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  18. USA at Puerto Rico (firendly)
  19. USA vs Guatemala (WCQ)
  20. USA at Guatemala (WCQ)
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  22. USA vs Iceland (friendly)
  23. USA at Trinidad & Tobago (WCQ)
  24. USA vs St. Vincent & The Grenadines (WCQ)
  25. US vs Costa Rica (friendly)
  26. USA vs Mexico (Confed Cup PLay0ff)
  27. USA vs Brazil (friendly)
  28. USA vs Peru (friendly)
  29. USA vs Panama (Gold Cup 3rd/4th)
  30. USA vs Jamaica (Gold Cup semi)
  31. USA vs Panama (Gold Cup)
  32. USA vs Cuba (Gold Cup)
  33. Gold Cup Roster
  34. USA vs Haiti (Gold Cup)
  35. USA vs Honduras (Gold Cup)
  36. USA vs Guatemala (friendly)
  37. USA at Germany (friendly)
  38. USA at Netherlands (friendly)
  39. USA vs Mexico (friendly, sort of)
  40. Best ever with no World Cup
  41. USA at Switzerland (friendly)
  42. USA at Denmark (friendly)
  43. USA v Panama (Stub Hub Center; Carson, CA)
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  45. Klinsmann, U.S. Soccer officials reveal plans...
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  47. USA at Ireland (friendly)
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  49. USA vs Honduras (friendly)
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