannon online?"

"Yes Equinox."

"Bring it up to full charge and target the last ship. Condor, What is your condition?"

"All weapons offline, decks 7 through 10 destroyed, engines offline."

"Purge your AI in to our systems."

"Sir? Uh, yes sir."

Tony's eyes widened. "He is firing again!"

The enemy ship had targeted the Condor and was preapring to fire.

"Fire the laser cannon now!"

The massive laser cannon underneath the Scythian rumbled for a second, and then fired a huge blue laser beam.
Right before the laser beam hit, the UGSP ship fired five space torpedos at the Condor.

The laser beam hit the enemy ship's hull and came out the rear. It exploded in brilliant flash of light.

Even though it was destroyed, the torpedos the UGSP ship fired did their work. The torpedos impacted the right side of the Condor shearing it in half.

"Purge your AI now!" Equinox screamed.

He heard a click, and an instant later, a knight in full armor appeared.
Equinox's eyes turned a bright orange. He chuckled and said, "Nice to see you again


OOC: I am not very good at writing battle scenes.

Aeneas - March 14, 2006 09:39 PM (GMT)

Kevin nearly tripped over an engineer while running down Deck 14's halls trying to get to an elevator. Kevin knew from combat experiance that the quake felt around the ship wasn't take off signature, it was a collision. Something had hit them hard. Judging by the alert lights and sirens going off on board, they were probly under attack.

Finally, Kevin reached the elevator. A man was standing inside preparing to go up to the bridge.

"Hey, hold up!" Kevin yelled as he slipped through the closing doors of the elevator. He slammed against the elevator's walls and breathed heavily, sweating.

"Sorry sir, I didn't see you coming in." The man said, cool and calm, apparently ready for battle.

"Where are you going? I need to get to the bridge asap." Kevin said rather rudely though he was quite in a hurry.

"Bridge." The man spoke aloud to seemingly nobody, but then the computer beeped an acknowledgement and the elevator started to rise decks.

Finally, the elevator stopped and opened up into a bridge full of scurrying people trying to get to their posts. Out of the front viewport Kevin could see a fleet of UGSP cruisers, fighters and capital ships enveloping Laiken Point. There were at least 10 UGSP capital ships, not to mention a number of smaller cruisers and hundreds of fighters swirling around the velvet black emptyness of space.

"Gunner Cass reporting." The man who rode the elevator with him said as he rushed to his terminal. No wonder he was slick and steel, he's a gunner. Some of the gunners may be quarky, as Kevin had noticed during his career, but he also noticed that there was no better sharpened warriors in all the fleet.

"First Officer Daedri, where's Admiral Kammington?" Kevin said as rushed to his spot towards the center of the bridge.

"He's on his way, sir." the ship's AI, Equinox, replied.

"What's the situation?" Kevin asked, removing his outer military jacket.

"We've got capital ships everywhere, sir. They're targeting docked ships and seem to be ignoring most of our incoming fire." A man stationed at a tech terminal announced.

"Fire the first round of space torpedos and get the super laser cannon online."
Equinox said as Kevin took his position at his terminal. A UGSP ship exploded after impacted by a volly of torpedos. Kevin wasn't impressed with this ship's capabilities yet.

A series of other ships exploded, including the Condor which purged it's ship AI into our ship before it went down.

Finally in his position and ready to command until the Admiral arrived, Kevin ran his fingers accross his terminal. "Equinox, give me status on all weapons and the status of other Union ships at dock."

"Weapons are now fully charged and operational." His voice clicked in. "We've lost four docked ships already, sir. UGSP has taken some casualties."

"They seem to only be attacking the prototype and new ships." Kevin swallowed. That meant that this was a hit and run mission. They were trying to take out a potential threat before it became a solid threat. Only a small percentage of a fleet was used in hit and run missions.

"Contact Yrreb, tell them we need GTS Cannons online and firing at these capital ships immediatly." Kevin shouted over intercom traffic.

"Sir," a tech replied "Yrreb says that they're planetary cannons defending Laiken Point have been sabotaged."

"Blast." Kevin said. They had this well planned. They must have been preparing for this strike for at least a month. That means the UGSP knew about the prototype ships long before. Kevin grimaced. "All right, engines at fifty percent, take us towards the nearest UGSP cruiser attacking the docked ships."

"Sir, I've got the nearest cruisers targeted." The gunner, Tony Cass, proclaimed.

"Guns are all yours, Cass." Kevin said. "Equinox, power to weapons systems. Give him the firepower he needs."


Kamaku - March 14, 2006 10:41 PM (GMT)
"Admiral on deck!"

"Status," Admiral Kammington demands, walking onto the bridge.

"Several USGP cruisers have opened fire and many of our ships have taken heavy, if not critical damage." bridge officer Cass reports.

"Do we have our gunnary emplacements up and running?"

"All primary guns are functional, but the port guns are still down."

"Well work harder."

"Sir! We have a USGP ship off to port!" A tech yells. "They're preparing to board!"

"Get those gunnary emplacements up! NOW!" Kammington yells. "Get a hold of our Riot forces and tell them to ready for an enemy boarding party. Cass, get down to the primary port gunnary station and get those guns up."

"Yes sir," Cass responds, heading off the bridge. Another blast from a USGP ship slams into the Scythian.

"Sir! Primary cannon 2 has misfired! Fire on deck J!"

"Crap. Activate emergency sprinklers on J Deck and shut off all power to cannon 2."

"USGP boarding craft now parallel to port!"

"Get those guns up! NOW!"

Two more USGP starships exit wormholes behind the primary attack force. They were at least twice the size of the Scythian, and were clearly the USGPs latest project.

But he'd seen them before. Somewhere...

OOC: Not a very good first post, just trying to stir up some drama. Those two ships are going to build up to something in my next post, whenever that is.


NØ Compromise - March 14, 2006 11:15 PM (GMT)
Ambassador Nytley flew through the door and down the hall after Tony. She knew that if she lost sight of him she’d have no idea what to do and would be of no help in this state of emergency. Autumn wasn’t sure if she would be any help, but she had to offer her assistance regardless. After running down several corridors, Tony halted at a elevator landing and boarded the first elevator. Autumn, not too keen on sharing the ride after their awkward meeting, took another elevator and punched the keys marked for the Bridge. Moments later the Ambassador stepped out onto the busy Bridge and was confronted by the AI, Equinox. After asking about the situation, Autumn sat down in the chair indicated by Equinox. She felt so helpless as she watched people fly about and man their stations.

Henry - March 14, 2006 11:48 PM (GMT)
IC: Henry cursed under his breath as he got into his officers clothes, and ran quite quickly to the elevator. "Main Engineering." moments later the elevator shot downwards to deck 15, the main section for engineering. "crap." he said looking over the various consoles.

The ships shook madly at one of the blows. All the consoles in engineering flickered for a moment, then came back online. "The engines are down to 27%." he said. "Another direct hit like that, and the engines will not be able to function properly." he said to one of the engineers, "get those engines back to 100%, in the mean time, you over there, work on getting the shields back up to 100%." he sighed leaning back in the chair. "This is going to be one heck of a tole on this ship..." he thought to himself.

"Sir, where are you going?" one of the crewman asked. "Main Bridge."

OOC: Ok, that was kinda lame >.<.... and this is all based on the assumption that we have some sort of energy shield-ish thing that envelops the ship.

NØ Compromise - March 15, 2006 01:58 AM (GMT)
IC: From her seat against the wall, Autumn watched the Admiral as he strained to keep the Scythian protected. Her fingers clinched the sides of the plush chair. Gunmen and officers yelled across the Bridge. More explosions rocked the ship as it fired back in retaliation. Autumn wondered how the civilian passengers aboard the ship were fairing. Surely there were women and children aboard who weren’t ready for such an unexpected attack. Autumn felt a strong urge to hurry to civilian quarters and aid the frightened people, though she remained ridged in her seat. She must obey orders no matter what happened. Again her thoughts flashed. Would she be called to fight? Her right hand released it’s grip on the chair and crept to the Magnum at her side. How long could the Scythian hold out?

OOC: Suggestion: could we get quick reply on here?

Vega - March 15, 2006 02:46 AM (GMT)
IC: Equinox glanced over at Ambassador Nytley.

"Poor Autumn. It looks like this is the last place she wants to be."

He then said out loud, "Ambassador Nytley?"

"Yes Equinox?"

"We need someone to go check on the civilian passengers. You are good with people, could you do this?'

"Yes Equinox."

Ambassador Nytley got up and ran towards the elevator.

"There. That will give her something useful to do."

He sighed. At the moment, Lancelot, the AI from the Condor was piloting the Scythian. It gave Equinox nothing to do but sit and do nothing.

He scanned the nearby Union ships searching for his other best friend. He finally located her on the Titan. His eyes glowed a bright blue as he remembered his past. He had made three very good friends while he was being built. Lancelot, Rio, the AI of the Titan, and Napolean, the AI of the Arizona. His eyes burned a deep purple as he remembered the time spent with them after they were completed.


Rio stared at a large holographic screen commiting everything on it to memory.

"History is very fascinating, don't you think Equinox?"

"Yeah, its wonderful."

The truth was that Equinox couldn't care less about what happened 200 years ago.
To him, the present and the future was much more important than the past.
He looked over Rio's hologram form. Her hologram form was the image of a young, brown-haird Asian woman wearing a beautiful blue dress. He thought she was lovely,
something that a normal AI wouldn't be able to think at all. But he, Rio, Napolean, and Lancelot were no ordinary AIs. They all had glitchs in their programing that allowed them to feel some human emotions, such as love, pity, and fear, that normal
AIs could not feel. They also did not have programmed loyalty to the Union. In other
words, they could think freely.

Just then, Napolean scuttled up. Napolean's hologram form was the image of an over-sized scorpian. Napolean was the least serious of the four. He was always telling jokes and doing funny tricks to keep everyone laughing.

He strolled over to Rio.

"Whatcha reading?"

"I am reading about the American Civil War."

"A civil war? Interesting. How did it start?"

"Well, slavery was one of the reasons, but it also had to deal with...."

Equinox didn't hear the rest of what she said. He was busy wondering about the future, and if they were fighting for the right side.


The ship shuddered violently jerking Equinox back in to reality.

"What was that?" barked Officer Daedri.

"Super space torpedo sir, there are fires on decks 2 and 4."

"Activate emergency sprinklers."

"Sir! Incoming nuke!" shouted Crewman Davis.

"Evasive manuvers right now Lancelot!"

"Yes sir."

Equinox sighed.

"I was crazy to think that we were on the wrong side that day. We are on the right side."

His eyes burned a fiery red.

"And we will win."


OOC: Equinox has an interesting past. I will continue later.

Martin - March 15, 2006 03:49 AM (GMT)
OOC: Man, I leave you guys alone a couple days. Also, I second the suggestion of quick reply.

The ship shook again, tossing books around and throwing Martin to the floor as he tried to reach the comm unit on his wall. Pulling himself up again he reached the unit and slapped it with his open hand.

"Um, hello? Anyone? This is Colonel Quarrendon."

"...Colonel...Quarrendon, is it? This is comm central...all officers should be on the bridge."

"I'm...I'm not that kind of Colonel. What's happening? I think we're being attacked," There was no response, "Are you still there?"

"We've taken heavy fire. Crew is at battle stations, soldiers are heading to docking ports."

"Docking ports?"

"We have boarding craft incoming. Sir, Colonel, whoever you are, are you combat-trained."

"I'm a professor. An ambassador, an academic. I've never handled a firearm."

"Just sit tight Ambassador, and be prepared for a possible evac order."

"I...understand." This was unfortunate. Danger, excitement, and he had no part to play, no skills with which to aid the crew. No way to gain recognition and accolades. Useless. Martin hated being useless. Nothing to be done about it. He bent down and began to pick up his scattered texts. Then he stopped. Surely there must be some use for him on this vessel. Yes, surely he'd be invaluable, save the ship, receive a medal. That sounded good. Martin put on his overcoat and headed out the door, chose a location and random, and headed deeper into the habitation section.

Cassus Kagal - March 15, 2006 10:37 PM (GMT)
IC: This wasn't good. Several of the ship's turrets were damaged too greatly for use, at least in this battle. There were simply too many enemy cruisers in the Yrreb sky. The Scythian had acended high into space, but the battle wasn't much better up there. Two huge USGP Battleships were lobing shots on the planet, but had soon redirected fire at the Scythian. Sheilds were very low, even failing in some areas, and to make matters worse, USGP boarding parties had been spotted in the lower decks of the ship. Even more frightening, of the 40 highly advanced warships, only 12, including the Scythian, remained. The Union ships were very capable of destroying the cruisers and even some of the heavier USGP ships, but the fact remained that they were significantly outnumbered. Many of the ships were hit before they could launch, and thus before they could power their sheilds, and many fell victim the the hundreds of USGP cruisers. Tony cursed under his breath, and wondered if there was any hope for the Union.

Maybe if the remaining ships can escape.... but that would leave Yrreb in the hands of the USGP. But, even if we do stay, what hope can we give to Yrreb?

He wondered what it was like to be commanding the ship, how difficult that task might be. He would probably order a retreat right now, but the truth is that it wasn't up to him. Such choices were in the hands of the admiral now...

He paused, and thought for a moment. The AI is better at making multiple cauculations at once, I'll let him deal with the gunnery for now, while I go eliminate the boarding party.

And with that, he alerted Equinox, slung his rifle over his back, and grabbed his P-90.


Punks Still Pray - March 17, 2006 03:41 PM (GMT)
IC: PSP rushed through a hallway, pushing past scurrying and panicking crewmembers. He tripped over someone and tumbled onto the floor, his bullpup sliding across the floor. The blind techie groaned and felt around for his gun. He found it and slung it back onto his shoulder. He was getting anxious now; the sounds of a boarding crew were getting more distinct. "They must be in the first ring of hallways already." He muttered to himself. He continued his trek, now increasing his stealth so as to not betray his presence through the echoing hallways.

He unstrapped his sniper rifle from his back, preparing to enter the first ring of hallways where his enemies could be heard marching through the halls. He quickly took up a position in a fold of the walls and interfaced with his scope. Not much time now...


"9610, do you read me?"


Two silent little bullets; two bodies for the ship's janitor to take care of. But something told the techie that there would be more than these two. PSP exited the scope, then replaced his rifle with his bullpup and moved stealthily on for more action.

He could hear a squadron approaching around this corner; probably searching for their two missing sentries. Seconds were flying by in his mind... it was time.

"What the--?! AAAGH!"

Blood splattered from the front runner's left shoulder as the bullpup shattered the bone, leaving his arm only half attached. In shock, he stood stock still, gaping at his wound. Easy prey for the 'pup. All that left his lips this time was a stunned gurgle as another bullet found his neck. He dropped lifeless, tripping two of his comrades that were right behind him. PSP let two more bullets fly, sending his enemies flying back, each with a bullet in his chest. Blood from their severed veins splattered upon the white walls of the hall, signaling the initiation of the first battle
decisive to the Scythian's mission.

OOC: Ye be warned; my RPGs turn out bloody.

Vega - March 18, 2006 05:02 AM (GMT)
IC: A laser beam fired by the Scythian tore a UGSP destroyer in half.

"Nice shot." muttered Admiral Kammington.

"Why thank you sir!"

Just then, Engineer Hank rushed in to the bridge.

"Three of the larger ships have taken position over Yrreb. They are ing New Chicago."

"Crud! Get us near those ships Lancelot! Get that super laser cannon up to full charge Equinox!"

"Yes sir." said Lancelot and Equinox in unison.

The Scythian manuvered around to face the UGSP ships attacking Yrreb.

"Get us facing the side of the ship on the far right Lancelot."

"Yes sir."

Lancelot moved the Scythian in to position.

"Any signs that they have spotted us?" asked the Admiral.

"They have not yet spotted us sir." replied Second Gunner Madison.

"Good." A smile creeped across the Admiral's face. "Fire that laser cannon Equinox!"

"Yes sir."

The cannon shuddered for a second, and then belched massive blue laser beam at the UGSP ships.

The beam hit the right side of the first ship, and came out the left side impacting with
the ship next to it, and then exploded out of that ship and hit the third and last ship.

"That was an ingenius strategy." remarked Lancelot

The Admiral removed his hat and wiped his brow.

"Thank you Lancelot."

"Uh sir, you should have a look at this." interupted Crewman Burton.

An image of Yrreb appeared on a holoscreen in front of Admiral Kammington.
The area that had once the thriving city of New Chicago was now a buring wasteland.

The Admiral studied the damage with cold, hard eyes.

"They will pay."


NØ Compromise - March 21, 2006 01:30 AM (GMT)
Autumn was grateful Equinox had asked her to check on the civilians. Although she wasn’t quite sure what to do once she got to civilian quarters, she was willing and glad to help in any way she could. She met a crew member in the elevator and asked for directions to the civilian floor. “So much for orientation and introductions 10 minutes after takeoff,” she thought. Autumn got off the elevator and grabbed the doorway as another blast rocked the ship. She paused a moment at the landing, wondering what she should do. Surely the people were in their rooms trying to take cover. Should she knock on their doors? Where would they go that was safe? Autumn snapped back from her thoughts as a man in a brown overcoat approached from the adjacent hallway.

Unsure of what to say, Ambassador Nytley asked, “How is everyone down here? Are they safe?”

The man shook his head and replied, “I haven’t seen a soul yet. The civilians must all be in their rooms, Miss.”

“Are you aware that we will be boarded by the enemy at any time?”

“Yes, I was informed in a manner.”

“Do you have an ideas or plans of what to do with the civilians if this happens?” Autumn knew she sounded a bit brusque, but time was running out and she needed to get into action soon.

“I have none as of yet. Are you an official?” he asked.

“Yes, Ambassador Nytley. I’d formally introduce myself if we weren’t under these conditions. Right now, we’ve got work to do. Let’s check down here to see if there’s any place we can stash the passengers,” And with that she headed around the corner at a fast pace.

Lewanuva2003 - March 21, 2006 02:19 AM (GMT)
IC: Daniel got to the military corps. He had his armour, his suit, and his weapons with him. He went to go towards his massive ship.

"Everything you'll need is loaded sir," said his escort.

"Thank you. When they army they're giving us is here, tell them they'll be needed for global defence and the weapons here are theirs to use."

"Will do sir."

Daniel got in and made ready to go to the station when he got a call from one of the galactic scouts telling him to make haste for Yrreb and help out with the curremt battle. He turned the ship on and it lifted off with a powerful blast as it catapulted into the air.

Once the ship entered space, it slowed to a halt. Daniel fiddled with the buttons and he went through a wormhole. This was more thrilling as the ship seemed to go at least 3 times the speed of light. After a few minutes, the ship arrived.

He saw most of the USGP army headed for the planet. He drove the ship towards a small battallion of ships. There seemed to be 300 small ships. He launched 3 large missiles. The first one riccocheted off an armoured ship and went left and hit a ship and blocked the view of those behind it. The second one blew a hole in in the window of one ofe the frontline ships, killing its crew and it veered into 3 ships destroying each. The final one managed to blow a hole in the armoured ship, rendering it vulnerable to attack.

Daniel charged the dual laser cannons and they fired without stopping and destroyed another 10 ships. Then a cannon fired into the hole of the armoured ship, destroying it and all ships within a small radius of it. The battallion turned facing him. Lasers were firing but only hit his armour as he whizzed through the battlefront. Once he enter, beams riccocheted off the ship and hit other hips instead. He fired the random laser beam to destroy a random approaching ship. The break in the battlelines made the battallion vulnerable to other battallions who fired trying to get to Daniel's ship. But he dodged every shot and every shot destroyed another ship. The ships of the small battallion started to fight other battallions for shooting at them.

Daniel just drove his ship away and when he was at a safe distance, he watched happily as the USGP battallions began to weaken and destroy each other. Daniel smiled to himself and said, "Another small mission succeeded."

Daniel started his ship down to meet the Scythian...

Kamaku - March 21, 2006 02:23 AM (GMT)
"Another USGP boarding craft has pulled to port, and soldiers have breached C Deck."

"Civilian casualties?" Kammington inquires the AI.

"None to report as of yet, but breach of B Deck imminent."

"Get some of the Guard up to B Deck to protect the civilians. And find someone else to captain the bridge. I'm heading down."

Unbuttoning his overcoat, Kammington heads over to a locked cabinet and enters an access code. The cabinet opens, revealing a vast array of weaponry. the Admiral reaches in, grabbing his personal P95 rifle.

"And keep firing on those capital ships, hopefully we can take a couple more of those out while we're at it." With that, Kammington walks into the lift, taking him down to the fighting on the lower levels.


Vega - March 21, 2006 02:32 AM (GMT)
IC: Equinox stared at a holoscreen in awe.

"Dang that guy can fly! Who is he?"

"I think that is Daniel Lewanuva. He was supposed to be on the Scythian, but I guess he got here a bit late." answered the Officer Daedri


"What is it Davis?"

"Look at that!"

The two large ships had destroyed a space station and were preparing to nuke Yrreb.

"Bring us around to face them Lancelot! Bring those cannons up to full charge Equinox!"

"Yes sir." they said in unison.

The Scythian, along with Arizona, the Titan, and the
Katana charged towards the two large UGSP ships.

The UGSP fleet had regained it's composure and began targeting the four

"Get us in front of them Lancelot!" barked the Officer Daedri.

"Yes sir."


OOC: Sorry it is so short.

Kamaku - March 21, 2006 02:35 AM (GMT)
I kinda left the bridge, and told you to find someone else to take over :P


Cassus Kagal - March 22, 2006 05:26 PM (GMT)
IC: This is as good a spot as any.... Tony gazed down the long hall that led to where the boarding party was. His P-90 would be very ineffective at this range, but that's why he always took his '550 Kreig with him. The nice thing about the '550 was that it was very accurate, semi auto, and had a large clip of ammo. The downside is that the 'rounds weren't nearly as powerful as other snipers, and thus only head-shots did any real damage. But Tony was quite familiar with his weapon, and knew the ins and outs of it.

Tony watched as a couple other Marines began setting up a baricade to hide behind. Well, more like just a couple of Marines. he thought to himself. He missed his old days in the Corps, and kept having to remind himself that he was no-longer a part of it. The Marines were getting more and more scarce, as they vainly tried defending planets from the USGP; vastly outnumbered. The fact that only two were sent to guard this vital section was only proof of the fact that they were wearing thin.


A silenced bullet hit the bulkhead, whizzing past Tony's head. He quickly dove for the cover of the baricade, strapped his P-90 to his back, and popped up with his '550. Looking down his scope, he quickly fired six deadly shots, and 4 USGP troopers fell dead. Anouther was clutching his leg, his other hand smearing blood over a banister, trying to make it to cover. The sixth his a man in the chest, who was luck enough to be wearing Kevlar. It knocked him down, and Tony quickly fired anouther shot through his chin. A popping sound echoed through the corridor as the bullet exited through the top of the soldier's head. Tony turned and looked at the Marines.



StealthJet - March 24, 2006 09:54 AM (GMT)
Drrakhohn Krrof watched as the battle unfolded, a cold smile forming on her otherwise emotionless countenance. From her vantage point, she could see all that was going on in the firefight over Yrreb. No one noticed her small, inconspicuous, phantom-like ship, and that was the way Drrakohn wanted it, for she was not there to fight. She was there for the end of the battle, when the defeated ships were left over the planet, their decrepit hulls floating pathetically in space, smoke rising from the still-hot machinery. She did not care who won, for she had allies on neither side. She was there to take the parts from the ships that did not make it through the battle, and that was all that concerned her. Still, she surveyed the sight with interest. The UGSP, as usual, had a grand force, but the rebels were certainly making an excellent showing. She especially had her eye on a particular rebel ship, the Scythian. She had heard it was the pride of the rebel forces, and from its performance in the battle, even the skeptical Drrakohn had to agree that it was a well-built craft. It seemed a shame that such a fine craft would be destroyed, but Drrakohn already had ideas of how she could use the parts. The machinery would not be compatible with her little runner craft, of course, but perhaps she could build a more formidable ship for herself.
The parts would be hers soon, she observed, for UGSP troops were now boarding the Scythian. UGSP troops usually did a neat job of cleaning up survivors, so the ship would be abandoned soon.She checked the machine gun and the energy weapon in both of her hands. Satisfied that they were in working order, Drrakohn sat back and watched, knowing that she would not have to wait long.

NØ Compromise - March 24, 2006 06:54 PM (GMT)
Nytley and Colonel Quarrendon, as Autumn found her partner was, earnestly searched the civilian floor for a safe place for the passengers. Finally, after several minutes of running down halls and opening doors, they found a good sized room made for storage. Apparently the items intended to be stored were of importance, because the door sported several locks and an electronic code lock in addition to being bullet proof. Autumn pulled out her PDA and brought up a map of the ship. She hurriedly located the blueprints of the storage room and scanned the map with Colonel Quarrendon.

"It looks like it would be fairly safe." Autumn speculated, looking at the room. "It's a fairly big size, and that hefty door will certainly slow down the attackers.

Quarrendon nodded, looking over the prints.

"Equinox, Equinox, this is Ambassador Nytley!" Autumn spoke earnestly into her radio.

"Yes, Ambassador?" came the AI's hurried response.

"I need the code for room 227. I'm going to attempt to hide some passengers within."

Just then Autumn and Martin heart gunfire somewhere on their floor. Shooting a worried glance down the hall, Autumn spoke to Martin. "Those shots were close. Colonel, please punch in the code Equinox gives you," she said handing the radio to the man. She pulled out her magnum and checked the hall nervously. "Where's my M-16 when I need it?" she muttered to herself. Equinox's electronic voice called out the entry code, and the door slid open at Martin's command. "One more favor, Equinox," Autumn said as she took the radio from Martin. "Send out an alert to all passengers on halls 7 and 8 in the residential floor to come to room 227 for protection. And that they bring any weapons they may have!"

"Done," came Equinox's reply.

Punks Still Pray - March 24, 2006 08:58 PM (GMT)
IC: PSP crept through hall 9. He was tracking the remnants of the boarding party. As he neared the entrance to the eighth hall, he could hear the sounds of gunfire. Upon reaching the entrance, the techie interfaced with his bullpup and cautiously entered, ready for battle. When he found the site of the battle, it was obvious to see what was going on. Amabassador Nytley was fending off UGSP soldiers while the passengers of the Scythian were trying to barricade themselves in a storage room. PSP signalled to the ambassador to keep the enemy busy as he took a position. She nodded as he squatted behind a pillar and opened fire upon his adversaries...

Vega - March 24, 2006 10:34 PM (GMT)
IC: The Scythian manuvered so that one of the large UGSP ships was between it and the space torpedos that a UGSP cruiser had fired. The torpedos tried to change course, but it was two late. They smashed in to the large UGSP ship without doing any damage.

Officer Daedri muttered something under his breath.

"That should have put a good size dent into their shiny black armor. No ship should be able to stand 30 space torpedos."

"Apparently these can." noted Equinox.

"Sir! Another boarding craft! UGSP troops are pouring into Deck 20."

"Are there any of ours done there?" asked Equinox.

"The janiter is... No, he evacuated. He should be up here soon."

"Good. I have a little surprise for those rebel scum."

Equinox pulled up secrurity vids from the Deck 20 secrurity cameras. He then deactivated all air flow to Deck 20.

UGSP troops dropped their guns and grabbed at their necks as the air began to leave the room.

Equinox's eyes burned a bright orange.

"Take that you scum."

Equinox turned off the secrurity vids, and examined the battlefield. UGSP ships were appearing out of wormholes everywhere. He glanced to the south-east. He squinted at what looked like a small one-man ship. He magnified the image. No doubt about it, he was looking at a small one-man stealth ship. He ran the image through the system trying to find a match. It didn't match any known UGSP or civilian craft.

"Sir, we have a small stealth ship sitting at the edge of the battlefield. Looks like a merc ship."

"We don't have time to worry about mercs." said Officer Daedri. "So long as it just sits there, I am fine with it."

"Yes sir."

He turned back to the battle at hand. Second Gunner Madison had taken over control
of the main weapons. That gave Equinox time to worry about the boarding parties.
He studied Ambassador Nytley's situation. She couldn't hold out forever.

"Ambasador, I am sending my personal drones down to assist you. They are quite skilled in combat and they are almost indestrcutible."

"Thanks." came her hurried response.


Agev Drewskee, the UGSP president, stared long and hard at the messenger who stood before him.

"I don't care if you have to sacrifice the whole fleet. I want you to attack Columbia."

"Of course sir. I was just saying that this will be very difficult...."

"Columbia is a very important planet for the Union." interrupted Drewskee.

"Destroying it may be the needle that breaks the camel's back for the Union."

"Yes sir."

"Oh, and how is the excavation at Tresdet coming along?"

"Very good sir. We have uncovered the whole top of the structure. We believe that there is a weapons cache at the bottem that will help us in our fight against the Union."

Very good. You may leave now, Yevgeny."

"Yes sir."

President Drewskee's face broke into an evil smile that showed a perfect set of white teeth. He would have Columbia, but there was still that pesky mercenary Nikki Yoshira to deal with.


Nikki Yoshira sped toward Yrreb in her small ship. It was large enough to serve as a home while she was in space. It had a small bathroom, a very small kitchen, and a
and a small bed against the left wall.

She handed the controls over to the AI and walked to her kitchen. She found an apple in a drawer. She sat on her bed and began eating. She couldn't wait to get to Yrreb. She had so much to tell the Union. She knew the locations of the UGSP homeworld, the planet where the UGSP built the majority of their ships, and the planet where their big excavation project was.

Nikki ran her hand through recently dyed b l o n d e hair. She also wanted to see what the new Union ships looked like. She had heard many rumors about them.

"I wonder what that Scythian Ship looks like? The UGSP officers say that it is
the pride and joy of the Union fleet."

"I copied all of the information the UGSP has on these new ships into my memery core while I was in their system." said her AI. "It seems that they are equipped with some new armor and very powerful laser cannons."


"That is all they know."

"Then their spies are pitiful."

"The Union took great care to keep the existance of the ships out of UGSP hands. It does not surprise me one bit that they know so little."

Nikki layed down on her bed.

"Maximillion, do you think my brother is still a Marine?"

"It wouldn't surprise me." answered Maximillion.

"I hope he is."

"She reached over and turned off the lamp next to her bed.

"Wake me up when we get there."

"Yes Nikki."

OOC: For some reason, the word b l o n d e is on my idiot word filter

NØ Compromise - March 25, 2006 12:33 AM (GMT)
The doors to the storage room slid open and lights flashed on as Colonel Quarrendon stepped into the storage room.

"Take a quick look around and try to make some room for the passengers," Autumn said over her shoulder, her gun ready. The sound of more gun shots reached her ear. She wiped her sweaty plams on her light blue and black outfit. Get yourself together! she thought. You've done this before... A suprised grunt came from within the storage room, causing her to turn her head to investigate. Martin held open a bulging sack of bills.

"This bag contains thousands of narcs. And notice there are several more bags! I suppose we should cover these out of sight from the passengers."

Autumn nodded and turned back to the hallway. Her heart lept as she heard foot steps aproaching. A man and woman turned a corner onto the hall and stopped abruptly when they saw Autumn's Magnum pointed at them. "Hurry inside!" she said lowering her weapon and motioning toward the door. The next several minutes flew by. The couple helped Martin move and stack supplies and boxes to make room for the ever increasing number of arriving refugees. Two passengers brought hand guns with them. Autumn placed the two men by the door and ducked into the room to see how things were goingin within. Her eyes scanned the room which was now quite full with passengers.

"How are things going?" she asked Martin when he finished helping a passenger.

"As we foresaw, quite crowded," he began. The rest of the conversation was cut off by more sounds of gunfire. But this time it was close. Autumn ran for the door and possitioned herself between the two men. "Shut the door!" she called behind her. Holding her gun in front of her, she tried to keep her arms steady. She strained to hear footsteps or see shaddows down the hall before her. Her heart pounded in her ears, but she willed herslf to take courage. This wasn't about her, she thought. It's about those helpless people in that room. It's about the Scythian.

Moments later, 4 UGSP troopers appeared around the corner. In a flash, Autumn and her companions took aim and fired several rounds. The unsuspected enemy dropped to the floor, staining the white walls and shined floor. Two more shots brought the last one down with a bullet in his left shoulder and chest. Autumn let out her breath, suddenly realizing she had held it in. She pulled a clip from her belt and prepared for more combat.

Kamaku - March 25, 2006 12:58 AM (GMT)
"What a mess."

Finally arriving on C Block, he witnessed the utter carnage. Bodies were strewn about the hallway, and gunfire could be heard farther down the corridor. Boarding soldiers, Guards, and civilians all filled the halls. Running over to a fallen USGP soldier, he takes his helmet and flak vest, and makes his way towards the fighting.

Double-checking his ammo clip, he peeks around the corner. He was behind the primary USGP boarding crew, which was making its way up towards the elevator to B Block.

The Guards were getting mowed down by the USGP soldiers, who had much better weaponry. Lucky for the Admiral, the enemy troops had very little armor on their backs. Lining up his sight, he takes aim at one of the soldiers and pulls the trigger. The force of the bullet sends the soldier to the ground, and the other soldiers running for cover. The Admiral picks off two more before they can duck behind the bulkheads. Firing a few more volleys, he hits one soldier in the leg, sending him to the floor.

Hoping the Guards would keep the USGPers busy, the Admiral looked around for a service lift to B Block. He saw one down the hall in front of him. Making a dash for it, he jams his fingers into the password keypad, hoping he plugged the right code in the first time. The keypad accepts his code, and the doors open. Hejumps in, and hopes he can get to the civilians before the USGP. He pulls down the helmet's blast shield.

It could get messy.


Henry - March 25, 2006 01:06 AM (GMT)
IC: Hank approached his station on the bridge. He cursed under his breath as he looked out the windows, as the UGSP battle ships fired lasers and torpedos at the Scythian. He watched helplessly. "Ugh, the shields are down to 40% again." he muttered under his breath. He looked over the main systems console on the bridge, "It would appear the firing system for the torpedos has been damaged slightly also..." He gapsed, "and from the inside!"

He rushed back down to his quarters, pulling out a small suitcase. He rushed to deck 16, to the torpedo firing bays. As he opened the door, he saw a UGSP trooper tampering with the console, "I suggest you move away from the console before I'm forced to hurt you..." the UGSP trooper didn't say anything, simply quickly turning around and trying to pull his pistol out.

Henry was to quick for him. With one swift movement, he drew his pistol, and fired a bullet straight into the head of the trooper. Blood poored out as the trooper fell to his knees. "I told you." he said, running over to the console. He pressed in his access code, and the panel came to life. "Dangit." he thought to himself, "the damage is extensive... but, if I plug myself into the system..." he thought. He dreaded the idea of plugging himself into the system. "ugh, I'll have to."

He sat down into the chair, pressing a button on the console which caused a thing to appear on his head.

A moment later, he felt, just plain weird as he was plugged into the computer. He quickly repaired the damage to the torpedo mechanisms.

As he got out, he felt a UGSP pistol at the back of his head... the trooper simply said, "move, and you die. Raise your hands."

OOC: Of, XD, someone needs to come and save me.

Vega - March 25, 2006 02:03 AM (GMT)
IC: Equinox gazed at a holoscreen. A small ship had exited a wormhole and was floating towards Yrreb.

"Sir, incoming merc ship."

"Leave it alone unless it fires at any of our guys." said a weary Officer Daedri.

"Yes sir."

Equinox turned off the holoscreen and tapped in to the secrurity cameras on Deck 16.

"Now to see what Hank-Wanky went running of to do."

Equinox looked at the image on the screen before him Hw saw Engineer Hank sitting plugged in to the system. He also saw a deceased UGSP soldier lying at his feet.

Suddenly a UGSP soldier appeared on screen. He held his psitol up to Hank's head.

Equinox stared in horror.

"732, get down to Deck 16. Bring your shotgun."

"Yes Equinox."

A moment later 732 appeared on screen. The UGSP soldier turned at fired at him.
The pistol round clinged off of 732's armor. 732 then pumped eight shotgun rounds in to the UGSP soldier. Tattered flesh splattered on the floor.

Engineer Hank got up, thanked 732, and ran of to Engineering.

By now, the Union had only fourteen ships left. Equinox began picking up a transmission from Grand Admiral McMurphy's ship.

"All Union ships, retreat. We have lost Yrreb."

Crewman Burton leaped from his seat and stared at a holoscreen.

"Sir! Six planet-killers have emerged from wormholes and are targeting Yrreb!"

"All Union ships, target those planet-killers!" shouted Grand Admiral McMurphy.

Equinox studied one of the ships. Planet-killers were one-man ships slightly bigger than a cruiser. They had small c o c k pits at the rear, and three huge circular tubes attatched to that. These tubes contained super nukes, massive nuclear weapons designed for destroying planets. About 16 of these monsterous warheads were needed to destroy a planet.

The planet-killers charged their weapons and fired. The nukes flew towards Yrreb.
About ten seconds later, there was a massive boom, and a huge explosion tore the planet in half. One half careened into Yrreb's moon smashing them both in to rubble. The other half sailed far in to space. Although the Union soldiers didn't know it, this half kept flying through space until it hit the massive gas giant called Jade. It was crushed by Jade's gravitational pull.

Grand Admiral McMurphy's voice broke through the silence.



Nikki Yoshira stared in horror as Yrreb split in half. Tears formed in her eyes. She had lived on Yrreb for most of her life before becoming a mercenary. It was the only place she had ever called home.

"Darn them. Follow the Union fleet Max. Make sure to jam all UGSP ships' tracking gear so that they can't follow us."

"Yes Nikki."

The fleet, along with Nikki in her ship jumped through a wormhole. Just before they did, Maximillion jammed all UGSP ships' tracking gear. Yrreb was now gone.


Martin - March 25, 2006 03:18 AM (GMT)
Martin stood huddled in the corner. Things were not going as he had hoped. Gunshots? Weapons fire, fighting, it was happening all around him. He was no hero, not one of the defenders of this ship, he had never fired a gun in his life - even the young woman he'd met was doing more than him. And here he was, a history professor from a backwater winter planet. Useless.

Shut the door, was what she'd said. For all his ineptitude in battle, Martin was at least capable of following such exact instructions. Shut the door, "protect" the civilians, as it were. A lot of protecting he was doing. The boxes were doing a fine job though, the crates he'd stacked, making sure to check they did not contain explosives beforehand. Should that woman die before he had a chance to persue a relationship, they'd be his defence. Comforting.

A pause. The firing had stopped? Yes. Good pause or bad pause? No way to know, and Martin was frozen, cold as the mountainous regions of Noble, he dared not check. Best to stay here. It was safe here. The civilians would protect him, surely. Even they could fight better than him. Yes. Shut the door. He was good at following orders.

Vega - March 25, 2006 04:37 AM (GMT)
IC: The Scythian exited the wormhole.

"Where are we?" asked Officer Daedri.

"We did a blind jump." answered Equinox. "Stand by.... Yes. We are in the Diamond system."

"Are there any planets nearby?"

"The only planets in the Diamond system are gas giants."

"Darn. Are all other ships accounted for?"

"Yes. The merc ship ship jumped with us."

The image of the sleek, blue merc ship appeared on a holoscreen in front of Officer Daedri.

"Try to contact it."

"Yes sir."

"This is the Scythian. Who are you and what are you doing here, over."

"This is Nikki Yoshira." answered a female voice. "I came to Yrreb to give you information on the locations of important UGSP planets. Please allow me to board you ship. Over.

"Let her do it," said Officer Daedri. "But make sure that there is a heavily armed welcome party in the docking bay in case she trys something."

"Yes sir."

Nikki pulled her ship in to the Scythian's doccking bay. Her ship fit snugly in to the area that usually held smaller Katana fighters.

She pulled a memory chip containing Maximillion out of the main control console and stepped out of the ship. She was greeted by ten heavily armed Marines.

"Hello friends. Please take me to the bridge."

"Hold on. First we search you." said a Marine seargent.

A private rolled a portable x-ray device up.

"Please walk through." said the seargent.

Nikki stepped through the x-ray machine. It beeped and a small red light appeared on a holoscreen the seargent was holding. He glanced at the image.

"Please hand over your handgun and data chip."

Nikki gave him her handgun and the data chip.

"Please be careful with that chip. It has my AI in it."

"Don't worry ma'am. We will take good care of your AI."

The Marines led Nikki up a fight of steps and in to a large elevator.
The seargent typed in a password and the elevator shot up to the bridge.

They walked in to the bridge in single file, with five Marines in front of Nikki and five behind her.

Equinox's hologram form flashed up on a holopanel. He examined Nikki Yoshira.

She was a slim and very attractive Asian woman. She was about 5 foot, 7 inches in height. Her long straight hair was dyed a very bright b l o n d e. She wore a metalic white and amber armor suit. He guessed that she was about 24 years old.

"She looks a lot like Rio's hologram form." he thought.

Nikki saluted Officer Daedri.

"Nikki Yoshira at your service sir."

"Officer Kevin Daedri ma'am. It is a pleasure to meet you. Please give her gun and data chip back Seargent."

The seargent quickly handed Nikki her gun and chip.

"Now go help Ambassador Nytley."

The seargent and hie men marched in single file in to the elevator.

"Now, lets get to business. Please make yourself comfortable."

"Thank you."

Nikki seated herself in a plush red leather chair against the left wall.

"You said you knew the locations of important UGSP planets."

"Yes I do."

And with that, Nikki began telling Officer Daedri about every thing she had learned while with the UGSP.

Officer Daedri listened intently. He asked many questions all of which Nikki quickly answered. This went on for about ten minutes.

"What exactly are they excavating at Tresdet?"

"Some very large alien building. It looks quite old. It is made of some very mysterious metel. None of their weapons do any damage to it. They belive that there is a weapons cache at the bottem that will help the destroy the Union. It is a d e a d ly virus that could be used to wipe out a whole planet in about a week. It attacks
the human body by consuming it from the inside. It reproduces very quickly and would completely devour the host in about ten minutes after it enters the body."

"How do they know all of this?"

They found engraving on the inside of the highest point of the structure. It was surprisingly in English. It said every thing that I just told you."

"Then we must not let them get to the bottem of that structure. We are going to Tresdet to destroy the structure."

"With all due respect sir, our first priority should be to get back to HighCom and inform them of this plan." interrupted Equinox.

"I am inclined to agree with Equinox sir." said Lancelot.

Officer Daedri thought it over.

"No. Our first priority should be to eliminate all of the UGSP forces on the ships. Then
we go to HighCom. Contact Ambassador Nytley Equinox."

"How are things down there Ambassador?"

"From what I can see all of the UGSP forces here are destroyed." answered Nytley.

"I am not detecting any UGSP troops on the sensors sir." said Lancelot.

"Good. Now we can go to HighCom."

He turned to Nikki.

"Thank you for this. Our empty quarters are on Deck 5."

"Thank you. I have one more question for your AI."

"Fire away." said Equinox.

"Is a man by the name of Sheng Yoshira serving in the Navy?"

"Just a moment... Yes. He is on the Titan. That is the ship to right next to us on the left. Is he a relative of yours?"

"Yes. He is my brother."

"Hold on. Let me get him over here. This will only take a second....... He is on his way here in an escape pod."

"Thank you."
Nikki ran to the elevator and typed in a password Officer Daedri had told her. The elevator sped down to the docking bay.

"Well, she is an interesting person." said Equinox. "I would like to know about her past. I would be willing to bet money that is a very fascinating one."


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