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Posted by: flamekitty84 Oct 5 2008, 08:55 AM
Disclaimer: I do NOT, never have, and never will own Digimon...duh...

Katsuro and Nozomi are MINE tho

Before I start with the story, I'd like to explain a few things:

One! this story, Tai and Matt are 18 and still in High School (last year tho)...TK and Kari are 14.

Two!...This is a season collab. so there will be elements of several of the Digimon'll see what I mean later on...

Three!...I will possibly introduce some new elements but you'll have to wait and see about That too...

and Four!...This Will contain a bit of Shounen Ai (Boy's Love) so if u don't like that kinda stuff, go away.

And now! on to the story!!...


Digimon Fusion

Episode 01 - A New Rival, A New Problem


“Yay! Go Tai!!” Kari yelled over the crowd as her older brother, Tai Kamiya, moved the ball down the soccer field towards the goal.

“This game is really close. I wonder if we’ll win.” TK, who had been dragged to the game by Kari, was sitting quite quietly between her and his older brother, Matt.

“Hey! What are you talking about, TK?? Of course we’ll win! Tai’s the best there is!” Kari exclaimed, easily heard over the roaring crowd as Tai inevitably scored the next goal., “See? What’d I tell ya??”

Matt just sat there and smiled, watching the brunet play the game he basically dedicated his life to. He was one of the best on his team, and he knew it. Matt adored his arrogant, cocky attitude, but arrogance is usually accompanied by clumsiness, and Tai was defiantly cursed with it.

Matt didn’t care, though. He loved the boy and there was nothing that could change the way he felt about him.

Matt’s thoughts were eventually interrupted when the woman sitting next to him accidentally bumped his leg as she reached down to pick up her purse.

“Oh, I’m so sorry…” The woman raised her eyes and locked them with a dazzling set of friendly, blue eyes.

“Not a problem.” He smiled.

The woman looked to be somewhere in her mid 30s but was quite beautiful for her age. Her long, brown hair swirled about in the light breeze and her face was completely free of freckles and make-up, which revealed her natural, smooth, almost too perfect skin tone.

She was obviously not too worried about her appearance, and Matt assumed by the way she dressed that she was a mother.

“Hey, aren’t you Matt Ishida?”

Matt simply smiled at the question for he had expected something like that, but he was astounded when she didn’t jump out of her seat and tackle him like all the other obsessed fan-girls.

The woman’s expression showed her delight as a smile swept across her face, “My daughter absolutely loves your music. It’s all she listens to.”

“Oh, really?” Matt wasn’t too surprised by this comment, but he showed interest, making conversation with the kind lady.

“Ya. I’ve actually found myself singing your songs quite a few times. She plays them so much I’ve pretty much memorized all the words.” Her smile quickly faded as she realized she had never introduced herself, “I’m sorry…I just keep rambling.” She smiled nervously, holding out a slender hand, “My name’s Nozomi.”

“Nice to meet you, Nozomi.” Matt took her hand gently in his and placed on it a light kiss, making a slight blush creep over her cheeks.

“Matt, you’re gonna miss the whole game!” TK grumbled, somewhat annoyed. Matt, being as famous as he was due to his Rock Band, always got all the attention from ravaging fan-girls to kind women such as Nozomi. Many of them asked for his autograph or if they could get a picture with him. Some even asked if they could have a kiss on the cheek. Matt wasn’t too comfortable with the kissing part, but he did what he could to please his fans.

TK wasn’t at all jealous of his brother. He just wished once in a while there could be a day where Matt wasn’t attacked everywhere he went.

“So how old is your daughter?” Matt questioned casually as he returned his gaze to the field.

“Well, right now she’s 15, but she’ll be 16 next month on the 22nd.” Nozomi stated.

“Oh, is that so? Are you having a party for her?” Matt wasn’t like most other famous people who were stereotypically rude and think ordinary people aren’t worth talking to. Matt was so used to random people coming up to him asking for his autograph or a kiss and simply leaving to go tell their friends and show off. He got that everyday so it was nice to finally just sit and talk to someone like Nozomi. Her next statement, though, changed the entire mood of the conversation.

“Well, actually,” She paused, “Her father passed away recently, so I don’t have enough money for something like that.” Her misty, brown eyes lowered to the ground in front of her.

Matt sought a solution to ease the woman’s pain.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” He said in a soft voice, “If there’s anything I can do I’d be more than happy to help out.” He offered.

“Oh no, I couldn’t let you do that.” She recovered quickly from her current state and raised her cheery eyes to meet his again as she smiled.

“Well if you won’t let me help out, at least accept my offer to come sing for your daughter on her birthday.” Matt returned the smile.

Nozomi’s eyes were filled with joy as she thought about how happy her daughter would be when her favorite singer showed up at their doorstep.

Matt’s attention was drawn back to the field as he heard the crowd cheer, otherwise he would have acknowledged Nozomi’s attempt at a ‘thank you’, which was muffled by the fans and was practically inaudible. He didn’t need a ‘thank you’, though. The look in her eyes was all he needed to know she appreciated his generous offer.

He kept his eyes fixated on Tai as he dashed down the field, preparing his next move that would win his team the game.

Dodging everyone that attempted at stopping him, he drew nearer and nearer to his destination as the sound of the audience rang in his ears. The closer he got to the goal, the faster his heart raced and the bigger his smile got, awaiting the glorious moment of victory.

“Go Tai!” Matt shouted as he stood up with the rest of the crowd, a huge smile on his face.

Tai was so hell bent on scoring the final goal that he hadn’t even noticed a player from the opposing team coming up beside him to steal the ball. Tai was so close to the goal that, even if he did notice the boy, it wouldn’t matter.

Or so he thought…

Just when Tai was prepared to win the game and gain some much desired fame, the boy next to him slid out of nowhere and kicked the ball out from in front of Tai, tripping him in the process.

Tai hit the ground face first. He quickly recovered just in time to see another player on his team jump in and save the game by scoring Tai’s goal for him.

The crowd burst out in cheerful shouts and whistles as the buzzer went off, signifying the game’s end. The score was 6 to 5, Tai’s team being the winning team.

Tai simply watched in despair and humiliation as the team that once admired him now crowded around his only rival. Tai had competed with Katsuro since he first made his appearance on the team not too long ago. Tai had moved from best to second best when everyone experienced Katsuro’s skill in soccer for the first time. Tai was devastated when he had made a complete fool of himself, ‘letting’ Katsuro score the final goal. He was only mad at himself for being over confident and not paying attention to what was going on around him.

He made a vow to get revenge on Katsuro and win back his team’s support.

Everyone in the crowd clapped and cheered as the winning team made its way off the field. Tai tagged behind, not taking part in the congratulation of his rival.

What’s so great about him anyway…?

Tai stalked the group until they had all begun to depart, leaving Katsuro alone.

“That was some save, Katsuro.” Tai strode up to him with a huge smile on his face.

Katsuro turned from the table in front of him, a cup of water in his hand.

“Oh, it was nothing. I only did it for the team.” He smiled.

Katsuro was typically a nice guy who never thought of himself and always put others before him. He did whatever was necessary to please everyone else, even if it meant harm to him, mind or body.

Tai, however, thought differently of him and saw only the devil behind the boy’s deceiving, green eyes. He always seemed to outdo him, in the end claiming it to be nothing or done for someone else, in this case the team.

Tai wondered why no one else saw what he did when those dead eyes looked on them. Maybe Katsuro had a personal grudge against him and him alone. Whatever it was, Tai was determined to undermine his rival’s confidence and give him a taste of his own medicine.

“Yeah I heard you’re like that: Always thinking of other people.”

“Well of course. The team is like my family. And it’s never good to be selfish.” Katsuro shot him a sharp glare with those dead eyes that tore through Tai like a knife, inflicting a deep wound to his pride.

Tai wasn’t ‘selfish’…

Was he?

After Matt had finished giving his ‘good-byes’, and his phone number, to Nozomi, he led TK and Kari over to Tai to congratulate him on his team’s victory.

“Tai, you were awesome!” Kari wrapped her arms around Tai’s neck, distracting his attention from Katsuro.

“Thanks Kari.” Tai returned her hug.

“Ya that was some game! You were great out there!” Matt exclaimed. He had seen Tai talking to Katsuro and was hoping Tai wasn’t too mad about Katsuro scoring the final goal.

Tai smiled at Matt as TK offered Tai a ‘great job!’.

Tai glanced behind him to see that Katsuro had left and was nowhere in sight.

That show-off…thinks he knows everything…I’ll show him…He’ll be sorry he ever came to Odaiba High…

Tai’s thoughts were interrupted by Kari’s suggestion.

“Hey, why don’t we go celebrate?”

Tai stared at her blankly for a few seconds before he realized she said anything, “Oh, um…well actually I think I’m just gonna head home…I’m pretty tired…”

“You worked yourself pretty hard out there. I’ll bet you’re tired. Here, let me carry your stuff for you.” Matt lent Tai a helping hand, picking up his unusually heavy Duffel bag.

“Thanks Matt.” Tai flashed Matt a smile, glad he had a friend like him.


“I didn’t even see the kid. He just came out of nowhere!”

“Kids don’t just ‘come out of nowhere’, Tai. You just weren’t paying attention, that’s all.” Matt comforted Tai as the group walked back from the field to Tai’s house.

“I know. I should have. If only I would have seen him, I could’ve-“

“Tai, it wasn’t your fault at all. It couldn’t be helped.” Kari interrupted, “But look on the bright side! At least your team won!” She smiled.

Tai would have assured them that he was happy the team won, but, before he could say anything, the ground trembled and a slight rumbling sound could be heard in the distance.

The group came to a sudden stop, looking around to see what had caused the mini earthquake-like tremor.

“What was that??” Kari questioned as the ground shook again, this time more violently.

“I have no idea.” Tai looked around, hoping it wasn’t anything important.

The sound of sirens began to ring in their ears as several police cars raced by them, swerving around the block where chaos began to break loose. People were screaming and the tremors were more frequent. People in their cars were speeding to escape whatever threat was around the block.

“This does not look good…TK, head home now!” Matt demanded as he took off, curious as to what was happening and feeling a need to find out what it was.

“But Matt!”

Tai turned to both TK and Kari, “Matt’s right. Both of you head home.” Tai gave no further instruction as he darted off after Matt, sensing something wasn’t normal about any of this.

He turned the corner sharply and nearly plowed into Matt, who had stopped suddenly.

Tai recovered quickly and raised his eyes to meet the furious expression of a huge, blue Allosaurus-like dinosaur with a band of feathers encircling its head standing in the middle of an empty street of ruins.


So thats about it for my first chapter of Digimon Fusion. This story will Definatly get a lot more interesting as it me.

Welp, please take the time to reply so I know what yall think. Thanks for reading!!



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