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Posted by: kahless Oct 14 2013, 07:35 PM
Only starters a few weeks ago

I have the following models available to me and want help to build a well blance army list

( Heros/lords- Mage on a dragon , 2 x arc mage , mage on a steed , Prince on a griffon, Prince on a steed, Noble with banner noble and Korhil core 10x spear men 12x archers 25 sea guard 10 ellyrain Reavers , Spec 10x white lions , 10 x shadow Warriors,10x Phoenix Guard 8x dragon princes, 1 x Tiranoc Chariot , 1x lion Chariot , Rare 10 x sister of averlon , Flamespyre phoenix

Here is my idea on a 1000 pt

Nobel - dragon amour sword of battle 110pts

Mage - Lvl 2 Di-spell scroll - 145pts


Sea guard 18 (6x3) 246pts
full command


White lions 10 - 160 pts
Full command

Pheonix guard - 180Pts
Full command

Sisters of Avelorn -150Pts
High Sister

Total 1000 pts


Posted by: First Strike Oct 31 2013, 08:41 AM
Hi, at the moment you have 2 block of elites which lack any strength at all. (this is due to the lack of models and I understand that) I would ask if you can use some subs in your units, if this is a friendly enviroment then it should be fine as most will only look at the front 2 ranks of the unit anyway. Once this is sorted I would look to make either the white lions or the P.Guard bigger . Drop the Nobel and make the 2nd level into a 3rd with the book of hoeoth. If going the white lions then take life magic, if going p.Guard then shadows as this will help both them and the seaguard (this would be my choice). Good luck.

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