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Title: ArmA 1 & 2?
Description: Clarification

Von Rundstedt - July 7, 2009 10:02 AM (GMT)
As ArmA2 has been released and most intrest seems to shift towards its direction. We felt that its good idea to let people know about our plans. General outlining is that we will make first release to ArmA and after that we port it to ArmA2, which at the moment isn't in haste since necessary tools hasn't been released.

We made a promise that we release for ArmA and we will ;)

Now its time for few ArmA2 screenshots.
user posted image
user posted image

I upload bigger pictures later.

Erasmus - July 7, 2009 01:48 PM (GMT)
I think it would be an great, GREAT idea to release all of your stuff for ArmA and then convert them to ArmA II. Of course the islands can't be converted as they are in ArmA. It won't look so good. I own ArmA II, but I'm still playing ArmA very active!

Imagine this: In future when FWW2 goes to Continuation War with ArmA 2, those Ihantalas fields and generally nature, which will look very realistic by competent FWW2 team :scratch:

But first, just release for ArmA and mobilization will start for Talvisota!
I'm asking a permission join the suojaosasto to Metsäpirtti :D

Thank you for those great pictures!

Lots of off topic from me again <_< Sorry for that...

Cappe - July 9, 2009 09:14 AM (GMT)
That is awesome!
I did get the ArmA2 two weeks ago (505 games version) and i have waited some mods to it.(including this one but i dont expect it in the ARMA2 before the December)

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