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Title: ARC: Old Past Ties
Description: Wind of foul are blowing once again

Zenn - August 5, 2005 07:49 PM (GMT)
Situations: On the recent departure of three talented Ninja Genin's of Konoha, a new situation has arisen, the skies are beginning to Darken again, red sunset seen regularly, which ment a bad omen to the Ninja's world... Zenn has continued in the instructions of organising the Chuunin selection exam due to it delay in the sudden turn of events where the records of all those taken part being blown up along with Zenn's office, no as repairs are currently going on and records are being re-written, news reaches to Zenn's ears that is disturbing in the turn of recent events

Requirements: Be able to take part in this mission, and still within the walls of Konoha

Reward: A rank mission plus a additional 500 points


"I have called you all here for a special meeting"

Zenn stood in a room behind a desk, a letter clentched in his hands, surrounded by the Sage's Council members and the proectors of Konoha all hundles into a small room, the only source of light behind Zenn from a small window, which blacked him out and only the outline could be seen

"I have recently been sent this letter by a friend of mine, a close person to my family, and it is disturbing, source have come to notify me of a enemy massing again, but not this time led by the man we are suspecting, but by someone else, who is yet to reveal themselves, but the numbers are truely large, sums of hundreds of thousands of Ninja from the northen Shinobi Countries are preparing to raid the southen shinobi Countries, our home lands are not safe again, however by notice these numbers are far from reaching us yet, news came shiftly and in advance giving us the fortunate chance to prepare ourselves for the on coming threat, i am organising a team together, who will notify the nabouring countries Kage's and to warn all those they can, undoubtly the enemy will have already released spies into our mists, so this is a dangerous task, but i have in mind a few that can do this without attracting too much attention, what i want from all of you, is to gather and rally the sources we have, we will not put of our plans however we have a advanced warning in our hands, lets not let it go to waste, rally together our forces, notify them and get them training our supports and back-up, i have learnt that the Northen shinobi are not to be taken likely and are highly dangerous, more so than what the Samurai posed those many years ago in the great wars of our lands, the Samurai could not touch the northen shinobi countries, because when they atrtempted each time is was futile and they could not stand losing so many men, so gave up on their attempts to take over the northen lands, so now the southen shinobi lands face a threat that cannot be ignored, what they hope to achieve in their objectives, we will yet have to find out, who is leading them, i will send a team to find out... For the mean time you have been warned, dismissed"

There was a shuffle as everyone filed out of this small room, however Aiko remained behind, the door soon closed to leave Zenn and Aiko standing alone in the room, Zenn looked out of the small window which looked onto the main street leading through Konoha

"You sending out whom to the Kage's?"

Zenn stood silent for a moment

"You know that three Genin have already left and are heading to Edo, yes Aiko, i have someone trailing them and keeping tabs on them, because they are far too important to Konoha to lose, however i have other, just as important Genin still here within Konoha and i intend to put them to use in this matter, however i only want them to know breifly the details, for we do not know enough yet to know exactly what their target is, but do warn them, this is a highly Dangerous mission they will be doing and to NEVER let their guards down"

Aiko looked on

"Yes Zenn-sama"

Aiko bowed his way out and headed out of the office leaving Zen alone in the small dingy room


"Ahhhh, chicken and pork Ramen, thankyou kindly"

Zeo had a was beaming as he picked up his chop sticks and begun to eat his ramen, it only tookhim a few minutes before his face emerged from the bowl, showing a perfectly clean bowl as if it had been washed of the food

"You eat like your brother, Zeo-sama, he too enjoys his Ramen greatly just as much as you, clearly you two are twins..."

Zeo smiled from ear to ear

"Thankyou, i have always been trying to live up to be like my brother, i hope someday i too can be just like him, but us bing the same age, that is a little hard"

Zeo paids the Ramen Stall owner and got off his seat

"Thanks for the Ramen pop's, ill see you later"

At this Zeo walked onto the main street and headed for his and Zenn's flat located in the Uzumaki District of Konoha

jaybee3 - August 7, 2005 10:42 AM (GMT)
Hitokiri arroused from over a week of meditation, his mind now fully tweaked to its peak. Chakra rippled round him, his aura burning brilliantly as he knelt inside his abode. 'Well I better see what has happened.' Thought Hitokiri as he stood up, picking up his blades, and attaching one to his obi and the shirasaya slung over his back.

A pile of parcels and letters had mounted up at his door during his pseudo slumber, so Hitokiri took a few moments to flash over them. 'More goodies.' Thought Hitokiri as he opened up his parcels to find various bits of gadgetry and parcels. 'Right! Off to work.' Within a few moments Hitokiri had burst into a shower of leaves, which disolved into purple flames that danced on the floor when they hit the ground.

Almost instantaneously Hito reappeared in a small dank office a kunai clutched in his hand, which he wrapped around Zenn's neck. "Don't worry, it's just me....trying to keep you on your toes. You should realy get some security installed in this place, we can't just have people 'apparating' here, there and everywhere now can we. Anyway Zenn...why haven't you been contacting me? We are supposed to be friends aren't we? Or have you just been busy? Hehe." Hitokiri said with a chuckle, knowing fine well that we had been getting missions that are far easier than his capability. "Oh sorry about those last bunch of missions, they were a bit late....I was meditating, to try and keep my system sorted out. Thanks to Hyuuga Hana, I have successfully managed to pinpoint my most damaged areas and have healed them. All that remains is my final blockage and I need a worthy adversary to bring forth my old self....well my old power at least. So have you got anything for your most skilled ninja to do??"

Zenn - August 7, 2005 09:33 PM (GMT)
Zenn turned around to face Hitokiri

"I have the perfect mission for you and a few others, though i tend to think in your favorite area of it being possibly highly dangerous, you remember our last run in with Ewin and the Empireor, well it seems a near self situation has come again, but comes to pose a much highier threat to us, the shinobi from the north lands beyond the empire have been massing together and are ready to take our homes away from us, for you see, they know of the fall of Ewin and the Empireor to whom they only managed to hold back and not defeat and yet we in the Kanji Countries managed what they could not, but they have been training ever since, and have to become what we fear, and have formed a highly skilled and strong army of shinobi, now their eyes are fixed upon taking our lands, we have to organise a counter agaisnt it, yet news has been good as we have recieved warning so soon, we now have to take all measure to ensure we are ready this time, our daily things will still go ahead Hito, but for the mean time, i need you to take a few others and take this news to the other Kage's, and i mean all of them, that is why i say this is dangerous, because it means you will be going into enemy territory still to give them warning... do you think you can do this for konoha?"

Zen stood awaiting Hitokiri's reply

jaybee3 - August 7, 2005 09:38 PM (GMT)
"Why can't we just send the warning by air? It would be far quicker....and use a lot less chakra. But no doubt the northern countries will intercept our messages?" Said Hitokiri wearily in response, knowing fine well that he would have to drudge thousands of miles to visit the Kages.

Zenn - August 8, 2005 08:49 PM (GMT)
"Yes, the airs are being intercepted, the letter i reciever only got here, because a person found the bird carring it mutilated on the ground, amazed at how the letter was still there though, unless the enemy didnt much of the bird and it news, just trying to provemt it from reaching it location, plus also, sending word by air to some of the other kages would prove difficult too, considering we seem to be fighting each other every other day, peace never seems to last around here, that is why i am reling on you, if you could give word to them, then we can start rallying together when the time comes"

Zenn turned to look Hitokiri in the face

"I trust you not to raise any alarm and start a panick, and things will go on like normal as i said, the exam will proceed like normal"

jaybee3 - August 8, 2005 10:05 PM (GMT)
"I thought we were on good terms with the other countries, whwat happened? Do we at least have any allies? If not I should be able to contact each of the Kages, using my assassination techniques and stealth." Hitokiri caught Zenn's eye. "Don't worry I'm not going to kill them, just give them the warning like you said." He paused a moment before continuing. "This may take a great deal of time to accomplish as each of the Kages will need recon work to infiltrate their abodes and contact them, any chance of a time frame for this operation...I do want to be back for the start of the exams, you know."

Zenn - August 9, 2005 09:59 AM (GMT)
"The exam wont proceed until all the participants have returned, that include Tharrick-san and the other Genin, but i will like this to be done as fast as possible, yes dont worry, you wont have too much trouble with Kazekage, mizukage, but the other two kages do not sit well with Konoha still in power, and not let alone having the six legendary Blade nin's of the Hayate clan in its defenses, but i am sure once you have given them the news, then they will cease their efforts for each atack and decide to build themselves up in preparation... You see despite all this, i already knew they were planning to do something during the exam..."

Zenn smirked

"We better not delay anylonger, you better find the others"

Zenn looked up at his clock

"I can tell you Zeo will be at our apartment in the Uzumaki district right now, possibly having Lunch, as for the others, well i am sure you will have a good idea where they are, and good luck Hito, and be safe because we still have Orochimaru to worry about..."

With this Zenn picked up a few documents and exited the office strolling along a dingy corridor and out of sight

jaybee3 - August 9, 2005 11:52 AM (GMT)
With a crack Hitokiri exited the office and reappeared on the main route out of Konoha. He let out a high pitched whistle, inaudible to the untrained ear, and a jet black steed came gallopping towards him. With a quick flick onto its back, Hitokiri was on his way. 'I'll start with the two countries that we are on good terms with then move onto the others.' He thought to himself as he planned various strategies of forming contact with the Kages of the other two countries. 'I wonder how my apprentice...Uchiha Niiro is getting on. Last time I saw him I had left him trying to accomplish Ryuuka no justu, so he could use it to form the 'Flaming Chidori' - A rather delicate technique to say the least.'

Hitokiri continued to mutter to himself for the duration of his journey, his steed guiding him gracefully down the tracks and through various mountainous passes before eventually arriving at the expansive desert that held Sunakagure. "I'm afraid I will have to leave you hear for now, my old friend, this sand is no good for your hooves, so in the meantime...busy yourself elsewhere until I summon you next." The horse let out a slight grunt, then flicked itself around and headed off in the opposite direction. 'I think I can just about make it to the gates of the Sand Village from here. Thought Hitokiri as he too knew the limits of the teleporation technique.

His form once again disolved into leaves, which floated gracefully down to the sand beneath, where his feet were standing only moments ago. His figure remerged outside the gates of the city, which were tightly shut, due to a sand storm that was raging overhead. 'Great...If only I had written that kanji inside the city last time I was here, I wouldn't have this trouble.' Hitokiri's sand battered body slowly trudged towards the gates, and upon arrival he gave them a resounding knock.

Several lamps could be seen from the gatehouse on the walls above. "Who's there?" Said a voice from atop the wall, his latern swinging violently in the wind.

"Hitokiri, from Konoha. I have a message for the Kazekage, it is of grave importance." Hitokiri replied best he could without getting a mouthful of sand.

Zenn - August 10, 2005 08:29 PM (GMT)
Zeo had gathered news from Hitokiri that it would save time if they went to different kages on their own, and so he set off for the water country, taking Zenn horse he made Naruto's big bridge in no time flat

"Ah so this is water country, it is pretty peaceful and calm here, and quiet pretty" Zeo remarked to himself as he entered the small harbor to catch a boat the the Mizu island

He attracted many peoples attention, and of course he knew why, he looked like Zenn and Zenn had made his mark here as helping to country and allying with Mizukage personally, so Zeo couldnt but smile at it all

jaybee3 - August 10, 2005 10:43 PM (GMT)
The gates slowly opened, but just enough to let Hitokiri barely squeeze through. Having entered the sheltered city, he was ushered by several high ranking ninja to the offices of their Kage.

Hitokiri proceeded up an elaborate staircase and into the room on the upmost floor. In which he found himself seated in front of the Kage and his advisors. Hito relayed the message that he had been given, and watched as the Kazekage sank back into his chair slightly, his mind rapt in thought.

After what seemed like half an hour he emerged from his muse and thanked Hitokiri for the news and that the Kaze country would undergo preparations for the epic battle that would result when the two sides clashed.

'Phew.' Thought Hitokiri as he shut the door behind him, 'That was much easier than anticipated, I hope the other one is just as easy, I wonder who Zeo is getting on.'

Zenn - August 11, 2005 10:55 AM (GMT)
Zeo had managed to catch the next boat to the mixzu Island, and was half way there, standing upon the bow of the ship, looking out over the sea

'Long come the time when i could only imagine this, and now here i am out and about'

Zeo was then approached by one of the crew


Zeo turned looking confused, before remembering himself

"Oh, no, no i aint Zenn, i am Zeo, Zenn's twin brother"

The crewmen looked taking back by this

"No need to worry, i am here on orders of Zenn, whats the matter"

The crewmen pointed at a small boat that was coming to the left side of them, its sails where black, almost as if they had been burnt

"From what we can tell the ship is abandoned, and has been under seige, what would you like us to do?"

Zeo looked from the crewmen to the boat and back again

"Toe the boat along with us, i will investigate, just keep on this heading"

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