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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House Points
Hufflepuff: 1000
Ravenclaw: 1005
Gryffindor: 2590
Slytherin: 2511111111111
ha ha ha hey ashley whats up i am taking over your board i already made a post about it but i changed your password and you should check your facebook i posted this link on your wall i remember you telling me that you didn't want a lot of people knowing that you used to be really into harry potter books. maybe some people will join. you had a lot of members on here and a lot of posts you should of kept it going or is it because of work? you work too much. when i'm old like you i'm not going to work all the time. i'm going to ahve fun. IT IS A SATURDAY AND YOU ARE WORKING!!!!!! anyway i keep texting you but you havent answered. thats what you get for using the same password for everything i loged into your facebook too btw and your email. shouldnt have given me your password and you shouldnt have told me you use it for everything cuz ivelogged into your stuff. i read the stuff between you and gary too.... aw your so cute together lol btw this is Karen Ashleys cousin. she sold me her old computer but i guess she didnt delete everything from it because i found this link in one of the old word perfect documents and it had a bunch of notes and plans for how she wanted this board to work, and a list of members and what houses they were in. i am taking over the board now. i changed her password and i am chaning my name to karen not Ashley. I'm 17. Staff:
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 Roleplayers sorting
Posted: Dec 20 2006, 07:56 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 190
Member No.: 1
Joined: 20-December 06

Start a new topic with the following.

Name of character:
Blood type:
Family history:
Preferred house and second house choice (doesn't mean you'll get in this house):
Roleplay a scene:

Please understand that if you are not sorted into the house you wanted it isn't because I am being mean. It's because I want the houses to be evened out for the roleplays and the points.
Laura Potter
Posted: Dec 29 2006, 05:37 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Gryffindor
Posts: 65
Member No.: 7
Joined: 29-December 06

Blood type: pure Blood
Family history: Father (Harry potter) and mother (Ginny potter) both Aurors and died voldmort both killin them now i live with my god father Dumbildroe
Likes: DADA Quittich Pranking and Gryffindor
Dislikes:Snape and Slyherin
Preferred house and second house choice (doesn't mean you'll get in this house):Gryffindor
Hobbies: Quittitch Prnaking and studying
Roleplay a scene: As Laura sa on her bed and looked through pictured of her mother and father she smiled down at them her parents died 2 years ago and she found out that Dumbildore was her godfather she alos found out the she was Gryffindors Heir and was related to COdric Gryffidor. Laura got up and shoved on a hoddie and put her isabilty cloke on she fancied a walk she took out the Maudars Map and tapped it saying "I Somanly Swere that um up to no good" She scaend throught the map "ahh the 6 floor is free ill walk about there" so she set off towords the 6 floor
Posted: Dec 29 2006, 09:09 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 190
Member No.: 1
Joined: 20-December 06

Ok, you've been put into Gryffindor and have earned five points. Eventually the number of points you have earned will appear under your name. That is something I am working on right now. For now it will just be posted.
Posted: Jan 1 2007, 12:43 AM


Group: Slytherin Prefect
Posts: 221
Member No.: 8
Joined: 1-January 07

Name of character: (is it ok that this isn't my screen name? If that's a problem, should I sign up for a new account?) Rachel Theana
[B]Age: 16
Blood type: [/B]Pureblood
Family history: Mother (Diana Franklin) and Father (Robert Theana) were both faithful to the Dark Lord. They had three children together, Cathrine (21), Tyler (19), and Rachel (16). Robert was killed in a battle against The Order and Diana was forced to raise the three children on her own, never the same again. She tried to stay faithful to Voldemort, but she had a hard time getting over the loss of Robert.
Likes: Death Eaters, teasing peers, wolves, loyalty.
Dislikes: Mudbloods, Gryffindors, The Order, school.
Preferred house and second house choice: Slytherin 1st, Hufflepuff 2nd.
Hobbies: Teasing people, using charm to get out of trouble, hanging out with friends, avoiding studying at all costs.
Roleplay a scene:
Rachel stood on the frosty Hogwarts grounds in mid January, the chilly wind biting at her face. It didn't bother her. She was used to suffering. She found something satisfying in her discomfort. It was an escape from school and the people in it. She was close to giving up, to running. She'd had enough of the studying, the teachers breathing down her neck, the rules, the punishments. She didn't understand the purpose of staying in school. She was ready to serve the Dark Lord, to follow in her parent's footsteps and avenge her fathers death. She tried to explain this to her mother over the winter holidays, but she wouldn't hear it, so here she was again, forced to endure this slow torture. It was worse than the cold.
Posted: Jan 2 2007, 03:27 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 190
Member No.: 1
Joined: 20-December 06

You've been sorted into Slytherin. Although the roleplay isn't open quite yet you are still free to post in your common room. Once there are more people interested in the roleplay it will be opened. For now, enjoy the discussion boards and I have seen so far that you have which is good.
  Posted: Jan 4 2007, 02:44 AM

Advanced Member

Group: Ravenclaw
Posts: 99
Member No.: 9
Joined: 2-January 07

Name of character: SAMMY SMITH
Age: 15
Blood type:
pure blood
Family history: Mother (rachle morbach) and Father (samlue SMITH) were both faithful to their work. Had two kids ,Sammy smith(15) and Katie smith(13). they live in the USA and live in a four storie house. FAMily is always bussy so they never had tiem with each other. sammy is tired of her life. she has jsut found out that she is a which when she was taken out if her tennis lessons by a strange man. shes ready for the new life he is ready to give her and she is mre then excided to take it and live her old life behind

Likes: people who r out goign , pplz who like to have fun, always having money but hates it that why some pplz r the only reason of being her friend

Dislikes: liers, party crashers, not haveing her way, never having her family around, and not finding the book she is almsot done with when she needs it.

Preferred house and second house choice: Ravenclaw 1st Gryffindor 2nd

Hobbies: reading, playing sports , goign to parties , shoppin , drawing in her art room , playing with her freinds in the pool , and just hanging with friends

Roleplay a scene:
Sammy was in the middle of her tennis lessons when all of a sudden this man came onto the court .She turns and looks at him he waits till she is done with her lessons . sammy walks over to her tinnes bag to get a drink from her water bottle . she turns around and hes right behind her. she feels as if shes seen him before maybe at the mall or someplace. sammy asks if she can help him . he hands her a letter , she reads it, as shes reading her eyes r getting wider and bigger then ever teying hard to belive whats shes reading is true, the letter says that she is a wich and that she should have started school long ago but her partens said no who where really magical pplz all their lifes. and thats why she has powers that they try to hide form her but now that she is 15 she is able to do what ever she likes and she can come to school. it also says that even with all her years she missed she is still one of the most powerful whichs they have seen in a long time and that she may very be put in with the right age class she is sopposed to be with. Sammy looks at the man in disbelief , and asks when do i start? shes ready to leave home and learn the magic she was sopposed to learn a long time ago. ohmy.gif
Posted: Jan 4 2007, 03:04 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 190
Member No.: 1
Joined: 20-December 06

You will be put into Ravenclaw.
Harry Potter Freak #08
  Posted: Jan 5 2007, 04:40 AM

Advanced Member

Group: Gryffindor
Posts: 211
Member No.: 11
Joined: 4-January 07

Start a new topic with the following.

Name of character:Kendrick
Age:13( turning 14 in half a month or a little more)
Blood type:Half blood
Family history:Dad is a pure blood and mom is a half blood have a brother and a sister 1 died at birth and sister is a sqib
Likes:quttach,takeing risks,misbehaving(but i no when to braw the line),chess
Dislikes:slytherin, soporters of the dark lord,suck-ups (to teachers and people taht do noething but study study study)
Preferred house and second house choice (doesn't mean you'll get in this house):Griffandore
Hobbies:qiddtach(sports) miss behaveing and takeing risks
Roleplay a scene:Sitting in the dormotory playing chess agins a freind . Hemonie walks in and asks if i can go find Nevils lost book in the Libray but she knows its late and she say "if u dont want to i completly understand". he jumps up off the bed and hurys out of the dormotory to go find the lost books for his freind. Under his inviability clock he walks past MISSES Noris and is almost sure she sees him as she wists away to find her master.he takes a fewe known short cuts and is in the Libray and he mutters "lumos" and as he sees the books lieing on a table Pevves enters the room and yells out. THe whole castle is now awake, he grabs the books, puts out his wand and russes out the libray takes 3 sharo turns up 5 stare casses and threw a few diffrent passag ways and is back in the domatory. he rushes in hands the books to Nevil andsets down infront of the warm common room fire and falls asleep. totaly forgetting about his own chess game.
Posted: Jan 5 2007, 05:13 AM


Group: Slytherin Prefect
Posts: 17
Member No.: 12
Joined: 5-January 07

Name of character: Ashley Whittle, known by ashes
Age: 15
Blood type: muggleborn
Family history: Father is a banker and mother is a nurse. Ashes never got along well with her mother and was a tomboy growing up and her fathers daughter. She is brilliant but dosen't show it, she gets decent grades easily but could top most children her age if she bothered to open a textbook. Its this disregard for her potential that always bothered her mother. Her mother was frightened of her daughter when she received the hogwarts letter, and it was Ashes father who allowed her to attend.
Likes: Sports espically softball, arathmacy, trouble
Dislikes: people who think they're better then other people, cowardlenesss, smart people without common sense
Preferred house and second house choice (doesn't mean you'll get in this house): 1. Ravenclaw 2. slytherin
Hobbies: wizard chess, pitcher on a muggle softball team during the summer, hockey which she can never quite explain to wizards, and she does a decent trade selling illeaglly made potions to younger students.
Roleplay a scene:
Sitting on the train heading to her fifth year at hogwarts Ashes saw her reflection in the window glass and smiled. Ashes knew herself. She knew she had a sharp mind was witty and always had a quick comebacks on the tip of her tongue. She knew she was often viewed as a loner, and someone who is street smart, but not booksmart. She knew this was wrong, she was both street smart and booksmart she just never felt the need to show off or reveal herself compleatly to even her professors. She'd never revealed herself compleatly to anyone. She had trouble trusting her peers and an even bigger problem trusting adults. She was always observing, always calculating, she glanced form her own reflection to the reflections of other students in her compartment and smiled. "So how was everyones summer?"
Luna Lovegood
Posted: Jan 5 2007, 06:19 AM


Group: Ravenclaw
Posts: 11
Member No.: 13
Joined: 5-January 07

Name of character: Luna Lovegood

Age: 14

Blood type: half blood

Family history: My mother is the famous editor of the squibbler and my mother is a mysterious figure from the past who is somehow related to one of the founders of hogwarts. She was killed by Voldemort when she refused to tell him about horcruxes and she was brilliant at charms.

Likes: reading, transfiguration, DADA, charms and soccer/football.

Dislikes: getting dirt on my feet and then walking on wood or smooth concrete, walking on dusty wood or smooth concrete and Snape.

Preferred house: Ravenclaw Second choice: Slytherin (please dont put me in Hufflepuff) (PLEASE)

Hobbies: Reading, practicing spells, insulting the ministry of magic (in real life and in my mind) and thinking about getting more books.

Roleplay a scene: As Luna flipped through her favourite book (Tricksters Choice by Tamora Pierce, Harry Potter is good too though) she remembered all her dad had told her about her mother, she was beautiful, accomplished, intelligent and greatly learned in the dark arts. That was why Voldemort had come after her. To find out what she knew about horcruxes, the most evil thing ever invented by wizards. He found her, protected though she was by many complicated spells and charms, and killed her and left her hide out in ruins. Luna stood up and walked out to the kitchen where her father handed her the booklist for her year at Hogwarts.

Yeah and that was my scene, hoped you liked it, I'm not a fabulous fabulous fantabulous writer so its probably not very good. Please may I NOT be in Hufflepuff, PLEASE! Rankyou!
Posted: Jan 5 2007, 10:32 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 190
Member No.: 1
Joined: 20-December 06

Harry Potter Freak #08- Gryffindor
Ashes86- Slytherin
Luna Lovegood- Ravenclaw

By the way, I am going to have to start putting people in Hufflepuff since there isn't anyone in that house yet. It's becoming too uneven now. But Hufflepuff isn't a bad house, it's actually my favourite one.
Posted: Jan 6 2007, 10:35 PM


Group: Hufflepuff
Posts: 3
Member No.: 14
Joined: 5-January 07

I wish this new forum rules!Good luck,Ashley.I've seen a forum that ruled and already was closed.Please do not close =(

Name of character:Gus Gryffindor
Blood type:O Negative
Family history:Dad, mom,sisters and grandmother & grandfather were all wizards,and his farest grandfather... was Godric Gryffindor!
Likes:Deffense Against the Dark Arts,by the way he hates Dark Arts,that's why he deffends against it,Transfiguration,Charms & Magical Creature's Care.
Dislikes:Bad people,Voldemort,Salazar Slytherin,Dark Arts.
Preferred house and second house choice (doesn't mean you'll get in this house):Gryffindor,since it's in-family-blood,But for second option,i'd have ravenclaw..But gryffindor is in family ohmy.gif
Hobbies:Everything not bad!
Roleplay a scene:
Gus came in into the class and waved to the proffessor.
"Hello Proffessor!"
It was in Transfiguration class.They were learning how to summon birds above their heads.
"Sumona Bird!" Said the teacher,and birds appeared in her head.
5 of the 15 students said "Sumonney Birth!" and got rich.The others did it right.
Gus sighly said "Summoni Birdne!" and some big bird appeared.
"Oh noo!A big bard!"Said the teacher.
"Impedimenta!Flipendo Maxima!Locomotor Mortis!" tried the teacher,but it won't get defeated.Then Gus came and...
"Vermillicus!Lapifors!Avifors!".The bird was deffeated.

Also,is there a teacher-applying?

Posted: Jan 7 2007, 04:52 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 190
Member No.: 1
Joined: 20-December 06

Anyone can be a teacher. Just say so. You are allowed to be a student and a teacher if you want. But if your student character takes your class that your teacher character is teaching, the student character doesn't earn house points for that.
It depends on how you teach the class too, because some people have homework and I don't think you'd want to do your own homework.

I'm going to sort you in Hufflepuff.

Just PM me if you have any concerns about this.
Posted: Jan 7 2007, 07:08 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Hufflepuff
Posts: 31
Member No.: 15
Joined: 7-January 07

Name of character:Zack
Blood type:half blood
Family history:my moms a mugle born and my dads a pure blood i come from a long line of GREAT wizards on my dads side and a great mugles on my moms side
Likes:defense agins the dark arts,quittich,drawing, reading,sports
Dislikes:slytherins,the dark lord,polotics,homework,
Preferred house and second house choice (doesn't mean you'll get in this house):GRYFINDOR
Roleplay a scene: One day in early July when all the students returned to Hogwarts Zack was sitting in the boys Gryfindor common waiting for Hermione to return with Harry's invisibility cloak to use to get into Filch's office to get back the heavy bag of wizley wizard wizes full of dung bombs and extendable ears e tokk from me last week in the 7th floor corridor. hermoine runs in and hands me the clock. i swifftly throw the clock over my body and hurry out of the common room,therw the portret hole and into the hallway beond.runing down the hallway i pasted Peevis who throws a picture of SIR WALTER THE INVISABLE and unluckly hits me. i cry out in pain Peevis hears me and flyes off the tell Filtch who turns up 1 second later. i clevely get past him take a few short cuts and run into his office .i look therw every cabnet but cant find it. i look into his desk and find a the Mauraders Map and the HUDGE bag. i turn around to see Misses Narise the cat and huryy around her. when i get back to the common room i look at the piece of parcthemt that is the Marouders Map and cleaverly figure out how to get into it .
Posted: Jan 7 2007, 10:41 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 190
Member No.: 1
Joined: 20-December 06


I know you said Gryffindor, but there wasn't many people in Hufflepuff. I have to even it out.
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