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Title: my first story
Description: alien has fun

Invictus - September 5, 2005 10:27 AM (GMT)
Breeding Fun

The black bulbous eye widened as it looked at all the cute, fresh young women running and giggling about on his view screen. They were all human, though of a variety of shapes and colors and dialects; some were busty, some trim, some slender, some a little plump but all between the ripe breeding ages of eighteen to twenty five…well besides the few older humans who seemed to be the leaders. He’d just have to kill them. So many females; so many to make mothers of his young and so many so perfect to fatten up and take home with him as livestock. His cousins were right…earth was breeding fun!

St. Mary’s College for Young Women
Leavenworth KS, USA

Tabitha, a tall busty blonde walked quickly down the corridor; her huge DD breasts bouncing in her maroon sweater and her plaid skirt; a mix of blue and green, ruffled about in the light breeze. She avoided the broken glass that still remained from that morning’s freakish earthquake; something Kansas was not known for. So preoccupied was the twenty-two year old student with her own thoughts poor Tabitha never noticed the strange, bluish grey serpent slithering from the where the broken glass lay. It snaked up silently behind her and then struck out swiftly and suddenly; coiling around her legs and yanking her back. Tabitha didn’t even have time to scream as she was jerked back towards the open window; her books crashing to the pavement and then she was squeezed through the small window with such speed it hardly hurt. Then everything was a blur of movement. It took Tabitha moments to realize she was in the abandoned auditorium some three hundred yards from where she was taken and that before her was a one eyed, grayish mass of something with many, many tentacles writhing about it. She was going to scream but suddenly one of those tentacles shot up under her sweater, squeezing between the tight cleavage of her bra encased DD’s and drove itself right into her mouth. It was crazy because instinctively the young blonde began sucking on the phallic headed serpentine muscle; even pressing her sweater covered mammoth tits together as it boob balled her while she sucked it off. Her blue eyes went wide as two more entered her; one spearing her pantiless pussy and the other; the less traveled road of her ass. Almost immediately they came; pumping loads of alien cum into her body and yet they never seemed to slow down any. Tabitha groaned as she felt her belly begin to fill full, very full and she dropped one hand to her aching stomach and again tried to scream; only to receive a mouthful of alien spunk which she hungrily but unwontedly choked down. Tabitha stroked her belly; whimpering, gulping and panting as she felt her somewhat slim waist expand in her hands. Quickly her poor belly went from a small, plump paunch to a full gravid ball of one very, very pregnant. The creamy flesh of her tummy soon started to show as it pushed up her sweater and popped the elastic waist of her skirt which the alien happily tore away. The sweater he left; wanting to watch the buxom human burst out of it as it stretched over the growing fecundity of her womb. By now Tabitha looked as if she were pregnant with dectuplets; her poor belly ballooning impossibly in her hands which stroked and rubbed the strained, taunt sides of her flesh. Still the alien came inside her; but it was more a steady trickle instead of the heavy gouts, in either case the pressure inside was so intense that Tabitha was almost certain she was going to burst. Dark stretchmarks littered her hugely distended waist; which still grew at a steady pace; spreading her legs wide as it dropped low and heavy. Her poor gravidity creaked with fullness and she yelped when she heard the loud pop but was utterly relieved as her sweater burst free, followed closely by her bra as her tits had finally grown too big. So focused on her belly, Tabitha hardly noticed her chest was swelling as well. It was when she felt the first ripple of movement that poor Tabitha finally passed out; her body instinctively taking in the alien seed. Within five minutes poor Tabitha went from a voluptuous blonde to a massive breasted, monstrous bellied pregnant host for the alien known as Xim.

Lucy, a young, cute freshman and her roommate Nikki, hurried across the lawn. They were running late for first period, the strange earthquake had knocked out their alarm clock. Nikki was a bit bigger chested than Lucy but Lucy had the bigger butt which teachers continually remarked on because it made her skirt sit a bit higher than school policy allowed. The cute auburn haired freshman hardly cared; she liked her big booty, so did the young men in the all boys school across the street. Nikki, for as short as she was, was stacked with a natural set of E-cups and she had put those ample mounds to good use on more than one occasion. The two ran as fast as they could towards the main building when Lucy heard a quick yelp from behind her. She turned and her books fell from her grasp as she stared in shock. Her dark haired roommate was being pulled down a small window opening by some sort of serpent. Turning to get help she never saw the other three shoot out behind her but unfortunately her jaw dropped open as one of them drove itself right down her throat. Suddenly her body was yanked backwards down the small window.
She could feel them thrusting into her pussy; at least two really big cocks and a third squirming into her anus. It felt good but it was wrong because the last thing she remembered was giving head to a bluish grey snake. Lucys’ eyes opened with a start to a sight of sci-fi erotic horror. At least seven girls; including Nikki and a hot black girl named Kim were there; all of them with serpent like tentacles wrapped around them and pumping into them. Nikki was pressed face first against a wall; her huge mammeries which were now monstrous, were squeezed tightly together by one tentacle while another fucked her massive globes as it slithered down her throat. Two others tag teamed her poor pussy but what caught Lucys’ eye; even as she felt a thick, hot stream of cum burst in her womb was the size of Nikkis’ belly. It was enormous! A huge ball of tight, tanned flesh that was covered in deep stretchmarks it was so swollen; she looked ready to burst with at least half a dozen BIG babies and it was still growing.
Kim was being bounced up and down on two fat snakes; her arms held behind her back as her tremendously fecund belly; distended nearly her height before her, wobbled heavily and painfully with every thrust. One tentacle was feeding on one of Kims’ plump, liquid filled mammeries which also ballooned as did her gravid belly while the other flopped about frantically as she was fucked senseless. Poor Kim was panting breathlessly but was silenced by the tentacle that rudely slithered into her mouth.
Lucy felt the undeniable pressure of her own belly and nearly fainted when she felt the triplets sized sphere of her waist; tight and full, aching for release and still growing. Now she couldn’t fight it as her hands stroked and caressed the burgeoning orb of her gravidity; rocking back against the huge cocks stuffing her body as she felt the second and third heads erupt inside her; her poor belly blowing up like a helium balloon in her grasp; rapidly swelling before her eyes. The pressure was so intense Lucy thought she’d burst as her monstrous tummy spread her thighs and lifted her off the floor so that she rolled forward and now lay on her own massive fecundity. Her tits; which were huge now; wobbled below her with fullness.
Others were equally as massive; Kiko, the foreign exchange student was so big Xim had to hold her airborne so she wouldn’t smother herself. Heather, a blue haired gymnast was stroking the cock in her mouth as her tummy tore through her leotard; her octuplets sized orb stretching and growing faster and fatter with every stroke. Gales’ plump belly was squeezed like a bubble by one of Xims’ cocks; making it look ready to pop. Gale; unlike the others was getting fatter everywhere; her butt expanding; her tits heavy and full, her belly a plump succulent ball of juicy meat. She was fattening up nicely; though she still looked extremely pregnant. Stephanie; a sexy Hispanic girl was wrapped up by her arms and legs; one tentacle pumping in and out of her fat ass while the other drove through her ever deepening wealth of cleavage as her perfectly round belly just grew bigger and bigger and rounder before her. Above all on an open alcove lying on her back, her arms spread wide and legs spread open and dangling over the edge was Tabitha; her belly dwarfing every one else’s; it was so big the skin was nearly transparent; it literally looked ready to pop at the lightest touch. One tentacle slowly thrust in and out of her wet quim; pumping more and more seed into her womb.
Xim grinned as he searched for more.

Beth ran her fingers through her soapy hair. The water was warm and felt good running down her trim figure. She was curvy with thick thighs like a tennis player but was rather slim and not so big in the boob area. The girls’ locker room was as noisy as ever; most of the talk was about the reported quake that morning. She soon became lost in thought and hardly noticed the sudden muffled cries and whimpers; not until she finally turned of the water. Beth turned around; a bit nerved when she heard nothing; nothing but some soft squishy sounds and something like light whimpering and gulping. Still very naked the cute short haired blonde sneaked a peek around the corner and was frozen. Before her; two of her classmates; Becky a plump; cute as a button red head and Christy; a buxom petite brunette were being held aloft, back to back with their legs spread wide by a group unending tentacles. Both girls were sucking almost desperately on one while their pussies and rears were stuffed. Already Becky looked pregnant with twins and well on her way to triplets while poor Christy looked overdue with half a dozen; if not more. Both girls’ tits were swollen and heavy; leaking a greenish fluid of some kind. In the corner a dark, spherical ball of flesh quivered and two legs softly tapped the ground as Beth recognized what was left of the overly stretched Playboy bunny tattoo on Nancys’ explosive gravidity. How she hadn’t burst yet was a miracle. Unfortunately for Beth; she was the only one coherent enough to see Xim go overboard with the girls gym teacher; Ms. Teegs. From her vantage point, Beth could see the very attractive thirty year old lying on her desk; trying to stroke the monstrously swollen, quivering mountain of flesh that was her belly. Dark stretch marks covered the titanic sphere as it pulsed with fullness; one tentacle spurting thick gobs of milky fluid over her face and humungous tits as two others seemed to dump an unending stream into her womb; both monsters stuffing one hole. Even from the shower Beth could see how shinny and tight her belly was; the flesh stretched too far. Though she was in an enclosed space Beth could hear her teacher groan as her belly swelled audibly and finally reached its limits. Even as the tentacles pulled out it was obvious the damage was done and Ms. Teegs groaned as her belly surged once, bulging insanely like a too full balloon and then burst; splattering the glass with reddish gore. Beth couldn’t help but scream. Suddenly those same tentacles shot out of the doorway; dripping with Ms. Teegs and seemed to search around for the screamer who had quickly ducked back into the shower. Poor Beth whimpered as she watched the bloated, fecund bellied Daphne get drug down the by the lockers. That’s when she felt the soft tap on her shoulder and hoping it to be another classmate she opened her eyes…only to catch a snaking phallic headed tentacle down the gullet.

Now the school faculty was beginning to notice. More and more students seemed not to be showing up to class. Even more disturbing; some teachers were missing as well. Worried; the head of administration, Mrs. Walsch sent two of her favored seniors; Pamela, a gorgeous afro-Asian woman of twenty five years and Susan, a cute, slightly plump euro-Asian; to go searching for the missing students. Pam went to the northern buildings, close to the auditorium while Susan went south towards the dorms.

Pam walked with purpose towards the grand auditorium, build above the older complex which had fallen in a sink hole. She was very annoyed because the choir should have been rehearsing so she was full of vigor when she pushed open the doors. The seniors’ bluster disappeared when she saw the room full of students; propped up, lying down, raised high in the air; all of them being fucked mindlessly by hundreds of serpentine…serpentine cocks for all she could imagine. What froze Pam was how hugely swollen their bellies were; every female was so massively pregnant and sporting monstrous bloated breasts that it looked like a huge breeding farm. It was horrific and yet Pam didn’t run or scream; she just watched. On stage she could see the largest of the stock and recognized all of the; Tabitha, now so big her belly just shimmered with readiness; her young just aching to burst free. Kiko; was nearly as large and yet she was sucking madly away at one snaking organ buried down her throat. Lucy, oh Lucy; the young student was still being fucked; her fecundity desperately trying to catch up to the inhuman gravidity of Tabitha and was quickly gaining. Nikki could no longer take in any fluids; her gargantuan pregnancy had surpassed them all; audibly creaking as the creatures inside matured.
Heather lay there unconscious; waiting to pop or deliver; or even worse…both. Stephanie was just as close to bursting; her tummy quivering with fullness.
Off to the side of the main group fed Gale and another host of females. Pam could see that they looked very pregnant but at a longer glance they lacked that glow of pregnancy…they were livestock; being fattened like cattle. Pam sure as hell didn’t want that to happen to her. She turned to face one of the huge cocks but startled it by gently gripping behind the head and slowly stroking it.
“Just don’t make me like her,” nodding to Gale, “and bigger than her, “looking to Tabitha. With that she wrapped her lips around it and started sucking on the huge phallic head. Xim gave her a preemptive leak of cum which prepped her body for the abundance of cum. Pam hiked up her skirt over her cute little ass and slowly gyrated until one, then two serpentine like organs slithered up her thighs; one easing into her tight quim; the other spearing her anus. Her eyes bugged outward just as her cheeks bulged as Xim shot a full load into her mouth. Pam immediately felt her belly begin to bulge and she smiled. So did Xim.

The dorms were far south, beyond the gymnasium so Susan decided to check there first. Susan could hear the swim team practicing…at least, that’s what she thought until she opened the pools doors. Her mouth dropped when she looked in the huge arena; the stands were full of girls, entangled by dozens upon dozens of serpentine tentacles which also seemed to be fucking the poor girls like animals. The most startling fact was that every female was seemingly pregnant; not just pregnant but so monstrously bloated that some looked as it they were ready to burst. Susan watched as the larger females were pulled; no, squeezed through the doors their bellies had grown so enormous and taken to another location; each girl reaching a point close to exploding, the physical limits of their bodies and then were moved to someplace else. Dumbfounded the senior foolishly stood in the open; staring blankly until two, then three, then four cock headed snakes turned her way. Frozen by fear poor Susan didn’t stand a chance.

Xim giggled; which sound more like a sickening bubbling sound even as he heard a loud, liquidy pop and then a gush of fluid. Turning, his one eye bulged as he watched Tabithas’ belly pulse and contract; a thick ooze of greenish amniotic fluid draining from her sex. She was early but that just meant more females to impregnate or fatten since his sons wouldn’t be ready to breed for a zorg (standard Earth year). Tabitha moaned as her monstrous fecundity quivered and contracted as a dozen tentacles burst from her poor pussy; wrapping around the females’ legs and pulled. Xim watched as her womb swelled; her nether lips quaking from the pressure, Tabitha panting desperately as she pushed, sweat dripping down her body as a blackish bloody bubble seemed to emerge. Hunkering down Tabitha moaned deeply; her massive breasts wobbling as the monstrosity of her belly tightened and finally with a disgusting pop a smaller version of Xim slithered free. Xim gurgled joyously as the first of his sons oozed across the ground and shot out his own tentacles; prepping to fatten the first girl he found. Another deep moan from Tabitha indicated the coming of another son. When it was over twelve were born and Tabitha looked pregnant with one very big baby. She was exhausted and could hardly move as she felt the snaking cocks slide into her gaping sex until her poor womb was stuffed. Arching her back left her anal canal vulnerable as Xim drove one tentacle deep into her rear and then slipped two into her mouth. Almost immediately her very pregnant belly began to swell, ballooning and rounding; rapidly transcending its previous dimensions. Wisely he had six of his sons begin the transfer for the other mothers; placing them in birthing tubes as he moved the livestock to feeding pens.

Finally the word was out that something was wrong and when the main hall was suddenly full of waving, diving tentacles and students being pumped with fluid until they burst from their clothes the panicked rush began. Sharon groaned as her fecundity ripped through her sweater; her big breasts popping her bra and tearing her blouse. Tara gripped the bench as her pussy was pounded and her belly swelled massive beneath her. Gillian Sucked hungrily on a tentacle; her gravid orb quivering painfully between her spread legs. In less than an hour Xim and his sons had nearly five thousand ready to burst mothers-to-be and six thousand fat, juicy females perfect for breeding, eating or just some sick fun. St. Mary’s College for Young Women was finally empty; all the females placed neatly upon the transport ship. His sons hung out in the feeding room; fattening the livestock to the point of bursting. But Xim still had room for more and he could get enough females to keep him rich for a very long time…besides, he now had a LOT of mouths to feed; but where too next?

To be continued…maybe?

Dwarf - September 5, 2005 05:48 PM (GMT)
Hey, man. Welcome to the forum. Yup, I remember this story. Fun tentacle-inflation story. No much like that around. Just remember to put in a warning for adult content next time, okay?

Odd_Dude - September 6, 2005 05:27 PM (GMT)
Maybe I shouldn't read this as I am listening to a show on the history channel about biblical disasters... But it's a good story nevertheless.

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