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  1. Stuck: If you want to register email me!
  2. Stuck: A poll about everything related to the forum
  3. Multiverse is here! Make MMORPG for 10% of profit
  4. Sevalecan sends his greeting
  5. Realm of the Mad God
  6. Its good to do things yourself but
  7. Star Wars Kinect official video shows stupidity
  8. Supreme Power comic books. Justice League rip off!
  9. Firefox 4.1 and Download Sort 2.5.8 "Save page as"
  10. Age of Dragons film review
  11. funny Adult Swim pilot. Like Britney Spears funny
  12. Rift Beta, thousands of spots still available
  13. Online games tricking WoW customers into trying
  14. Battlestar Galactica comics
  15. animated films of Superman, Batman, etc.
  16. Star Trek: Enterprise season 3 commentary
  17. Wrath of Khan
  18. OMGGGGG!!!!
  19. Majesty 2 only 6 dollars now. Not worth it
  20. Star Trek: Enterprise season 1 sucks, 2 doesn't
  21. Google shows headless child on Flintstone Logo!
  22. The Colony on the Discovery Channel, staged events
  23. Invisibility cloak now exist plus more!
  24. Stupid news people with nothing to talk about
  25. History of America, my revised version ;)
  26. Google not working right today
  27. Webster's dictionary highlights word not in it
  28. Newsmax YouTube ads
  29. Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance review
  30. Bellsouth can send email but not receive it
  31. Bravetti Platinum Pro convection oven E1 error
  32. Avatar movie by James Cameron
  33. Does anyone think Nightcrawler will stay dead?
  34. Government denies alien space craft. Fireball sky
  35. sharks hate white people. th trouble with stastics
  36. Issac Newton lied! Story was rotten to the core
  37. Chernobyl kills humans but protects wildlife
  38. episode 19 lame. Four Ferengi take Enterprise
  39. Star Trek: Enterprise tolerates rape
  40. Star Trek don't interfer except to let you die
  41. 2010 Census race question
  42. Marvel's old 2099 comic book series
  43. Buy a game from EA, and it stops working in a year
  44. KFC workers caught bathing in sink!
  45. some video game series make billions of dollars
  46. District 9 poorly made crap
  47. Idiots accuse James Cameron of plagiarism
  48. Rise of Nation Thrones and Patriots sucks
  49. Google "Jay Leno is" and see what comes up!
  50. New GIJoe comic series rips off stories from old

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