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 Cathers, Evelyn
Evelyn Cathers
Posted: Mar 1 2009, 09:44 AM

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Group: Vampires
Posts: 3
Member No.: 3
Joined: 13-February 09

Evelyn Annabelle Cathers

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Basic Information
Full Character's Name: Evelyn Annabelle Cathers
Nicknames: Eve or V or Evy
Age: 350 years old but appears to be 21 years old
Birth date: November 1, 1659
Occupation: Business owners.(Well be listed in history)
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Still Attending School: no
Graduation Year: Has many degrees. She received her first high school diploma in 1890 in Paris, has several medical degrees, has a business degree, a marketing degree and then also a degree in fashion (her newest degree)
School attending: ----
Grade: ----

Play by or Portrayed Celebrity: Sophia Bush
Appearance: Evelyn is a creation of change, even though ironically being a vampire; her body does not change that often. Many fashions and many different looks have appeared on her and well style she manages to come up with something new. Even though she changes a lot her body type of being no taller than five foot and six in a half inches tall, well that is her height when she is barefooted. On the plus side of being a vampire, Evelyn never has to worry about her weight like so many of the humans tend to fret over. She weighs exactly one hundred twenty five pounds. Her body has a fabulous figure with some curves that are not too extreme but just right for her. She is a little muscular with toned legs. Her stomach is not full of abs since that was not a fashion when she was alive as a human. Some would say that she has a little bit of a belly since her belly was not sucked into her hips but in her eyes it is just a way to show that every one is beautiful in their own way. People have always told her that she was back heavy since she was not an hour shape but more of a pear shape body. Her hips and butt were not the same number as her chest and bust but in fact a few inches bigger. Like most girls in this era, she has her ears pierced twice and that is it for her ears, her belly button is also pierced but that is it for piercings. She does have a tattoo of a Japanese symbol on her inner hip. That tattoo is never seen because of the location and even if it was in a place that could be seen she would not show it off.

The face of this girl is a unique look. On her right cheek is a faint birth mark which she still carries even in her vampire look. Some people think that she should cover it up but she would just laugh and shake her head. Her birth mark is considered a beauty mark to her. Unlike most women, Eve has a strong jaw but it is not too large to the point it looks like a man’s jaw instead with the way that her cheeks and dimples form around her face makes her jaw look more feminine. Green and brown colors dance in her eyes to give her the unique hazel color look. Her eyes do not change hues or shades but she does now how to make them stand up when she wants to. The majority color of her eyes is brown however and most people mistake her eyes for brown instead of the true hazel color they are. Eve was not one of the full lipped women; instead her lips were more of a semi full bottom lip and a small top lip. At one point this would annoy her but now she does not care what her lips look like but is just glad that they are the original shape of her lips. Whenever she gets curious or something sounds a little off, her left eye brow would arch up and her head would tilt to the side.

Eve’s hair is a life of its own. For some reason even as a vampire, hair still grows which always annoyed Eve terribly in some ways but in other ways she was relieved. Currently her hair is in long layers that shape around her face. She does have the long side swiping bangs but she always has them styled in a very unique way which is where they are mostly curled some and styled so they are not draped over her eye. Her hair has been dyed to have a little more red highlights and coloring in it. She has had her hair cut short and long in so many different styles. She could do any hairstyle no matter how long ago it was to her and to others. To her, the hair was always the statement no matter what. If the hair did not look right then the whole look and attitude was trashed. When she is in the offices of her business or doing medical research, she generally just styles her bangs and then tosses her hair up out of her face for a more professional look. But when it is just her being causal or just well not working, she curls it in long layers. At home though or when she is with close friends she will just where it down without just messing with it. Sometimes the traditional pony tail was needed and then other times wearing her hair just straight down was a homey and perfect style for her.

Make up is something that Eve is big on though. It is not because she enjoys putting it on and then taking it off later on in night. It was more needed since she was constantly around humans for so long. She has to put on so much foundation to tease the normal eye that her skin was nice and warm and rosy like a normal humans. During the winter though she could do her make up on her own and there would not be that big of a deal but during the summer season when the sun is out… that was always the time that got her nervous. Once tanning and all that crazy things on changing your skin color became available, Eve would go in and get a slight tan put on her body. It did not look orange like some people turn out looking. She has connections to a vampire that does the make up for a living and normally when she is doing make up for summer she is gone for a good 13 hours just applying the full body make up. But normal make though she does not use a whole lot of. She does not use lip gloss a lot since the smell is incredible disgusting to her and the fact that the gloss got on everything was something that she was not a fan of. For her lips it was either Chap Stick, mostly to just blend in and well sometimes the blood gets a little salty and her lips get chapped, or it was lip stick which was something that she used a lot since she was in the business world a lot. Eye make up is an essential to her too. She has learned many tricks on making her eyes look very alive and pop. She does not use a whole lot but just enough to make herself look like a human and even better sometimes.

Fashion… a thing that just about every female is into and Evelyn was a nut about it. She is not too much into the whole new modern look and all the crazy wacky patterns and such. She is more of the simple fashion type. She would rather take a simple dress that came to the mid thigh and that was strapless and decorate herself with accessories and do her hair up in a neat hair do. She does not understand why people wear furs that are something that she will never do is feathers or furs. She has meant so many people that had shaped into an animal and died and even just a normal animal dying for fashion gave her pain. When she is out in the city, she will dress up in designer clothes and all of that crazy things but she does her own accessories like belts, hats, and shoes and all of that. She does like to wear jewelry but not a lot. It is mostly long dangling earrings and a ring or two or a necklace and a few bracelets or something like that. She never wears all of the different types of jewelry at once, to her that was just tacky. However, when she is at Friday Harbor and not in her little shop, she is found in a flannel jacket and some sort of shirt on depending on what the other humans wore. Jeans were something that she always wore on the island. Either a jean skirt or actually denim jeans are the choices she goes with. She does not like wearing her designer clothes here since it would really make her stick out and she is not one to flaunt her money around. So basically while on the island, she is like a normal lazy person. Sometimes she just grabs a street and tosses it on and other times she will dress up somewhat and go into town. It really depended on the event. The foot wear for her was always something different. Footwear was something that could not be too up done or whatever. She wears silhouettes and wedges to flip flops and tennis shoes and work boots. It all depended on the weather and what mood she was in.

In the city, Eve always carries a purse that ends up having her planner, her blackberry, a mini laptop in case something happens to where she needs to log into the company’s system. There is always her make up bag that was always stuffed packed, to tissues and gum. The gum is more there for looks rather than actually her. There are always a few pens in there some where and then a few check books and her wallet that had so many different things in it because she has more than one id and bank cards and everything else. Basically when she is in the city, she is the complex crazy business women that most people end up being intimidated by. However when she is on the islands all she carries is her wallet, blackberry, ipod, and maybe a tube of Chap Stick. Most of the time on the island, she does not carry a purse unless she is going to hang out with her friends and just relax.

She has a habit of nibbling on her bottom lip when she is nervous or worried about something. It is something that she has never been able to stop and something that she has always done since she was a human. So that is the other reason that she carries the tube of Chap Stick around.

Even though she is huge on hairstyles, she does play with her hair a lot. It is something that she does absentminded. Sometimes she is twirling her hair around her fingers and other times she is just running her hands through her hair. Maybe it was the fact that her hair was the only thing that changed and was living on her or maybe it was just something to keep her hands busy.

When she is bored, she will either moved her right leg either tap it or bounce it when her legs are crossed or just some sort of movement. She has a hard time sitting still. If it is not her leg that is moving then it would be her hands. Sometimes she taps pencils or her finger nails. It was something that she has developed while being in the business and medical field.

Likes:At least five of them. With commentary like why they like it and so on.
  • Hot Baths – When Evelyn was a human there was no such thing as hot baths at least not for the class that she was born into. The hot baths that was normally too hot for a human would be the kind that Eve would be in. Normally, there will be some sort of scent or perfume in the water. There would be tons of candles around her. It would be like her small piece of heaven.
  • Fashion – She is very much into fashion. Not the modern day fashion but more of trying to bring back some of the old fashions that she thought made a women seem more classy and just all around more lady like. But there are some fashions that she likes that are modern but not many.
  • Movies – Eve likes movies. She prefers the older ones rather than the ones that are around now. Her favorite film area had to be the 30’s – 40’s. Some of the movies from the now time frame seem nice but to her everyone seems too worked up in the special effects that they forget about the whole story line.
  • Books – Books are one of the things that Eve is crazy about. If a film is about a book she has to read the book before seeing the film. In her home at Friday Harbor, she has huge library of nothing but first editions. The other editions are in the other rooms through out the house.
  • Music – Music is something that Eve has been around and seen evolve in so many ways. She has no musical abilities at all. She has tried numerous times and she just gives up. She says that she just does not have that magical touch. That was fine with her since she loved listening to the music and dancing to it though.
  • Art – Art on the other hand, she does have some talent in. She can draw or sketch rather well. Mostly, she draws and sketches when she has nothing else to do or when she sees something that inspires her. She has meant many famous artists in her time and she has learned a little bit from each one. She collects many originals which were giving to her from the actual artists.
  • Parties – She can’t help it. Every holiday she has a party. She loves the parties and the outfits and just everything. Sometimes she just has random parties. Some of them are formal and some of them are just a huge island fun time. Eve likes bringing the different species together and just having a good time.
  • Rain & Storms – Eve loves it when it rains and mostly when there is storms. Not because of the destruction but because it was like a life of its own. The way the smell rains right before it comes down to the way it feels on her skin when it hits her. She loves to site on her porch with a glass of some mixed blood drink and watch the lighting and the storms just roll right on by.
  • Emotions – Eve loves having emotions. Many vampires would call this a weakness but to her it is her strength. Even as a vampire she had feelings and emotions that she strongly relied on. She has not really experienced love by someone that would be her lover but she has experienced love from her family and everything else. She feels all sorts of emotions.
  • Charities – Eve does all sorts of charities as she possibly can. In a way she does it to make up for all the people that she has killed in the past. But another way she does it because she wants to help out those that are not as fortunate as her life has been.
  • Surprises – Surprises that are just little like a birthday party or meeting someone new are things that Eve likes. She does live life by a schedule when she is on Victoria but she loves the surprises that happen on Friday Harbor.
  • Changes – She believes that changes are always good. Either it is done naturally or done by her; she knows that change is always a plus thing. If everyone lived life the same way they did for ever then there would be no room for exploring. Besides changes always made things happen either it was good or not but it just always happened. Just like when she made her invention it was huge and still is and it changed so much about the vampire world.
  • Meeting new people – Meeting new people for Eve is something that she loves. It means that it is someone new and something that she has not seen every day for years and years. Plus she loves to learn new things and with new people there is always something new to learn.
Dislikes:At least five of them. With commentary like why they like it and so on.
  • Rap and Country Music - Eve can listen to a lot of music but she never really appreciated Rap and Country. She knows that many people enjoy those genres but she doesn’t understand why. Country is always so pitiful and depressing and then Rap is nothing but some guy talking really fast and thinks that they are a huge bad ass.
  • Summertime - During the summer time, Eve either has to go and bask herself in tons of make up or she had to go and hide out in Victoria. Either way she is not a fan of the summer time. She could not be home very much and she could not go out during the days. To her it was like a punishment that is endured on her no matter what.
  • Unrealistic Romance – Eve has read and enjoyed many romance books but she knows that they are just stories. Things like that do not happen in real life and because of that she both loves the stories and hate them at the same time. Sometimes she wished she could mix a bunch of the guys together to get the guy she wanted but then again she didn’t.
  • Emotions – No this is not a mistake. Eve may love her emotions but she also hates them at the same time. She feels like her emotions sometimes take the best of her. She also is very jealous of humans because they get to experience their emotions without of the fear of being called weak because of it. Plus she is jealous over the fact that she would never feel the mothering love that humans get to feel towards their children.
  • Being alone – Eve has never been one to be alone for too long. She hates it. She does not truly understand why but she just does. If it is night, she will go for a walk around town or invite some of her other vampire friends over. If she was in Victoria though she would just hit a club until the morning.
  • Celebrities – Yes, even with her breaking into the fashion industry and owning a club, some people thought of her as a celebrity but she did not act like one. She hates how many celebrities expect people to bind over backwards for them. To Eve, they always seem to be such huge attention whores.
  • Not Knowing – Eve likes to know what is going on. She can not handle being the last person to know things. It is a bit personal to her and she also does not like being behind in the news. She does not like being the last to know what is going on in her businesses and in the secret society.
  • Silence – It drives her insane. She always has her head phones with her and at her homes she has loads of music to choose from. One of the reasons she hates it is because of the fact that she has that super hearing deal from being a vampire and she really doesn’t want to hear the people around her in the middle of the night. Then there is the fact that it always creeps her out when it is too quiet.
  • Unexpected Events – Events that are big and unexplained and are hosted by someone that she does not know really bothers her. She is always having her guard up in case it is one of the enemies that are after her for her blood invention. So, whenever something that is not planned in her schedule for Victoria happens, it really messes with her mind and sets her in a protective state.
  • Being Paranoid – Eve can become really paranoid rather fast. She is like this because of many reasons. Mostly because she wants to protect everyone that she knows can’t do it or well don’t know what is really going on in the world. Sometimes she is paranoid for the right reasons or sometimes she is paranoid because of stupid things that she just can’t help.
  • Slutty girls – She honestly did not know what was so great about them. They wore clothes that were outrageous and offended women every where. Plus the fact that they seem to either produce numerous off springs so fast or they end up ruining so many perfectly happy couples. People like these are the ones that Eve does not care for.
  • Traveling – Whenever she had to travel for a long period of time, she ended up getting sick or got too bored too fast. She was not one for traveling. She would rather be in her little area that seemed to have everything. People had to come to her or she would know that whatever it was is not worth it. She did not think that one she should travel all over the place to just talk to someone when they can pick up a phone.
  • Old Traditions – She was never a friend of traditions that are centuries old. Well, all expect for holidays those were different. She hated the common traditions of being a vampire and how they thought and acted. No way would she allow those traditions to continue not while she was around.
Detailed Personality:

Eve is a person that is never shy. She does not see why people get shy over meeting new people and talking to them. Maybe it is because she has been around for an extremely long time. She is the type of person that can be in a room full of people and just met them and yet appear like she has known them for a long time. She will laugh and just talk anyone’s head off. Normally, she can make anyone who is shy start talking with her and have a good time.

Secrets are many when it comes to Evelyn. She has more secrets than a lot of people could ever believe. Not just from what kind of species she is but from what she has seen and been in through the centuries. But one thing great and bad about Eve is that she will never tell too much of something. She keeps things inside mostly her secrets but she only tells people what they need to know. At first she did this to keep people at arms length from her but now it is more about protecting those that don’t know shit about what is going on in the world.

Hardly ever will one see Evelyn’s true emotions unless she is with those that she trusts and is close to. She does not like to show her humanly side with the whole tears and such. Back when she was considered a young vampire, she used to show her emotions a lot. But back then she was not as powerful and also not even close to knowing anything she would show her emotions since she thought it was okay. Well, many times she almost got herself killed because of her emotions. She learned that emotions are both a pleasant thing but also a dangerous thing. So she only reveals her emotions with close friends and those that are in her family.

When she is out and about around the other species, she tries to act as normal as possible for a human. She is not one to try and stick out. However, she tends to stick out quite a bit because of all the things that she has her fingers dipped in. Plus many people tend to know her just because of personal friendly matters. Sometimes blending in is harder than normal especially in the summer time. During that time though, she does not like to bask herself up with many coats of make up so normally she just stays indoors during the day and then comes out at night or she goes and stays in Victoria. Either way she would rather not have layers of make up on.

Some people just think of her as a pretty face when they first meet her and nothing else. But she has so much more to offer than just that. She is very smart and generally can figure anything out that she puts her mind to her. She has excellent reading so most of the things she reads she remembers them for as long as well forever. Even though she can remember many things some things she does have an issue in and most of that psychology, anything really with numbers she hates them but she does know how to do them and get them to deal in her way. She really enjoys science and English and art though.

Evelyn can be rather random at times. She will just go out for a walk for no reason or do something that an adult would never do like go on a merry go round or hang out at the park. It is not because she is hunting because she would never harm a living person without a reason too. She just enjoys those spontaneous feelings and likes to do something that is not put in her schedule and such. Sometimes she would just go in a bar and play pool and well beat everyone there and feel all proud of herself about it.

Romance a topic that is on everyone’s mind, right, ha ha. Evelyn has never been in the true love thing. In fact she doubts that it even exists. To her true love only lives in the stories that she reads in her books and that it can not possibly happen in real life. She is not into the star crossed lovers thing because to her it is so cliché and cheesy. But she does flirt around a lot. It is a part of who she is. She can’t really help it. Plus it helps her out a lot on getting to know people and most people seem to think that she was not flirting at all. She has never been on a date since the whole eating human food thing is kind of hard to pull off and she does not want to seem rude when she does not touch their food. She doubt that she would ever fall for a vampire mostly because they all seem to be the same ignorant and power crazed idiots as they come and that is just a huge turn off for her. She does flirt and yes she can be sexual at times since she used to do that a lot to get food back before synthetic blood. But now she did not have to be that way and she does not sleep around because to her it is a sin and even though she has done it before she believes that sex is an act that is performed between two people that love each other and that is that. There should be no sex with just random people all it causes is pain and problems and so much drama later on in life.

Working out is something that she is just not that fond off. She will occasionally go for a run or do some yoga or pilots but she is not the hard core working out type. She believes that for one a girl should not be all buff and muscle bound but instead sleek and slender and curvy and well girly. What kind of guy wants a girl that is all hard and full of muscles? Besides she would rather enjoy a nice book or just spend time doing something that she enjoys rather than sweating and feeling all gross and going through pain in which she know would lead to nothing since her body does not change.

There is a lot of regret in her life though. She regrets a lot of things. Sometimes she wished that she could be human again. To not have to worry or care about the problems and live a life that she thought would be simple and yet everything in the world. Some times she has even regretting turning people because once the whole concept of what it means to be a vampire sinks in they tend to freak out. Even though she regrets those things she would never go back and change things. She enjoyed the life she had most of the time and if she went back she would have died shortly anyways since she was ill when she was turned and not just that though if she went back and changed everything then all the people she has helped from 200 years ago to now would not have gotten her help. Then the world would probably be very different from how it was now.

Even though she is a vampire, she does believe in something. She does not call it a religion but she calls it spiritually. She believes in Karma and whatever she did would come back to her in tenfold if she done something bad. Plus she also believed in the whole positive and negative energy/vibe thing since she has seen how much she can influence the way others feel. But she figured that if she did not believe in something then how she could live here when she is going to live forever. It would be rather pointless to continuing to live if she did not believe in anything. She is not sure if she believes in religion though. If she did she would probably be convinced that she was in hell because of the fact that she had everything that God was against.

Family:If they are still alive, List them.
Detailed Past:At least 500 words

Species: Vampire
Sired: Desiderius de Baudribosco
Transformed by: ----
Special Ability: Psychokinesis (Developed in 1750), Premonition (Developed in 1910), Enchanting (Developed in 2001)
Other: Has many allies and unfortunately also enemies. She is the head of the Secret Society, Haud Sanctus. She has done many things in the supernatural world to help out new people that have just entered the supernatural world. She created synthetic blood that always vampires to mix drinks with blood and many new vampires are “Bottle Feed” because of her.
Other Form: -----

Role Play

Hearing him say that made her feel a little bad. She didn’t want to make him upset that was the whole reason she had left the apartment when she did. A fight would not be good for the two of them so instead she thought it would be better if she went out for a walk. If she could just rewind to before that chat room she would. She would pay more attention in it if she goes back in there so stupid ass people would not say shit like that with her there. If they did then she would go and hunt their ass down and well beat the shit out of them. She was tired of how everyone seemed to be against the two of them. It was so annoying and the worst part was that it seemed like the two of them were awful people because of how they did everything. How they met from their first night together. They did not know her or Toby so why did their big fat nose have to get in their business. Well, Del was tired of it and the next time some shit like this happens again, Del was going to take matters in her own hands.

Feeling him kiss her back helped her so much. It was as if he was hugging her and holding onto her. These were those sweet treats that no one would ever replace. She doubts that she would ever be able to kiss another guy like this. IF she could have one wish, that would be to actually be with him for as long as possible. Maybe it was too soon or weird to feel this way but she loved Toby. She loved him so deeply. She did love Isaac too but not like this. Isaac wouldn’t let her in this far to let her love him like this.

Del smiled some as she tilted her head to the side. She was lucky to have a guy like Toby. How could she think that he would leave her with just such a small and yet crazy little out burst like that. He probably figured something would happen or maybe he didn’t but he really loved her enough to want to make her feel better. When he walked off towards the kitchen, she slowly turned and walked into their small bedroom. It was nothing special or nothing big. They finally got a bed bigger than a twin; well they got her old Queen Size bed because her mother told her to come pick it up or it was out of here. She slowly walked into the room and looked on the floor seeing if the dogs were there but they weren’t. They were probably in the living room in bed or well on the couch.

Slowly she climbed into her bed and slid into the covers. She sat up and grabbed a hair tie and pulled her hair out of her face. After taking a deep breath she laid down on her side pulling the covers up to her chin. Everything was going to be just fine, she kept telling herself over and over again. Most of the time so much was running through her head but not right now. Mostly it was just herself trying to let herself know that everything is going to be okay or it was nothing. Having nothing going on in her mind right now was really odd for her. But she was going to try and keep her mind clear. Tonight she was going to let Toby help her out so she didn’t have to argue with herself now. Besides she has never really done this not even with Isaac. With Isaac he was just so generally happy all the time or she just didn’t want to be a burden to him.

Hearing him walk in the room snapped her out of her blankness. She looked up at him and nodded when he said that he would be back. She moved over to his side of the bed more where he set the mugs down at and picked on up. It was pretty much already cooled off so she took a small sip of it. One thing about Toby was that he was extremely different from most guys but then that may be because he was from England and not from here. Most of the guys she knew were pigs or just cranky. Plus most guys would not make tea and even drink it with you. Then again she already knew that he was different when she first met him. He did not roam her body like most guys probably would but instead he held himself back.

“Hurry up, baby.” She said with a smile on her face as she looked towards the door waiting for him to return. So she was starting to be a little afraid that he escaped out the door and never came back. No, he would not do that to her. That was that. A smile formed on her face by that thought. Maybe this was going to be a really nice wonderful long relationship. She knew that she should not be thinking like that but she could not help it. It seemed like no matter what she had thrown at him, verbally and soon to be literally if they ever did get in a fight, he was still there to help her up. This was going to be different.

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Years of Role Play Experience: 4+ years
Where did you find us: helped make it
Characters that you also play: ----
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