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Welcome to the PSAO message boards^^ To help things run more smoothly here are a couple things to remember:


*1. Do not promote the practice of pirating or bootlegging or link to any sites that do so. This includes discussion of "warez" and hacking.

*2. Absolutely no promotion of sites that lead to adult content (pornography). This not only includes public posts, but PMs and URLs in your profile and signature. Links to pornographic websites or content will result in an instant, permanent ban with no chance of appeal.

*3. While passionate discussions and arguments are encouraged, insults and flames of any kind are prohibited. A violation of this rule in any way, shape or form will result in an immediate ban. "Flamebaiting" and "trolling" are expressly prohibited.

*4. Any harassment, via public posts or PMs, is prohibited. All forum rules are applied to Private Messages. Death threats, racial slurs, inappropriate advances or any actions taken that may be deemed as inappropriate and offensive will result in a ban. The member that is being harassed must present ALL PMs sent and received between the offender and the said victim. If we find the case provided to be valid, an immediate ban will ensue.

*5. Do not insult anyone's race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, beliefs, values, mother, etc. Profanity is also prohibited. This includes explicit discussion of sexual or violent themes. You want to talk dirty? Do it somewhere else.

*6. Spam is forbidden on these forums. Our no spamming policy prohibits the repetitive posting of a similar or identical post whether it be a single word or an entire page worth of content, unsolicited and blatant advertising of any web site or product of any sort and/or consistently creating pointless posts that add nothing to the topic itself (For example: “I see” or “Yes” or anything similar to that)

7. Do not quote more than three posts at once. Nested quotes are difficult to read.

8. If you are posting spoilers of any sort, please place a warning before doing so.

*9. Evading or undermining moderators and administrators by creating multiple user names or altering IP addresses in an attempt to “shake off” warnings is strictly forbidden. We WILL find and catch you. Violation of this rule will result in an immediate ban.

10. Do not edit mod/admin notices.

11. Banners are permitted in signatures under the conditios that they are 475 x 200 pixels or smaller. Please also try and keep your signatures this size or smaller. Animations will be permitted within reason.

12. Avatars will have a maximum size of 100 x 100 pixels.

13. Forum rules apply to posts AND images of any type as well. Keep them clean. Rule number 3, 4 and 5 apply to all images as well.


Some notes:

a)The moderators and administrators of these forums have the authority to enforce these rules at their discretion. If any action is taken, whether it be moving a thread or banning a user, a valid reason will be provided as to why the action was taken.

b)Ignorance is no excuse for violating the rules. All members are required to read the forum rules before they start posting on the PSAO message board.

Admin: While we respect your privacy, in the event one is accused of violating the forementioned rules via PM, we maintain the right to investigate. If you fail to cooperate, the admin panel does log all PMs.

*Rules with asterisks will be covered under a zero tolerance policy. Any violation of these rules will lead to an immediate ban. All other rule violations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


Much thanks to haze-chan for writing these and editting them.^^

** Rules are still beta and are subject to are most likely will be changed **


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