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Title: Kroot Vulture Vespid
Description: Continued from the Stinger council post

Turbo_MMX - September 24, 2007 10:01 AM (GMT)
Here is the next phase of the Kroot Vespid Vultures :D Ive recently done the shaper for the standard vulture squad

His weapon's load out is Flamer and Power weapon. To represent the flamer ive added a marine scope tip to the end of his gun. Its meant to me a "Defuser" that converts the Neutron blaster from a Direct fire weapon to a Area effect (Template) weapon. For his power weapon I removed his hand and replaced it with a Cut down marine lightning claw (never liked the wimpy looking hand the strain leader had anyway) and added the power cable from a marine plasma gun. I also added the Armor from a tau Stealth suit in order to bulk it up a little and keep it inline with his current Tau style of equipment.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Ive also green stuffed around the gaps from the armor plate and the powerclaw in order to make it look like one whole construct rather than the 2 parts it looked like before.

Ive also gone and tried some more concept ideas for the Neutron gun in order to try and make a different style "Counts as" Kroot gun. I'm fine with the idea of just using stock standard vespid as the basic vulture kindred but think it would be cool to have a conversion that sets them apart from the standard ones :). I'm ive tryed to make the gun look something Tau teched. But with the stats of a Kroot Gun. Here are some ideas.

Cut down Kroot rifle end (my Fave so far)
user posted image

Kroot Rifle end and Necron Plastic crystal (think would work well as a Krootgun and Neutron Gun cross over)
user posted image

Cut 2 Down Pulse Rifle End's (box shaped) Ive removed the dome from the vespid gun using photoshop to show how it would go if I went with this conversion
user posted image

Las Rifle End V1
user posted image

Las Rifle End V2
user posted image

If you have any ideas on what else I might use to do the conversion please let me know.

Comment away :D

Exokan - September 24, 2007 03:23 PM (GMT)
Hey, I love the fist. I blends beautifully with the model. I'm not sure about the lasgun ends though. The upright one definitly seems out of place. I suppose the upside down one isn't that bad. In my opinion, the cut down Kroot Rifle looks the best.

Also are you planning to do any pose changes, legs bends or the like...?

Turbo_MMX - September 24, 2007 03:28 PM (GMT)
Might do. Have a few just on one leg leaning forward as they fly. Just to give them a bit more style.

I'm really having a hard time deciding on the gun. Its really a Toss upbetween the basic Kroot rifle end and the one with the Necron bit. At the moment I'm leaning more towards the Necron part one since I think it would be cool to have the transparent parts in the whole squad. Also it makes them still look dangerous enough that if I was to use them in the Tau then they still fit.


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