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Title: 300 pts Skaven against Chaos

chaos freek - April 29, 2007 12:28 AM (GMT)
In this game, I used my friend's skaven and he used a mix of marauders and beastmen.

My army:
Warlock engineer-warp blades, power accumulator thingy, warpt condensor thingy

10 clanrats-full command

10 night runners-2 hand weapons

one pack of giant rats

His army
Beastmen champion-a few petty common magic items

5 marauders

5 marauders

5 marauders

3 warhounds

3 warhounds

2 marauder horsemen

tuskgor chariot

(note on unit numbers: a lot of the time, my friend and I will just play small battles and dont bother w/ unit number restriction)

deployment from left to right (from my point of view) the table was about 3x3 feet

Hounds, Chariot, Marauders, Marauder Horsemen, Marauders (w/ hero), Hounds

night runners, Clanrats, Warlock engineer, giant rats

there was some terrain, but It was mostly just some shrubs and hill and didn't really make much difference in the battle.

Turn 1
Skaven: Everything moved forwards full speed. My warlock tried casting warp lightning but failed by one

Chaos: He moved everything about 7" forwards (to keep them in line w/ the hounds on the right side which had to move through difficult terrain) the chariot and hounds w/ it angled slightly towards the center while the marauders closest to them angled outwards a bit.

Turn 2
Skaven: My giant rats declared a charge on the hounds in front of them but fell short by about half an inch. I moved my clanrats up far enough to support them next turn in case of a flank attack by the marauders (too late I noticed that his horsemen could now tie up the clanrats to stop them from doing that). I didn't really move my night runners to keep them out of charge range of the chariot and hounds. Warp lightning killed four of the marauders w/ the hero (they passed their panic test

Chaos: He made two tactical blunders this turn. First of all, he charged his two light cavalrymen into my unit of clanrats although he didn't flank my giant rats as I predicted. Second, and worse, he moved his chariot and hounds even farther towards the middle and the marauders further towards the edge. the end result was 3 hounds facing my night runners w/ marauders and a chariot behind them. (can anyone say "overrun!" :P ) He also charged my giant rats w/ his hounds. Combat: my giant rats won and his remaining hound fled. one marauder horseman died but the other stayed around.

Turn 3
Skaven: My night runners charged the hounds in front of them. my giant rats turned and charged the remaining marauders w/ the hero. My warlock also charged that unit. Combat: his hero challenged my warlock (I totally didn't see that coming). funnily enough, my warlock won :unsure: (even more unexpected) I then finished off that unit. My night runners beat his hounds, causing them to flee. they fled right through the two units behind them, causing both those units to flee as well. at this point, his entire army was routed and he gave up.

I got kinda lucky w/ this game. He made some bad moves and I had some good luck. Its funny, I often seem to have great luck against him (Once in a siege, my empire knights broke down his main gate)

Criti - April 29, 2007 05:28 AM (GMT)
Two things.

First, you mentioned he moved everything 7" to keep pace with the Warhounds, who moved through difficult terrain. I'm not sure I understand that. Warhounds in difficult terrain could have only gone 3.5". No march moves in difficult terrain.

Second - since you play such small battles, might I suggest you pop on over to GW's site and dig up the rules for Warbands? They provide a good set of rules for battles under 500 points.

- Criti

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