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Posted by: ParrrrTay Sep 11 2012, 05:26 PM
Constitution of the Region of Canada

We the nations of Canada, in order that we may establish and preserve democracy, justice and peace in our great nation, do hereby establish and enact this Constitution of Canada.

Article I - Legislature
A. The legislative power of the region of Canada shall be vested in the House of Commons, which shall consist of all the nations currently residing in Canada with Citizenship status.
B. The House of Commons shall be required to elect a Speaker of the House.
C. No law will be enacted without providing all Citizens an opportunity to comment on proposed legislation.
D. All laws will be enacted upon after achieving the support of a majority of House of Commons.
E. All laws may be repealed or amended by majority vote of the House of Commons, after the Citizens are given the opportunity to comment.
F. Not withstanding part E, no law may be proposed, passed nor enacted that is in conflict with legislation already enacted.
G. The House of Commons may not interfere with NS play except to protect the delegacy process.
H. The House of Commons must follow due process before imposing any penalty.
I. No less than seven days from the start of thread for discussion shall be considered an ample amount of time to comment.

Article II - Executive
A.The executive power shall be vested in a Cabinet of Canada.
B. The Cabinet shall consist of the NationStates Delegate; a Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of External Affairs. Despite these designations, the work of the Cabinet is a shared responsibility.
C. All Ministers shall be Appointed by the HoC.
D. Minister positions and Administrative privileges shall only be granted to a Minister upon passing a Vote of Confidence of the Citizens.

Article III - Voting Rights
A. Right to Vote; all leaders of nations residing within Canada, regardless of WA status, shall be entitled to vote.
B. Eligibility to Vote; in order to access their vote, members must apply for citizen status on the forum, following the instructions pinned in "Welcome to Canada". The forum administrators must respond promptly to any such requests.
C. One Vote per Citizen; leaders of more than one nation within Canada shall be restricted to a single vote.

Article IV - Vote of Confidence & Term Limits
A. Vote of Confidence shall commence at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday of the month, and end at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the following Sunday.
B. Cabinet Ministers and The Speaker of the House shall hold the positions granted by majority Vote of Confidence unless challenged or recalled.

Article V - Amending Formula
A. This Constitution shall only be amended upon a resolution sponsored by a majority support of all regional citizens.
B. Minor Revision Amendment: Spelling, grammatical, typographical, and punctuation errors may be amended in constitutional or regional legislation with unanimous support in a Cabinet Vote.

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