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Posted by: chinolewis Jul 24 2012, 10:12 PM
Hey Guys. okay. so i managed to find my High Elf stuff boxed away in the wardrobe. i have no idea what else is in there! haha. but right. got my army list. got my models.. and went to town. this is the list i have come up with and would appreciate any feedback from you all smile.gif.

37 sword masters of hoeth
flaming banner
full command

3 bolt throwers 300

39 spearmen with banner and champion banner of eternal flame 386

2 units of 10 archers 220

caradryan 175

korhill 140

mage 100

noble, bsb, world dragon banner, heavy armour, shield, halbard 180

archmage level 4 gaurdian phoenix silver wand 295

so thats 5 points under 2400.. i was thinking caradryan to go in with the spearmen with the level one mage to cast shield saphire on them. thats his purpose in life lol.

then korhill to join the sword masters

with the level 4 in the one archer unit. the level 4 will choose his lore depending on opponent but if all fails life or fire mainly.

bsb goes in the swordmasters unit so theyre safe from at least magic to get them to combat quicker.

3 bolt throwers for covering fire or single bolts to take down big things.

but i thought this was a good all round army.

what do you guys think??

please reply as ill be able to write back straight away biggrin.gif

Posted by: strewart Jul 24 2012, 11:26 PM
The big problem with this army is that you only have one unit that can really cause big damage. Spearmen are great for support and in the lines, but they usually need support themselves to be able to win against much more than core infantry. And even then they could likely face hordes and get bogged down very easily. Swordmasters also work better in smaller units rather than large, because they become a huge target for all shooting. If you can, switch the unit to PG or WL, if you are just working with the models you have, I'd either split the SM into two smaller units, or cut the unit down a fair bit and use the points for something else, chariot maybe or some eagles and boost the spear unit.

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