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Posted by necrosis142 - 03-13-09 20:09 - 1 comments
We seriously need a lot more people on this forum. Every1 try recruiting Meatwad. ...<a href="">read more</a></td>
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 what happened?
Posted by necrosis142 - 09-14-08 21:20 - 8 comments
Can Someone tell me what happened to all the ISO topics that me, and some other people posted. they're gone Read 276 times - last comment by AdventWolf   Print email

 off the computer
Posted by necrosis142 - 07-30-08 01:41 - 2 comments
i wont be on the comp for a few days. see u when i get back. sorry, i got in trouble.
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 More Tiny Updates.
Posted by crait - 07-28-08 02:00 - 2 comments
Okay,first off, for members, the ISO and ROM section have been split.
Next, necrosis142 is now a moderator! read more
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 Minor Updates
Posted by crait - 07-20-08 03:46 - 6 comments
I recently updated a few things.
Minor, minor things.
You probably won't be able to see a difference.
I changed all the JPG images like the title and stuff to BMP so that the site more
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 Recrument Schemes
Posted by crait - 06-28-08 03:53 - 5 comments
Though this site has been open for 4 days, it hasn't had much traffic in comparison to the traffic it used to have.
That's why I made these!
Put them in your signatures on other more
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