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Title: 60s TV Western with a "monster" that was a camel?

Ian McDowell - January 8, 2012 05:29 AM (GMT)
Over on his Facebook page, Larry Blamire recently had a status update listing some "horror-western" TV episodes from the 60s. I commented that I vaguely remember seeing a show when I was little in which a mysterious "monster" turns out to be a camel. I asked Larry if he knew what it was.

He said he thought it might have been an episode of WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE, but wasn't sure. Anybody else seen it?

John Black - January 9, 2012 05:30 AM (GMT)
I haven't seen the show you describe, but it sounds like something that might have been done on THE WILD WILD WEST.

Ian McDowell - January 9, 2012 06:05 AM (GMT)
It definitely wasn't a WILD WILD WEST episode. I was a huge fan of that show as a kid, both in its original run and then in syndication, where I would watch it every day with my grandfather after he came to live with us following my mother's death.

Marty McKee - January 9, 2012 06:11 AM (GMT)
An entertaining first-season HAVE GUN--WILL TRAVEL has Richard Boone's Paladin in a race across the Mojave Desert. Paladin tricks the other riders on horseback by showing up on a camel. Claude Akins is a heavy. I don't remember the camel being particularly monstrous, however.

Adam Tyner - January 9, 2012 03:27 PM (GMT)
There was also a camel-heavy episode of Maverick:

user posted image

...but the descriptions I've read make the animal sound like more of a puzzling curiosity than a monster.

Hal Horn - January 17, 2012 08:21 PM (GMT)
The MAVERICK episode is "Relic of Fort Tejon", a personal favorite of mine from the first season. Very early in the run, one of the first 10 episodes. Bret wins the female camel in a poker game, after his opponent calls a bet promising him "an imported Arabian mount". No presentation of the camel as a "monster" at all.

Bob Cashill - January 18, 2012 03:01 AM (GMT)

Hal Horn - January 18, 2012 04:52 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Bob Cashill @ Jan 18 2012, 03:01 AM)

No, I'd know about that one. :-)

F TROOP bugler James Hampton did star in a Joe Camp comedy about the use of camels in the cavalry called HAWMPS that came out in the mid-70's but I doubt that's it.

Ian McDowell - February 6, 2012 12:52 AM (GMT)
Over on the Classic Horror Board, Mattel Jones, who apparently lurks here, posted this question and then answered it.

It was Season 12, Episode 10 of DEATH VALLEY DAYS, "The Red Ghost of Eagle Creek," first broadcast in 1963. My grandfather watched that show in syndication religiously, and I expect I saw it with him (I might have even seen it in its original run). lists this for the plot: "An animal which leaves tracks three times as large as horse hooves is attacking people on the Arizona frontier. "

Here is the episode's basis in history (or at least folklore).

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