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Title: Zeruch?
Description: Sigils or seals

Moonbeam - August 14, 2010 03:36 PM (GMT)
I've pretty much scoured the web for any sigils, seals, or script related to this angel, but I've come up empty. I was wondering if you could please help. I know Zeruch is also sometimes called Zeruel and in rare instances Cerviel. But it seems to me Zeruch and Cerviel would be seperate. Zeruch is known for being the angel of strength, courage, and "the right arm of God."

Any information you could find would be greatly appreciated! :D

Ariel of Megadriel - August 15, 2010 09:23 PM (GMT)
Here is a sigil attributed to Zeruch:

user posted image

Zeruch is a variant for Zeruel or Zarach (Like Auriel (Ariel/Uriel), it could be a conglomerate of two titles). As far as I know, Cerviel is equated with Zeruch based on similarity of properties, but as you suspect, is a separate entity.

Here is a sigil for Tsuriel (Zuriel):

user posted image

And the sigil for Zarach (Tsarach/Sarach):

user posted image

These are considered variant names for Zeruch, so the sigils may be associated with him.

Are you looking for information also?


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