Echo City: 2112...
The epicenter of perhaps the largest worldwide phenomena to occur in the modern age and where the veil between the life that humanity always knew, and the legends that they forgot about long ago, caused strife one hundred years ago.

With the restrengthening of the barrier between the human realm and the realm known as Luna, many people began to forget about what had happened and became complacent. Never did they think they would have to face a possible war between humans and those that were once Gods...

But now, the worlds have merged, as buildings are partially crumbled by trees, and nature finds itself collapsed with manmade structures, will a balance be found soon enough to prevent chaos from escalating, or is the threat from all sides too much for people to bear?

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 I Look In The Mirror, The history we don't remember...
Lunariata Ghost
Posted: Mar 28 2009, 01:43 AM

Phantom Memories - Administrator
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{ H i s t o r Y }

    In the Beginning...
    ... the lives of the mortals were provided for by Gods and their blessings on the land and its inhabitants... and the existence of the Gods was provided for by the mother of magic and dreams – Lunariata.

    One would think this existence was good enough for everyone – while it wasn’t perfect (as no world can ever be flawless), everything was still in balance and most were content with how everything was. Except for perhaps an odd few...

    Desire consumed a couple of beings... the desire for ultimate power from one individual, and for the other the desire to be able to look upon the one they cherished most in the world. All it took to bring on the beginning of the end was for a dark calculating sorcerer to use a lovelorn God’s feelings to manipulate him into summoning Lunariata – and then trap her in a physical form.

    Unfortunately it was already too late by the time the foolish God realised he’d been tricked by the human who simply wanted to steal the Moon Mother’s power for himself. Despite having been betrayed by one of her own who had allowed himself to be tricked by a human, Luna still forgave him and gave him the only option to fix his mistake before it was too late and the mortal could steal her power... she forced him to cut her down so she would no longer be trapped.

    This occurred over two thousand years ago...

    The Fall...
    ... the death of Lunariata was swift and the moment that life left the shell she’d been cast into, the Gods were exiled from their home which no longer existed – as Lunariata was essentially their ‘heaven’. Forced into their own physical forms, some Gods went mad – stricken with grief – while others made the best of a bad situation by accepting their fate, despite the foolish one who’d changed their very existence.

    At the same time as the Fall, the world also split into two realms to accommodate the very different creatures and separate the immortal from the mortal. Thus, Luna was created on Earth and those who’d fallen lived there – finding themselves accompanied somewhat by dragons and witches who were able to travel between the realms through ‘Dragon Gates’ – various portals that existed and were guarded over by the very old creatures. The Lords decided they no longer wanted anything to do with humans – at least for the moment. The sting of betrayal was still too fresh, though some of the maddened ones occasionally tried to slip through to reap havoc.

    Luckily for the mortals, the dragons had held the mantle of Guardians for a long time before any of this had happened and continued to do so – assisting where they could and looking after the humans.

    Then it happened again... no one knows exactly why or how but gradually humans began to turn on their Guardians, suddenly believing the dragons to be monsters that would eat them, and even that witches worshipped evil creatures and it began a holocaust that would last hundreds of years.

    Over a millennia ago...

    The Purge...
    The Purge was (and still is for some) a nightmare that would never be forgotten and still hasn’t been forgiven to this day. The time when humans turned against any being that was gifted or wielded any kind of power that couldn’t be used by humans themselves. Dragons became monsters that had to be slain by heroes and witches were to be burned, drowned or hung.

    Being the compassionate creatures they were, the dragons had attempted to communicate and find out what had created this fear of them, but many perished to armies of humans and their man-made weapons and eventually just over nine hundred years ago they began closing the gates on the human side so that no other magical beings could reopen them from the other side. By the time the last one was left open, the last few dragons that were leaving the Earthen realm for good, along with the witches who wanted to leave, made their way through and closed it on the Luna side – remaining stationed at its location to keep guard over it.

    Those that had remained in the human realm eventually died, and the witches integrated themselves into human society, only to be discovered in groups every couple of hundred years and slaughtered again before disappearing for some time...

    Nevertheless, the long-lived neighbours would remember those times...

    The Ties That Bind...
    While it was hoped that they would not have to deal with the mortal creatures every again, there were still times over the hundreds of years when the odd one or two would accidentally fall through a weak point in the veil between the worlds, or when one of the Luna creatures would fall through to the other side. While most of the humans who fell across were preyed upon by Blood Lords, or saved by Beast Lords, something new and unheard of before occurred when one young woman met a Beast Lord and somehow they became bound to one another.

    Since it was a once off occurrence which didn’t happen again after that incident, many simply didn’t think much of it except that perhaps it was just a gift of the Beast Lord’s to be able to do.

    That was until one hundred years ago...

    All of a sudden the worlds began to intertwine in parts and a few others have found themselves bound, while ‘her’ influence can be felt by those who were once a part of that place – almost in an effort to heal the wounds of the past and recreate something like the world that once was.

    But it seemed that conflict could not be averted...

    The Preservation
    Upon the discovery of creatures that were powerful, that were different and seen as a threat, musch of the human world's military rose up to strike at what they saw as an attack. Clearly not ready for the reveal, they wwanted to conquer Luna and discover its secrets.

    And on the other side of the veil, Bloodlords conspired to seek greater power of their own through access to the human world, desiring the technology and darker ambitions of man to fuel their own needs as well.

    So it was that one more Dragon Gate was created as a seal to lock the portals between the worlds indefinitely - an Elder Dragon sacrificing themselves in the process like few others before them had in order to become the seal. Everything and everyone returned where they were supposed to be, and the worlds returned to normal...

    But now...

    Overnight the worlds have combined, the veil has completely disappeared - buildings and trees are intermingled and humans have fond themselves living right beside beasts of old - both benevolent and malevolent. Only time will tell what will happen now, but with the veil gone completely, its possible that the Her return is imminent.

    The exile has truly ended...
    The Worlds Collide...
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