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Posted by: coredawg Jul 22 2007, 08:27 PM
this game is good. a lot better than world one in world two u start out with three digimon and u must hone thier skills also but u dont need to feed them or anything like that from the first game but any ways ur goal is to go to four different sectors and beat thier gyms to collect their badges but along the way u run into people who need ur help or into bad digimon u also collect digieggs to help progress thru the game but overall i like this game better than the first one but thats my opinion


Posted by: shadow wolf Aug 18 2007, 12:43 PM
Hey, umm, that game you're talking about is world 3. World 2 is where you join a guard team (either Gold Hawks, Blue Falcons or Black Swords) and you get their mascot digimon (GH=Agumon, BF=Patamon,BS=Demidevimon) and then you have to complete domains, which are like caves and dungeons pretty much, And you get this Tank-Like vehichle called a Digi-Beetle. It has a battery, cannons, engines and moer which are all upgradable and customizable. You travel through the Domains with this.
When you go through the domains, you will enconter many digimon, each catchable. You get itto join your team by giving it gifts before you beat it in battle. The only digimons you cant catch are the bosses.
Also, this game lets you experiment with DNA Digivolving! Regular too.

Overall, pretty good game. The graphics are kinda bad, but what do you expect from a PS1 game? tongue.gif


Posted by: coredawg Sep 5 2007, 09:56 PM
oh oops sorry aniwargrey1.gif

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