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flamekitty84 Posted on Oct 5 2008, 09:06 AM
  Disclaimer: I do not, have not, and never will own Digimon...aw poo...


Digimon Fusion

Episode 02 - Once Upon A Crime


“What is that thing??”

“I don’t know, but we’d better run!” Matt whirled and ran the opposite direction as the creature stooped to roar at the only two people in sight.

Tai recovered from his shock and quickly hurried after Matt as the creature ran after them.

“What do we do?!” Matt questioned, running as fast as his legs would carry him.

“How about I go this way and you go that way! We’ll see if we can confuse him!” Tai stated as their pursuer snapped at them, coming so close Matt and Tai could feel its breath on their necks.

Matt quickly agreed to the plan and took off in another direction, “This had better work, Tai…” He said to himself under his breath.

The monster took only two seconds to decide who he’d chase, and Matt was his intended victim. It took the corner so sharply it nearly tripped itself trying to snatch Matt in its jaws.

Tai skidded to a halt and swore to himself quietly, wondering why Matt had to be the target. He quickly decided to follow the both of them to insure Matt’s safety.

Matt scrambled down the sidewalk, desperately looking for an escape route away from the snapping jaws behind him. His adrenaline rush had begun to wear off and his legs were now starting to feel it. He figured anything would be better than stumbling and falling prey to millions of sharp, slicing teeth. He spotted an alleyway up ahead and hoped he could outrun the gnashing beast long enough to take refuge between the two walls. His last burst of adrenaline finally got him there and he nearly fell once he felt safe. The only thing keeping him from collapsing was a strange humming noise from behind him. He quickly turned his attention back to see the predator standing at the alleyway entrance in an attack stance. Its jaws were lowered to the ground and its mouth was open, a ball of blue energy forming deep in its throat.

It can’t be…

Matt’s eyes widened.


He turned and ran. He ran faster than he had ever run in his life, knowing he had nowhere to go but forward, and the walls would channel the Digimon’s attack straight at him and would probably kill him. He was in the real world and he was not just data there.

His mind raced almost as fast as his legs. What would happen if he didn’t make it out of the alley in time? What would happen to the rest of the city? What would happen to Tai? And TK?

I can’t let that happen!

Matt felt the heat of the blast as soon as it left the dragon’s mouth. He felt it hot on his back, but he still ran. He knew he had no chance of ever making it out alive, but he still ran. He knew it was over, and he cursed himself for not seeing he had set up his own death.

No. Matt wasn’t going to let that happen and, with an angry determination, he pushed himself forward. He saw the road ahead and leapt out of the alleyway, rolling to the side and just barely escaping the blast of the blazing hot energy by inches.

He wasted no time and jumped to his feet as the blast crashed into a building on the opposite side of the street, almost completely obliterating it on impact.

Matt took off down the street, hoping he would be able to shake the Digimon off his tail and escape long enough to find Tai.

Matt’s eyes darted here and there, knowing any signs of life would be Tai for he was the only other person out on the streets. He was panting like a dog now, yet he was thankful he had escaped. He did not, however, look back or even think of looking back. All that was on his mind was Tai.

Where are you, Tai?

He turned the corner and immediately regretted doing so. He stood face-to-face with the lizard, who had apparently known where Matt was headed and cut him off coming the other way.

Matt, now sitting on the ground, knew he wouldn’t be given a second chance. The Digimon took no time to enjoy the pleasure of Matt’s agony and fear and lunged at him. Not even two feet away from Matt’s face, the predator’s jaws were snapped shut and the Digimon’s body was thrown into a building.

Matt was too scared to even know, or care about, what was going on. All he knew was that he was given a second chance and he took it. He scrambled back to his feet and fled in the opposite direction. He could hear the painful howls from behind him, and it made him curious as to what had happened. He came to a stop once he knew he was far out of the way and turned to see the action.

The first thing that caught his eye was a tall figure dressed in silver-blue armor. His clawed boots the whole way up to his helmed face was clad in a beautifully crafted, blue-tinted, metal Digi-zoid armor. A long, blue scarf rippled in the wind from the blast of the impact. Once the thin smoke settled, the figure’s face was revealed.

Matt noticed a helm designed to resemble that of a wolf’s head covered the top half of the stranger’s head, leaving the chin and mouth revealed. His deep, red eyes were piercing, and his expression was stone.

He stood defensively with two long light swords held out in front of him, waiting for the Digimon to rise from the rubble.

Matt stared in awe at him.

Who is that guy?...He’s defiantly a Digimon but…why did he save me??

“Get up, Allomon!” The figure’s deep voice echoed through Matt’s ears like a wolf’s howl through the trees, “Get up and fight!”

Matt felt a hand on his shoulder and, being caught up in the action, jumped and whirled around in alarm.

Tai blinked in confusion, “Are you ok, Matt?”

Matt panted slightly, “Ya, I’m fine.” He turned his attention back to the battle in front of him.

Allomon’s eyes flashed open and he made a quick attempt to lunge at the other Digimon.

“Who is that??”

Matt watched carefully as the figure easily deflected Allomon’s teeth and jumped back to avoid him, “I don’t know, but he saved me…”

Allomon, now in an angry fit, spat a flaming ball of energy at his enemy, who was close enough that a clean swipe of the tail could have obliterated him.

The Digimon easily avoided the attack by jumping into the air.

“Howling Laser!” He shot a blue laser out of the cannon-like weapon on his left arm. The beam went straight into the mouth of the beast and exploded in his throat. Allomon roared in pain but refused to go down.

The figure landed gracefully on the pavement as his enemy’s attack exploded behind him.

Matt and Tai both shielded themselves from the nearby blast as shards of metal and glass sliced through the air.

Allomon was defeated now. He had no way of attacking besides his claws and teeth, which would be useless against the agility of his wolf enemy. He did not give up, however, and made one last attempt to annihilate him. He dashed forward, jaws open, and snapped them shut on the wolf Digimon. He, in return, acted quickly and put his arms up to meet the teeth closing around him. He was stuck in the beast’s powerful jaws with no way to escape. Allomon forced pressure down onto his victim, hoping to simply crush him, but the force pushing back against him was greater. The wolf Digimon trembled slightly under the pressure, but was obviously just a bit stronger. He managed to hastily draw out his light sword with one hand while the other held open Allomon’s mouth. Within a split second, the sword was plunged into the roof of Allomon’s massive head and into his brain.

Matt barely saw what happened but knew Allomon was done for when he saw the Wolf Digimon withdraw his bloody sword from the head of his enemy.

Allomon loosened the pressure on his jaws and toppled over to his side, a puddle of blood forming around his head. His eyes were frozen wide with the expression of pain and shock. The victor stood, blood dripping from his body, in front of the dead Digimon as it slowly began to disintegrate into mere data. The bits of information flowed in a stream into the air, and the battle was over.

Tai blinked, mouth agape, wondering how the heck that could have happened. Matt simply watched.

The wolf Digimon quietly put his sword away and glanced back at Matt and Tai once Allomon disappeared.

Matt blinked, curious as to who this Digimon was. He began to walk up to him but once he was but a few feet away, the Digimon was enveloped in a ball of bright, blue light. Matt halted immediately, wondering what was happening. He began to think this Digimon wasn’t a good guy after all, and he was, maybe, digivolving to eliminate them as well. His thoughts shifted when the blue light disappeared, revealing a human boy.

“You two should be more careful next time…” The boy’s harsh voice shattered the silence as he turned towards Matt and Tai.

The boy dressed casually. A dark blue jacket with a yellow stripe going down each sleeve covered a simple, bright-yellow T-shirt. He wore a blue bandana over his silky, black hair which he wore in a long ponytail. His eyes were sharp, piercing, deep-blue orbs that stopped Matt in his tracks. He looked cold and made no attempt to see if either of them was alright. He simply walked away.

“Hey wait!” Matt hurried to catch up to him. He placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder.

The boy stopped and jerked away from him, “What?...”

Matt looked into those eyes as if he had never seen another human being before.

“…Hello?...” The boy questioned, irritated by Matt’s silence.

“You’re…the Digimon that saved me…?” Matt asked.


“Thank you.” Matt replied.

Tai had walked up beside Matt, eager to ask their savior some questions.

“How did you do that??”

The boy looked at Tai, also annoyed with all the questions.

“…Do what?”

“You just…you…how did you turn into a Digimon??” Tai asked, stumbling over his own words.

“Are you telling me you’ve never seen a Spirit Evolution before…?” The boy asked, not really expecting an answer from either of them.

“Well…no, we have our own Digimon. We’ve never seen anything like this before.” Matt spoke up.

The boy simply laughed as if they were clueless to what was going on in the world, “I don’t know why I’m wasting my time with you…”

Matt grew silent as the boy began walking away from them again. He turned and walked the other direction, not going to try to stop him for more questioning. Tai looked from the boy back to Matt, blinking in confusion.

“Hey wait up!” Tai caught up to Matt, “Whats up?”

Matt shrugged his shoulders, “Nothing…”

“Aw come on, I know something’s bothering you.”

“When did we ever need someone to protect us, Tai?” After a short pause, Matt looked up from the ground into his best friends eyes, “We were always the ones protecting other people and then Allomon, or whatever that thing’s called, shows up and there’s nothing I can do. I’ve never felt so helpless in my life.” His eyes returned to the ground in front of him.

“Aw cheer up, Matt. We were just caught off guard that time. In the Digital World we had our Digimon with us all the time so we were ready for anything. How about I go get Agumon and I’ll meet you and Gabumon at your place and we’ll talk to them about it.” Tai suggested.

“Ya, that might be a good idea. Maybe they’ll know something we don’t.” Matt’s eyes never left the ground.

“Alright I’ll meet you there in a bit then, “ Tai darted off to his house, eager to find out what was going on, “See ya!”

Matt sighed.


“I’m home!” Tai burst through the door of his house. He wasn’t extremely rich like Matt and couldn’t afford his own apartment while he was still in school, so he was stuck with his mom.

Kari heard Tai’s big mouth and ran down stairs to see if he was alright.

“Hey Kari. Where’s Agumon??” Tai’s eyes darted around the room. He was obviously in a hurry so Kari assumed they were still trying to get rid of that giant dinosaur.

“Agumon’s in your room, Tai,” Kari answered, “What’s going on??”

Gatomon quietly followed after Kari down the stairs and sat on the floor next to her, watching Tai as he sprinted around the room looking for Agumon.

“Agumon! Get out here!” Tai yelled, looking towards his room.

“Tai, please don’t yell in the house.” His mother entered the room with baking mitts on her hands, holding a freshly baked pie.

Tai immediately froze and slowly turned toward his mother, staring at the pie, eyes huge and starry.

“What’s the matter, Tai?” Agumon questioned as he came out of Tai’s room. All the Digidestined’s parents accepted the Digimon into the family and they were now part of it. Most people still did not know of the Digimon so those who did happen to know about them had to keep them a secret.

Tai shook his head, snapping out of his trance, “Come on Agumon, we have to go!” He grabbed hold of his dinosaur friend’s clawed hand and bolted for the door. Agumon made a feeble attempt at snatching the pie, clawing the air as he passed by it.

“Don’t you want to stay for a piece of pie, dear??” His mother called after him.

“Sorry mom, gotta go. It’s an emergency! Bye Kari, bye Mom!” He was gone before Kari could even get an answer as to what happened.


Matt had just settled into his favorite chair with a warm, steaming cup of coffee in his hand when he heard a knock at his door. He grumbled as he stood up again to answer it. He opened the door and caught himself before he fell as Tai darted into the house, dragging Agumon behind him.

“Calm down, Tai. Geez.” Matt shut the door and took his place in his chair again, sipping his long-awaited cup of coffee.

“So what’s all this about a Digimon attacking??” Gabumon questioned the group.

Tai, being as excited as he was, began talking first, “Well, you see, we were coming back from my soccer match when the ground starts shaking.”

“Matt told me the whole story.” Gabumon interrupted.

“Ya, I was watching it on the news before you came and got me Tai.” Agumon looked up at Tai.

Tai paused and slowly looked down at Agumon, “…If you knew this whole time, then why didn’t you come to our rescue, Agumon?”

“Well, you see,” Agumon grinned sheepishly, “I was going to come help, but then this blue wolf Digimon came and took care of it all. I thought you two were all right because I was watching what all the camera men got.”

“…Right…” Tai looked unamused and not convinced at all.

“So what could have caused Allomon to come to the real world?” Gabumon returned their conversation to what was really important right now.

“Well,” Tai looked over at Gabumon, “Maybe he was looking for something…or someone…”

“But how would he have gotten here?” Gabumon responded.

“Maybe someone sent him here?” Agumon tried to come up with a reason for this Digimon’s unnatural arrival in the real world.

“Ya. Digimon can’t just travel freely between the real world and the Digital World.” Matt replied.

“I got it!” Tai shouted, “He was probably sent here by complete accident.”

Everyone grew silent, staring at Tai.

“What…?? It could happen.”

“Something really weird is going on and we need to figure it out before someone gets hurt.” Gabumon broke the silence.

“Ya but what should we do?” Agumon asked.

“I dunno,” Gabumon looked at Tai, “Tai, what should we do?”

Agumon looked over at his best friend, hoping he would know what to do.

“What are you looking at me for?” Tai looked from one to the other and back, “I’m just as confused as you two are.”

“But you’ve always been the leader, Tai.”

“Ya, Tai. Tell us what we need to do?”

“Alright fine…” Tai settled back on the couch to think of a plan.

“Well, while you guys are thinking, I’m gonna go get a shower.” Matt got up, set his empty cup on a stand beside the chair, and quietly made his way to the bathroom.

“What’s wrong with him, Gabumon?”

“I don’t know, Agumon. He’s been this way since he came home.”

“Ya he started acting like this after the battle, when we talked to that kid. He said he felt helpless.” Tai spoke up.

“Hey! What if that boy knows anything?” Gabumon stated after a moments pause.

“Ya maybe we should go look for him and ask him if he knows anything about what’s going on.” Tai stood up.

Agumon was gazing off into the distance, listening but focused on something else, “Hey, I just thought of something. If we’re going out to look for him, then maybe we should eat in case we run into trouble and have to Digivolve!”

Agumon stared starry-eyed at a cake that was sitting in the kitchen, freshly baked and ready to be eaten.

Gabumon spotted the cake as well, “Ya that might be a good idea. You never know, we might run into another Digimon.” He got up and went to the kitchen.


Why did he save me? It’s not like he needed to…or even wanted to for that matter…He acted like I was just in the way…

Matt stood in the shower as the water flowed down his body, washing away not only the soap and bubbles, but his worries and anger.

Who is he anyway? And how can he change into a Digimon?

Matt turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. He picked up the towel and dried his hair, looking in the mirror at himself as he did so.

Oh well, this whole thing will all blow over soon and it’ll be like none of it ever happened.


“I told you not to eat so much, Agumon!” Tai stumbled down the sidewalk with Agumon sitting on his shoulders, who was enjoying being a stuffed animal. He scouted the area, looking for the boy Tai had described to him.

“See anything, Agumon?” Gabumon walked beside Tai, pretending to be a kid in a costume for Tai’s sake, although Tai couldn’t decide if carrying 200 pounds was worse than having people stare at him the whole time.

They finally came to the place where Allomon was destroyed. The place was filled with investigators trying to figure out what happened to the body, camera men trying to get as much footage as possible, and worried civilians asking for the story and what happened.

“Hmm…for some reason, I don’t think he’d be around here with all of this happening.” Gabumon concluded after seeing all the fuss and commotion.

“Ya you’re right. Which way did he go, Tai?”

“Well, after the battle, we tried talking to him but he just walked off,” Tai looked around, trying to remember which way he went, “I think he went out that way, but I’m not sure.”

“Well, it’s a start. Let’s check over there then.” Agumon scanned the area as Tai turned around and went the way he thought the boy went.

Gabumon turned to follow but caught a glimpse of what seemed to be who they were looking for. He quickly whirled back around, searching for where he went.

“Guys, I think I found him!”

Tai stopped and looked back.


Gabumon glanced around, seeing nothing where he saw the figure, “I don’t get it. He was right there.”

“Gabumon, quit playing around. This is serious stuff here.” Tai turned and continued walking.

“But I know I saw him.” Gabumon paused before he turned to face Tai, who was already too far away to hear him. He sighed lightly and began to follow them, ears lowered, glancing back now and again.



Went out to look for that boy

we talked to. We thought you

needed some time to think so

we didn’t bother you.

Be back in a bit!



P.S. Agumon ate all your food

Matt pulled the note off of the fridge and kinda smiled to himself as he read it. He put the note on the counter and made a quick sandwich with what was left of his food. He made his way to his chair and turned on the TV as he plopped down to enjoy his sandwich.

“Nothing is known about how this creature came here, or why it came here..." A news reporter stood in front of a mass of people crowded around where the dinosaur had ‘disappeared’.

Matt, about ready to change the channel, heard the word ‘creature’ and decided to see what the news had to say about all of this.

" Eye witnesses claimed to have seen a goofy character dressed in some sort of a metal suit battling this creature...Shortly after this monster had appeared, it seemingly vanished into thin air...Let’s hear what one of the witnesses have seen…"

The screen switched to an innocent looking woman with a child standing at her side, holding her hand, “I was walking my daughter to the playground when this…this…thing attacked! It came out of nowhere! I was so scared, I didn’t know what to do!...”

Matt changed the channel, not being able to take anymore of that. He found a channel that would do for now until Tai and them got back.

He had just gotten settled in again when he heard a low rumbling followed by screaming outside in the distance.


Woot! After an eternity of staring at the screen, I've finally finished chappie 2!! Sorry it took longer than I promised but..purr-fection takes time!

Please take the time to reply so I know if I should continue with the story. I need motivationnnnnnn!!


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