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Defenders of Ulthuan


 2500 point help needed, high elf what models to choose
Posted: Apr 10 2014, 12:04 AM


Group: Elvish Warriors
Posts: 1
Member No.: 800
Joined: 9-April 14

Ive been collecting high elves for a while now and have built up a fair few just cause i enjoy the model and painting aspect, but i want to start to game with them, this is what i have got but im not sure whats good,ive then built a list from the collection.

So this is what ive got, 10 silverhelms,10 dragon princes,22 swordmasters,20 phoenix guard.mage on a horse, mage on foot,caradryan,griffon and prince,dragon and prince,25 archers,20 sea guard,3 bolt throwers, flamespyre phoenix,lion chariot, and with that ive come up with

2500 points

20 phoenix guard (standard bearer)with caradryan and loremaster

10 dragon princes (standard bearer)

22 swordmasters(musician and standard bearer)

2 bolt throwers

flamespyre phoenix

20 sea guard(banner)
10 silver helm
archmage on sundragon

What needs put right, im open to getting more of something if needed.

Filorian ap Caladyr
Posted: Jun 24 2014, 08:33 PM


Group: Elvish Warriors
Posts: 4
Member No.: 802
Joined: 24-June 14

Hello Colrud,
First off, these are just my opinions so take them for what they are worth to you biggrin.gif . Secondly what style of play are you wanting to use? For example, are you wanting to be a magic/shooty army, a cav heavy army, a mixed arms CC type army, or a monster mash? Finally what is the meta in your area, I play most of my games against Empire, Skaven, Dwarves, and WoC, so my experience is flavored by those regular opponents.

With what you currently have, I personally would go a combined arms force and leave the bigger monsters at home as you have 0 chaff/warmachine hunters. so my first crack at a list would be like this:

Level 4 Archmage (Life magic, Book of Hoeth, 4+ WS)

Level 2 Mage (Shadow, Dispel Scroll if you feel you need it)
Noble (BSB, Ironcurse Icon, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone, Dragon Armor, Lance, Mount with Barding)

I guess sub in caradryan for the model? I need a BSB, I've just had too many times where even with great Elven Ld that extra roll is huge! This setup gives your BSB a 1+rerollable with a 6++ or a 5++ against cannonball/other warmachicanery, hes not a stone cold killer but he wont fall down either. The lord with the book and 4++ gives you a decent chance at owning the magic phase, the level 2 is something I'll talk about after the list.

Archers x12 (musician)
Archers x12 (musician) (3 ranks of 4 all get to shoot)
LSG x20 (shield, and full command)
Silver Helms x5 (shield, champ, musician)

Specials (they ride the short horseys)
Dragon Princes x10 (Full Command Group, Champ has the Star Lance and Charmed Shield to give him some bite for any challenges, Standard Bearer has the Banner of the World Dragon)
Phoenix Guard x20 (Full Command Group, Standard Bearer has Razor Standard)
Sword Masters of Hoeth x5

Rares (they drive the short horseys!)
RBT x2
Flamespyre Phoenix

9 units (3 main line units with 3 flanker/detachment type units) 2501 points so drop the lance from the BSB to get to 2497 or see if your opponent is willing to let you have 1 extra point :-)

Long winded self aggrandising explanation...
So my logic is your Archmage is in the PG group which can rank 3x7 and will have -2 to enemy armor saves this group should be towards the center of your line. Your lvl 2 shadow mage starts the battle with an Archer cohort or LSG. As CC becomes imminent you use the shadow special ability to switch places with the Archmage if the PG are about to get crumped by something particularly nasty. This is kinda a sacrificial mage, to keep you VP's, meanwhile the Life Archmage (hopefully with the toughness buff, the ignore (almost)miscast buff, regen, or dwellers) will have plenty to be throwing dice at. Shadow is IMO the best lore for HE's so your level 2 should be able to get at least miasma and maybe something else useful. The BSB goes with the DP's who will be one of your hammer units so you want them on a flank of the line but not where they can be enveloped (in other words let them lag behind your battle line slightly so they can get the charge off). Your archers and LSG should be in 3 ranks early in the game with the LSG reforming to 4 when CC is about to be joined. The Silver Helms and Sword Masters are there to add CR through flanking/countercharges. Archers should be tasked primarily with chaff suppression and countering the enemies shooting while your RBT's can help in this or be your warmachine hunters/heavy armor plinkers. Most importantly focus your fire it is better to only hit one unit hard than 4 units barely! The phoenix can be used to overfly hordes or simply as another countercharger. Hope some of that helps!
Filorian ap Caladyr
Posted: Jun 25 2014, 05:01 AM


Group: Elvish Warriors
Posts: 4
Member No.: 802
Joined: 24-June 14

With all my blathering I forgot to mention additions, I'd suggest you get a BSB (mounted preferably as its a relatively cheap way to give the BSB an extra two points of armor,) a couple of Eagles, and maybe a few Ellyrian Reavers that way you can have some chaff/redirectors/warmachine hunters of your own. Im not sure of the validity of this thought but... to me putting an Archmage on a dragon even a "cheap" sun dragon is a waste. Either the mage is in CC (not a good place for a mage) or the dragon is kept out of CC which is a waste of points as they excel at sending lesser races flying with thunderstomps chomps swipes and bites :-). Think the Dragon mage hero would be a better bet for ya, they can take Dragon Armor and auto take flaming sword to give them some bite in CC. Sorry for the random blathering, hope some of it helps/ gets someone else talking in here!
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