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Title: Baby Yellow Bellied Sliders
Description: Feeding

annabell1995 - June 8, 2011 06:15 PM (GMT)
Hi i was hoping someone could use their experience and answer a few questions for me! We bought two yellow belly sliders at the beginning of May. I was told at that time to give them three little pellets each of food each day. We bought them as hatchlings so they are now approx. three months old. We were told in nine months or so we can add vegies, fruit etc. to their diet. However they seem to be hungry ALL the time. We have only fed them once a day....scared to overfeed but i don't want them to be hungry either. Hoping to get some suggestions!!!! Thanks for your help!!!! Lisa

Robyn - June 9, 2011 12:34 AM (GMT)
Welcome to the forum!

Babies should mostly get live small animals like live blackworms, small crickets, small earthworms, mealworms, etc. That's what they would eat naturally. Many babies won't even eat pellets so it's good that yours do as the pellets are needed to be sure they get all their vitamins. The babies should be introduced to various fruits and veggies from the beginning but may waste most of them, at least at first. Good first things to try include shredded carrot, kale, cut up grapes, parsley, and so on. Yes, those foods will make a bit of mess which is why you have to net out the food after about an hour if they don't eat it. It helps to feed them in another tank or, if using a small tank, to change the water as often as daily. If you are doing daily water changes, you can leave the food in there. I did the daily changes for just the first few months when my various turtles were in a plastic storage tub with just a few inches of water.

See for more on housing and feeding.

Good luck!

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