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Posted by: gingerdrew Dec 4 2014, 02:41 AM
Hey Guys.

Ive been playing Warhammer for years with Ogres and Lizardmen, and feel its now time to change to a different style of army. So Ive chose the mighty HE.

With the wife been generous this Christmas im grabbing my models this week to paint over the festive period. This is the list and more the play style im looking for from this army. Im after little tips from you guys to make this a completive army.

2400 Light Heavy


Alarielle the Everyqueen
( looking for ideas for different model??? )


Mage - Dispel Scroll Lore of Light
Mage - Forbidden Rod Lore of Light
Mage - Khaines Ring or Power Stone Lore of Light

Noble BSB
Build 1, Reaver Bow, Potion Of Strength, Enchanted Shield, HA, BSB
Build 2, Banner of Avelorn, longbow, HA, Shield


15 Archers - Musician
15 Archers - Musician

5 Reavers - Spear and Bow
5 Reavers - Spear and Bow
5 Reavers - Spear and Bow


25 White Lions - Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon


Frostheart Phoenix
3 Eagle Bolt Throwers
2 Great Eagles

Any help guys???

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