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Title: Grape Street Crips

Eric - February 23, 2009 08:43 PM (GMT)
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Brief History

The Grape street Crips where founded not by the crips but
was a small gang in Jordan Downs Projects founded by
Eric Ceasor Sr and Paco Lopez in 1961. Who orginaly
was called Watts Varrio Grape (WVG) with both the Black
and mexicans of jordan downs Projects. As the WVG grew
larger durning the 1980's the crips wanted them to join
under there banner, But only the blacks. At first they denied
there offer but the Hispanic side grew nervous thinking
they would turn at any moment which caused fued's between
the black memebers and the mexicans members so in
1985 the hispanic side joined under the surenos banner ,and
left the black memebrs weak and defenceless. So sometime
in 1986 they joined under the crips banner but if they can keep
there colors (purple) and changed there name to the Grape street Crips.
But 2 weeks after they joined up with the
Crips there leader Eric Ceasor Sr was killed in a drive by shooting
in which incouraged his son Eric Ceasor Jr to take full control of the grape street
crips and still is to this day.


Baby Loc - Usally born into the crips isnt a full memeber and
hang out at there spots and puts in some small time work
like stealing car radios.

Baby Gangsta (BG) - A foot soldier who has been jumped in
put in work (Not that 187) work under a OG or higher

Orginal Gangsta (OG) - Has put in major work (Including that 187)
has BG's working under them. Can have there own set
and is respected by many.

Set Leader aka OOG or OOOG - is the highest ranks in crips
there is only one in every set and can give promission
to make someone a set leader only if they is a OG in there Set.

Crenshaw Mafia
Bounty Hunter Bloods ( main Rivial
PJ Crips

Set Leaders

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Eric Ceasor Sr (1945-1986) Descased

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Eric Ceasor Jr (1962 - )

Marc Wallace (1965 - ) No Known picture

103rd st crips

97th st crips

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