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 LotMN getting Wii U virtual console release
Posted by Jingleboy - 01-11-14 18:21 - 1 comments
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 Ganbare Goemon Gaiden hits Japan 3DS VC next week
Posted by Jingleboy - 05-29-13 22:02 - 0 comments
Hey everyone! Just a quickly to say that Ganbare Goemon Gaiden is being released on the Japanese 3DS Virtual console next week. You can see the official page Read 333 times - make a comment   Print email

 Something big to come?
Posted by Jingleboy - 08-28-12 05:10 - 2 comments
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 Goemon arrives to 3DS Virtual console - In Japan
Posted by Jingleboy - 02-29-12 16:40 - 8 comments
Just a small update: Ganbare Goemon: Kurofune Tou No Nazo due to arrive on the 3DS virtual console in Japan next week. One could expect this game to be released in Western territories later on as it was one of the few that originally made it oversea ...read more
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 Megaupload gone
Posted by Jingleboy - 01-20-12 12:06 - 1 comments
I'm sure some of you will have heard this news, but recently the file hosting website Megaupload got shutdown by the US Government. Due to this rather abrupt removal, I didn't have time to check what we had hosted on there so some of the dow ...read more
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 Main Page suspended
Posted by Jingleboy - 10-27-11 22:59 - 0 comments
Looks like our website has been suspended due to high bandwidth. (5GB in one month)

Seems sorta dodgy to me, considering the site barely makes 1GB a month, so it wouldn't surprise me if this was a malicious attack.

I'll ...read more
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 Pachislot Ganbare Goemon 2 Announced
Posted by Sarahsuke - 08-29-11 16:38 - 14 comments
The official site isn't up yet, so unfortunately this is all we have at the moment.

So what are your thoughts on this? Personally, I'm excited that it ...read more
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 Need a New File Host!
Posted by sonicdude_uk - 04-4-11 17:33 - 5 comments
Hello Everyone!

user posted image

I've finished the Goemon OVA player now, but sadly I can't upload it until I'm able to find a new fil ...read more
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 Update: Neo Momoyama Bakufu no Odori Manual
Posted by Jingleboy - 01-13-11 20:54 - 5 comments
(I'm now going to start mirroring website updates here, since I know not everyone visits the home page frequently)

Hey all, hope you had a happy holidays and continue to have a good new year.

With this update, I provide the ...read more
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 Ack, things are changing!
Posted by Jingleboy - 01-6-11 18:59 - 9 comments
Nothing is wrong with your browser: The forum's width is different. I'm playing about and changing it, as it needs some maintenance.

I'd like feedback on these changes, though, to see what people prefer!
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