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 New to HE, 2400 Help
Posted by gingerdrew - 12-3-14 17:41 - 0 comments
Hey Guys.

Ive been playing Warhammer for years with Ogres and Lizardmen, and feel its now time to change to a different style of army. So Ive chose the mighty HE.

With the wife been generous this Christmas im grabbing my models ...read more
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 2500 point list vs Skaven
Posted by Filorian ap Caladyr - 06-24-14 12:10 - 0 comments
Hello all!
My first time posting on this great site. My baby brother (I'm 13 years older than him) regularly shames myself (HE player) and my younger brother (an Empire player). Of late we have been doing alot of 2250-2500 poi ...read more
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 2500 point help needed
Posted by colrud - 04-9-14 15:04 - 2 comments
Ive been collecting high elves for a while now and have built up a fair few just cause i enjoy the model and painting aspect, but i want to start to game with them, this is what i have got but im not sure whats good,ive then built a list from the co ...read more
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 3,000pt Grand Army (vs. Dwarfs)
Posted by Capco - 04-4-14 07:48 - 2 comments
Prince: Star Dragon, Lance, Heavy Armor, Shield, Trickster's Helm, Talisman of Preservation, Potion of Foolhardiness
651pts (4+ ward, 2+ armor saves, 1-use devastating charge+immune to psychology)

Noble: Barded Steed, Lance, Sh ...read more
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 Newbiee army list 1000pts
Posted by kahless - 10-14-13 10:35 - 1 comments
Only starters a few weeks ago

I have the following models available to me and want help to build a well blance army list

( Heros/lords- Mage on a dragon , 2 x arc mage , mage on a steed , Prince on a griffon, Prince on a stee ...read more
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 2400 Points - Comeback Tourney
Posted by Malleus - 09-10-13 10:53 - 2 comments
Hi All

I have been away from the Hobby for the last 6 months or so and in that time a fair amout has changed, firstly I thought that I would simple re calculate my army with the new points and work from there in regards to the new fangled ...read more
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 2400 Point Tourney List
Posted by Malleus - 09-9-12 22:04 - 0 comments
I thought, if I may garner a few insights into the below list

Total Roster Cost: 2499

Archmage - 290 pts
Level 4, The Seerstaff of Saphery, Lore of Shadow

Archmage - 300 pts
Level 4, Annulian Crystal, ...read more
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 High Elf 2400pts army.
Posted by chinolewis - 07-24-12 13:12 - 1 comments
Hey Guys. okay. so i managed to find my High Elf stuff boxed away in the wardrobe. i have no idea what else is in there! haha. but right. got my army list. got my models.. and went to town. this is the list i have come up with and would apprecia ...read more
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 Host of Avelorn
Posted by Malleus - 07-5-12 12:20 - 1 comments
So I have been searching for my own little 'niche' within the High Elf Community and decided that I would make a real attempt at making MSU work in my local Meta, which is rather happy with Horde formations Read 628 times - last comment by Malleus   Print email

 Dragon Archmage 2500
Posted by Malleus - 07-2-12 10:25 - 5 comments
So I have a tournament coming up in the next few months and want to take something spectacular with me, for this I am thinking an Archmage on Dragon would be a fantastic centrepiece, not entirely sure how I will be dealing with the tactical outcomes ...read more
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