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 The Grimoire Magika
Posted: Dec 10 2006, 04:01 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 81
Member No.: 1
Joined: 3-December 06

The Grimoire Magika: An ancient tome, discovered floating in the Cleft. Rescued from the Void by the great Witch Relm Arrowny, this Grimoire contains the names and descriptions of all of the magical spells this world has. It has been printed in thirty languages, and now is the number one source of magickal knowledge. Constantly changing, the book seems to write itself new pages whenever it deems fit...


Level 1--usable by any fledging Black or Red Mage. Weak, but multi-faceted.

Fire: Name says it call--conjure small spheres or arcs of flame that act like projectiles. The most commonly seen and commonly used Black Magic spell in existance.

Blizzard: Again, the name is the best description. Blizzard spells are very multifaceted, oftentimes used to strike multiple opponants. The range of a basic Blizzard spell is very limited, and more often you'll see it used defensively, a ring of ice surrounding a well-taught mage.

Thunder: Strengthening the static electricity in the air around the caster, a mage can conjure blasts of electricity to lay waste to foes. The best and most effective way of dealing with machinery.

Level 2--Any novice Black Mage or Red Mage has mastered these spells. They're more powerful then the basic three, but are not direct evolutions. OFtentimes, they are more supporting spells then not.

Toad: Transifgure an enemy into a hideous toad. This makes them unable to cast spells, makes them slower, and makes their physical attacks pathetically weak. However, they can be difficult to catch. Items or recasting the spell on them will revert them back to normal. 70% chance of working.

Break: When cast, it tries to encase an enemy in stone. If it doesn't fail outright, this can also cause a creature to slowly petrify. A fully petrified enemy can be destroyed without a chance of revival when struck with a powerful physical attack. The White magic Stona counters Petrification.

Water: Summon a torrent of water to drown your enemies. Not terribly useful in battle, but highly helpful when dealing with situations where a little hydro-energy could be useful. As such, it's often called the "Puzzle Solver Spell".

Level 3--These ones are trickier. Not many Mages start off with 'em, but its not unheard of.

Aero: Use powerful wind gusts to strike your foes, ripping through flesh and bone. Also good at manipulating things from far away.

Quake: Rip open the ground, impale your foe on earthen spikes, the spell Quake is very blunt. It does what it says, and it does it quite well.

Zombie: Turn living flesh into rotting flesh. Zombie is a terribly interesting spell--using it will reverse the effects of white magic, and turn most monster's minds into mush. Has a low rate of success.

Level 4--Using these spells requires some effort and training. Usually by hunting Marks and getting battle experience can a Mage get access to these spells. Black Mages learn them faster then Red.

Fira--Like a basic Fire spell, Fira is much, much more powerful, and is capable of melting solid steel, if it hits it long enough. Can be cast as a projectile or as a shortrange stream of flame.

Blizzara: Summons a powerful chill wind and rain of icicles to rend enemies asunder. Also can form a cyclone of icy blades to defend the caster.

Thundara: Powerful arcs of lightning are summoned from the sky, capable of cleaving foes in two, and powering small generators.

Level 5--You'll definately need some training to master these spells. They vary in effect, but share a deabilitating theme.

Bio: A toxic cloud/sludge/sphere of energy envelops the enemy, causing non-elemental damage and can poison or sap away a foe's defenses. Most effective on humans--ineffective against machines.

Osmose: Suck away a foe's magical energies, allowing a mage to continue to cast magicks without growing tired. Of course, you need enough energy to cast Osmose in the first place...and not all enemies use magic, nor have the energies for it...

Drain: Sap away an enemies life energy and replenish your own. Not neccessarily powerful, but can be a life-safer in a picky situation.

Level 6--Powerful spells that can leave an enemy begging for a merciful death. You'll need to have spent at least a few monthes training your magicks before you can wield these spells.

Death: Um, it kills things. 25% chance of working, and there's more then a few creatures that are immune to it. As a rule, almost all Marks are immune to Death.

Doom: If it works, it sets a countdown on your foe. Slowly, every second counts down to an inevitable demise--and it can only be cured by pure white magic.

Meltdown: A powerful non-elemental technique that sears away an enemy's defenses and deals considerable damage. A useful trick to have up your sleeve.

Level 7--Now we're talkin'. The real fun stuff!

Watera: A deluge of Water is summoned to strike your foes! Useful against huge groups.

Earthquake: Rip open the ground, crush enemies with a deadly barrage of rocks, or let the churning earth do its work. Ineffective against airborne assailants.

Demi: Taking a small bit of power from the Void, Demi will sap away an enemy's stamina by 1/4. Most effective against monsters with better stamina, such as titans or other large creatures.

Level 8--Mmm, mm, destructive goodness. These spells have to be unlocked--usually by an Elder Wizard. Best to spend some time in Mysidia, eh?

Firaga: Orbs of flame rush forth to destroy your foe! Heat hot enough to melt rocks, and even crystal! The mighty power of the gods of flame will send your enemies to the depths of Hell!

Blizzaga: Shiva's gift will send shards of ice, as big as a man, thrusting towards your foes--or else envelop you in a blinding blizzard.

Thundaga: Even on the clearest of days, conjure up a frightning thunderstorm, sending down bolts of lightning to destroy your foes.

Level 9--More of the same. These require blessings from powerful elementals.

Firaja: The flames of Belias grant the caster incredible power, and allow him or her to unleash a maelstrom of firey destruction unto all that stands in his/her way!

Blizzaja: Mateus, the cursed one, fills you with the icy chill of winter. Summon forth living, surging rivers of ice to crush and destroy your foes, or else summon forth frozen shields to protect you from harm.

Thundaja: Quezetcotl, the great lightning snake, fills you with unholy might, allowing you to send unto the world the power of storms that scarred the very earth itself in time immortal.

Legendary Spells--Level 10. These must be found, not learned.

Flare: Blow. Up. Stuff. Simple as that--no defense exists that can withstand the power of Flare.

Merton: From the skies doth rain terrible rays of energy that destroy everything they touch--incarnations of the Void itself, the instigator of Destruction.

Ultima: The ultimate Black Magic, Ultima conjures up pure annhilation and unleashes it on your enemies. The power of this spell is so great, only the most powerful of wizards can cast it without dying from the sheer force.
Posted: Dec 13 2006, 04:14 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 81
Member No.: 1
Joined: 3-December 06

White Magic--the essence of creation. White magic sustains life, brings order to the chaos of the Worlds, and is generally associated with "good." Very, VERY little White Magic is offensive--but those who are in the know say that a powerful white mage can destroy entire armies if need be.

Due to the less destructive nature of White Magic, its generally easier to learn, and only the highest levels require large amounts of study. As enscribed in the Grimoire, these magicks are...

Level 1--Basic, fundamental spells. You can't be a White Mage till you have these.

Cure: cures. Minor wounds, fatique, stress--cure can alleviate most of what ails ya. The more powerful the damage, the less effective cure is.

Antidote: Any physical toxins that are not either demonically cursed (like Hydra Venom) or Dragon Grass can be clensed with a simple cast of Antidote. It is a limited, but useful spell.

Dia: While mainly supportive and defensive, a White Mage has another task--the eradication of anything undead. Those abominations know no fear, remorse--and deserve no pity. As such, a White Mage's spells rot away dead flesh, and Dia sends a holy bolt capable of blasting those cursed souls into the Void forever!

Level 2--Still basic, but a little less so.

Confuse:Addle the brains of your foes! Who they'll attack, nobody knows! Confusion serves as a great method of scattering enemies, and turning them against one another.

Blink: Leave your foes stricken with a magickal blindness, making them unable to physically attack. Doesn't affect magic--and it wears off after awhile.

Silence: Can't cast magic if ya can't talk. Mentally or physically, this spell blasts the magical incantations from your mouth and mind, leaving you unable to cast spells. It too wears off--and like Blind, it can be cured.

Level 3--Can't be a healer if you can't...heal...right?

Blidna: Cures blind status...duh.

Silenca: Cures silence status...duh.

Scan: Use your magical powers to reveal an enemy's weakpoint, so you can hit it for MASSIVE damage.

Level 4: Shield of might, naer lose light!

Protect: A magical barrier acts as a second coat of armor, reducing physical damage. A must-have.

Shell: Like Protect, but its a magical-resistant bubble--halfs the damage of any offensive spell.

Reflect: Sends any magical spell--with the exception of Flare, Holy or Summons--back to the caster. This includes healing spells.

Level 5: Now the good stuff--novices won't have this, but any White Mage that has done some training should.

Cura: Like cure, but it affects a wide area. Only heals allies--the white magics are a little pickier then Black.

Esuna: Almost every negative status effect or magical malady can be clensed with a cast of Esuna. It sends waves of pure energy through your body, opening you up to the vital magicks of the world, and clensing your soul. In other words, an Esuna a day keeps the doctor away--and out of business.

Dispel: Those pesky spells like Shell, Protect and Reflect sure can be tricky to get rid of. I mean, you can't Esuna them away...luckily, there's Dispel! It also eliminates any other positive status effect, and Berserk too.

Level 6: And God said, let there be...LIGHT!

Raise: When an ally has fallen, their wounds having sent them into a state of near-death, only one thing can get them out of it...bed rest and a lot of recovery. If that isn't available, use this spell instead.

Vanish: Turn an ally or enemy invisible! This makes them extremely sensitive to magical attacks, and immune to physical ones for a limited time.

Doppleganger: Create a set of illusionary images to confuse and confound your enemies. This is similar to a Ninja technique--it makes you harder to hit.

Level 7: This is such a cliche number

Curaga: Fully heal a single ally--its terribly simple.

Arise: Fully restore a KO'd ally to fighting strength.

Esunaga: Like Esuna, but on everybody.

Level 8: I can't think of anything else to say.

Curaja: Fully heal all allies. Legendary Spell that borrows the power of the Sylphs.

Holy: Imbue yourself with the might of Alexander to send forth the fiercesome might of the Nexus unto your foe!

Aura: Send one ally into a trance, enabling them to unleash their full potential. Increases all parameters as well--but it's a temporary spell.
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