Priori Incatatem skin created by Black Widow of the IF Skin Zone.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House Points
Hufflepuff: 1000
Ravenclaw: 1005
Gryffindor: 2590
Slytherin: 2511111111111
ha ha ha hey ashley whats up i am taking over your board i already made a post about it but i changed your password and you should check your facebook i posted this link on your wall i remember you telling me that you didn't want a lot of people knowing that you used to be really into harry potter books. maybe some people will join. you had a lot of members on here and a lot of posts you should of kept it going or is it because of work? you work too much. when i'm old like you i'm not going to work all the time. i'm going to ahve fun. IT IS A SATURDAY AND YOU ARE WORKING!!!!!! anyway i keep texting you but you havent answered. thats what you get for using the same password for everything i loged into your facebook too btw and your email. shouldnt have given me your password and you shouldnt have told me you use it for everything cuz ivelogged into your stuff. i read the stuff between you and gary too.... aw your so cute together lol btw this is Karen Ashleys cousin. she sold me her old computer but i guess she didnt delete everything from it because i found this link in one of the old word perfect documents and it had a bunch of notes and plans for how she wanted this board to work, and a list of members and what houses they were in. i am taking over the board now. i changed her password and i am chaning my name to karen not Ashley. I'm 17. Staff:
Headmistress: Karen is the new owner!

Keep all language PG 13 please.

Try to have at least a sentence in your posts. This mean's no one word posts, unless it's for a game. NO NET SPEAK!

No insulting other members.

You can use any username you want except for Harry Potter character.

You don't have to roleplay, you can just be part of the discussion area.

Try to be active. When guests see active members they want to join.

Please show respect for the moderators, if you don't they have every right to ban you.

No typing in all capitals

No abbrievations

No talking in Leet.

Above rules are the same.

You have to be sorted for the roleplay and whatever house you are put in, you have to stay in.

You control only your character, you cannot post another characters actions.

OOC means out of character and BIC means in character, be sure to use them when you need to.

Try to roleplay with more than one sentence. You can't get much of a roleplay from one sentence. You can start your own threads.

No excluding members. It doesn't matter if you don't like a person (although I hope this isn't the case because I hope everyone gets along) everyone who wants to be part of the roleplay can be. UNLESS you state in your post topic that it's for your friends only. ALthough I do not want a lot of these posts so I will monitor them closely. If I notice there are too many posts where it's for friends only this rule can change. I want everone to feel welcome.

You can be a teacher and a student if you want.

No insulting other members, unless it's fun roleplaying and the person you are insulting understands that it's just for the roleplay. This rule can change if there are fights. This means between you and this member. If your roleplaying characters fight that is fine because it's not a real fight, you are just having fun. Just try to resolve it even if for some reason your characters are enemies.

Do not start in the middle of a roleplay. If you see one that is about six pages long then don't join, unless you are reading through it and see that they could use more people. And if you do this, make sure you understand everything that is happening in the roleplay. You should be able to tell if it's too late to join a roleplay just from reading it though.

More rules will be added as we go along.

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