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Posted by Dancer_Girl - 02-1-10 18:45 - 8 comments
I'm going to take a shower!!!!!

I take one every 2 weeks, whether I need it or not!!! Read 2,246 times - last comment by twinkle_eyes83   Print email

 Help Find Madeline
Posted by Admin - 05-12-07 10:44 - 1 comments
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 New Members Please Take Note
Posted by Admin - 01-21-07 18:42 - 10 comments
That when you just come on here to post links in the pet forum or any other forum, i will delete your thread and poster_ban.gifread more
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 Attention About Attachments
Posted by Admin - 07-28-04 22:56 - 7 comments
When posting pictures, photo's etc using the browse buttons, please ca you keep them 400x300. Any that are bigger will be removed. Thanks. read more
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 To Access The Photo Room
Posted by Dancer_Girl - 06-3-04 19:08 - 0 comments
You Must have a minimum of 500 posts and will need to request the password from a moderator or Admin.

Sorry for any incovenience this may cause but we feel it is necessary in order to protect your privacy. There have been far too many lu more
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 All Guests Waiting For Validating Emails
Posted by ~Sarah~ - 05-21-04 22:08 - 16 comments
All of those guest who have registered to our site using a hotmail email could you please look at your junk mail as we have been informed that the email you need to reply to, in order to gain membership to our board have been going in to the junk ma more
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 Attention Newbies!
Posted by Dancer_Girl - 05-16-04 07:08 - 0 comments
for your validation email. You must respond to that before you will be allowed to start posting! We always try to do it immediately so please check. Sometimes there is a bit of a delay but you will get one!

The Adm more
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 Web Page
Posted by Admin - 03-2-04 01:10 - 0 comments
Is up now. ok.gif more
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 A New Forum For Our Kids.
Posted by Admin - 11-26-03 19:09 - 0 comments
Ok i know that many of us have kids that surf the net for message boards so i have decided to add a little forum especially for our kids to use. They will only have access to that forum and a certain ones on the main board, i more
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 Guidelines, Please Read.
Posted by Admin - 09-2-03 01:54 - 0 comments
The rules are quite simple.
1.) Be nice to other members, no attacking, abusive behaviour of any kind.
Members that don't keep their accounts active will be deleted from the member list.

2.) Your children are very wel more
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