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Posted by: Filorian ap Caladyr Jun 24 2014, 09:10 PM
Hello all!
My first time posting on this great site. My baby brother (I'm 13 years older than him) regularly shames myself (HE player) and my younger brother (an Empire player). Of late we have been doing alot of 2250-2500 point battles, He tends to bring alot of slave/clanrat hordes with weapons teams, a horde of plague monks, a screaming bell, a HPA, a WLC, and assorted other nastiness. This is my latest attempt at list building to face him.

Lvl 4 High Archmage (Book of Hoeth, Talisman of Preservation)

Lvl 2 Shadow Mage (Dispel Scroll)
Noble BSB (Ironcurse Icon, Enchanted Shield, Shrieking Blade, Dawnstone, Dragon Armor, Steed with Barding)

Archers x12 (musician)
Archers x12 (musician)
Archers x12 (musician)
Ellyrian Reavers x5 (spears only, musician)
Silver Helms x9 (shields, Full Command Group)

Phoenix Guard x21 (Full Command Group, Banner of Eternal Flame)
White Lions of Chrace x21 (Full Command Group, Banner of the World Dragon)

RBT x2
Flamespyre Phoenix
Elf Pigeon with ASF and AP
Elf Pigeon with nada

Which leaves the army at 11 drops 3 main battle line units 2 flankers 2 warmachine hunter/chaff units and 60 FREAKING shots per turn to whittle those hordes away or kill of those weapons crews. Archmage would go in the White Lions shadow mage would go in an archer bunker. The archmage will be trying to unforge the stormbanner posthaste, as until that thing is down 350 points worth of annoyance and flamey death are sidelined, and the shooting is gimped as well.

Please comment or review, I welcome all ideas EXCEPT the lay back and let the vermintide consume you!

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