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flamekitty84 Posted on Oct 5 2008, 09:14 AM
  Disclaimer: I do not, have not, and never will own Digimon...Only in my dreams...

I do, however, have the right to own some personalities in this story. Three mystery characters that are rarely, if not ever, used in the original series are part of the storyline and I'm taking credit for giving them their personalities, as with every other character that doesn't have one already...I'm not claiming to own the characters themselves, just the personalities. Please don't hate me for wanting that much XD

One more thing, All the characters in this fic are real, official Digimon characters. None are my own, made-up Digimon so if you have no idea what any of these look like, either google it or look it up in a DigiDex. I'm sure you'll find'em. tongue.gif

And now, I bring to you the beginning of a new Series of Digimon. This is where things start to get interesting, trust me. ;D


Digimon Fusion

Episode 03 - Let The Games Begin!


Matt clicked off the TV and sat still, listening and hoping he was just hearing things.

But sure enough, he heard thumping and screaming once again. He quickly stood up and made his way to the door, dropping his sandwich off at the table and slipping his shoes on before heading outside. He halted in front of his door when a strange feeling overcame him. He felt eyes on him. Eyes watching his every move, reading his every thought. The loud thumping grew quieter and faded to the background as he went somewhere else. The eyes watched him closely, as if studying him like a caged animal. Matt dared not turn around to face whatever it was that was spying on him. Seconds seemed like hours and Matt had completely forgotten what was happening around him. He stood there in front of his house, trapped in this daze until he finally build up the courage and whirled around to see who those eyes belonged to. He broke out of the feeling and returned to reality, where he saw a strange, agile dark figure jumping from rooftop to rooftop until he disappeared completely.

Matt stared for a second or two before he heard the thumping get louder. He shook his head lightly and looked around, remembering where he was and what he was doing. He looked up at the sky, seeing smoke and assumed another Digimon was on the loose. He took off in that direction, hoping to get there before it was too late. He never once thought that he didn’t have Gabumon with him and by the time he realized it, it was too late.

A blast of hot liquid lava ripped through the ground in front of him just as he was about to turn the corner. He skidded to a stop and nearly fell over. His heart was racing, knowing he had been close to losing his life once again. He glanced around, hoping to spot Tai and the Digimon, but they were nowhere in sight. He was debating on whether to turn and run when a giant yellow beast emerged from around the corner.

Matt saw a huge arm with two blood red claws on the end. The body of the beast was thick and muscular and was obviously built for power. Matt slowly looked up to see the creature’s face.

A brown helmet shielded its face, leaving only one hole for its left eye. A razor-sharp horn topped the helmet and a jaw lined with knives jutted out beneath it.

The creature was so big, it passed right by Matt without even seeing him. Its metal-plated tail crashed into the building beside him, sending chunks of concrete, glass, and metal tumbling down on Matt. He happened to escape all the huge, damaging ones but was slightly cut by the glass. Matt recovered and looked up to see a very familiar figure.

The wolf Digimon from before was standing in front of Matt, facing the beast that had fallen into the buildings across the street from an unexpected blow.

“It’s you again…” Matt said quietly, more to himself.

The figure drew his light sword and charged as the beast, who made a feeble attempt to scare him off by roaring, stood up again.

Matt felt something tugging on his shirt and jumped when he looked down.

“Gabumon! Don’t scare me like that! Where’s Tai??” He looked up to see Tai carrying Agumon over to him.

Tai set Agumon down once they were all in a group again.

“Maybe we should help this time. Cyclonemon looks tough.” Agumon looked over to see the big yellow monster swing his giant hand, crushing the wolf Digimon against a building and holding him there.

Matt fumbled for his Digivice but realized he hadn’t grabbed it before he ran out the door.

“Damn it! I don’t have mine with me!”

“Don’t worry,” Tai pulled his out, “I got this!”

Tai turned to Agumon, “You ready, Agumon?”

“Lemme at’im!! Agumon Digivolve tooooo………………Greymon!!”

Cyclonemon was just about to finish the wounded Digimon when he heard a strange growling over his shoulder. He turned to see an equally sized opponent ready to challenge him, jaws dripping with its own liquid lava.

“Go Greymon!” Tai ordered.

Greymon roared and lowered his head, ready to attack.

Cyclonemon lost interest in his smaller, less threatening opponent and threw him aside, facing Greymon.

Both Digimon charged at each other and clashed. Cyclonemon grabbed a hold of Greymon’s horns, trying to push him back, but Greymon had a stronger grip on the ground and pinned Cyclonemon under his horns against the building. Cyclonemon was in such an awkward position, he had trouble moving and couldn’t swipe at Greymon to get loose.

Matt, who had been too caught up in the fight, remembered and hurried over to see if the wolf was all right.

“Are you ok?”

The Digimon growled slightly as he stood up, “Call him off, this is my battle.”

He left no time for Matt to reject or even nod a ‘yes’. He jumped up, pushing off a building to get more air, and fired a shot of blue laser at Cyclonemon before he had a chance to blast Greymon. Cyclonemon roared and brought his metal tail up, swinging it and nailing Greymon in the ribcage, sending him to the pavement. Cyclonemon fell with his enemy, but was quick to recover. He stood up and picked his giant hand off the ground in an attempt to crush Greymon while he was still down. The wolf Digimon acted quickly and put himself right in Cyclonemon’s path.

Matt thought he was done for until he figured out what he was up to.

Sword in hand, the Digimon jumped straight up towards Cyclonemon’s face, landing on his mask and holding on to its horn for balance as the beast thrashed, trying to get him off. The Digimon stayed clear of his enemy’s one eye until the perfect moment when he managed to let go of the horn and, with both hands, plunge his sword into the beast’s eye. There was a loud shriek of pain as Cyclonemon brought up his clawed hand and slammed it back down on top of the Wolf Digimon with a sickening thud. The beast fell as well. Silence.

Greymon stood up as he returned to Agumon. He looked over to see Cyclonemon’s data stream floating away.

Gabumon walked up to the wolf Digimon and looked down at him.

“Are you ok down there?” Gabumon questioned into the crater-like hole Cyclonemon’s blow had made.

Matt peered down as well and offered a helping hand when the Digimon looked up. He refused help and climbed out of the hole, returning to his human form once he was out.

“Who are you?” Gabumon asked.

The boy looked down at him and paused.

A crowd was gathering, wondering if the terror was over. Camera men were there immediately, hoping to get some good footage this time.

“Let’s get out of here first. We don’t need these people nagging us with questions…” The boy turned and walked off.


The group quickly turned the corner and slowed their pace, knowing they were safe from annoying reporters and the news crew.

“So,” Matt looked at the boy, “What’s your name, anyhow?”

“Kouji.” He replied.

“Hi! My name’s Gabumon!” Gabumon blurted out, always glad to meet new people.

“I’m Tai.” Tai held out his hand with a smile.

Kouji just looked at him for a second, then returned his gaze ahead of him.

“…okay then...” Tai dropped his hand back to his side.

“What do you guys want from me anyways?” Kouji questioned, not looking at any of them.

“We just wanted to ask you a few questions.” Matt responded, hoping Kouji would cooperate this time.

“Sure. Go ahead.”

“First of all, my name’s Matt.”

“…” Kouji paused, “Nice to meet you, Matt…”

“Hey how come he gets a ‘Nice to meet you’?” Tai whispered to Agumon.

“Well,” Matt began, “We were wondering if you knew why or how these Digimon are coming here to the real world.”

Kouji looked over at him.

“Why would you think I knew that…?”

“I don’t know. I just thought you’d be the best person to ask. I’m not gonna ask some random person who doesn’t even know what a Digimon is.”

“You might as well be doing that,” Kouji’s voice seemed a little less harsh than the first time they met, “I’m not sure why they’re here myself.”

“Well then you might be able to explain to me how you can turn into a Digimon?”

“Ya! Tell us!” Agumon grew excited.

Kouji glanced at both of them before pulling out what looked like a weird-shaped Digivice.

“It’s called Spirit Evolving.”

“What’s Spirit Evolving??” Gabumon interrupted.

“…I’m getting to that…You have to scan your own data to be able to combine yourself with whichever Spirit you’re supposed to control. Mine are the Spirits of Light: Lobomon and KendoGarurumon.” Kouji flipped through two images that resembled wolves on his Digivice, one that looked like the Digimon he had transformed into earlier and the other one was new to them.

“What’s the second one?” Tai caught a glimpse of the images.

“That one’s KendoGarurumon. He’s the Beast Spirit of Light.”

“So then Lobomon is the one you’ve been changing into? Is KendoGarurumon related to Garurumon? And what is that thing you’re holding? Is it a Digivice?” Agumon questioned, still kinda confused.

“Yes…No idea…and no...this is a D-Tector…it works like a scanner to scan your data so you can Spirit Evolve. Well…This one only works for me, I guess…” Kouji put the D-Tector away, “So, why do you guys have Digimon following you around anyway…?”

“It’s a long story…” Matt sighed.

“…ok then…what else did you want to ask me?”

“Are there others who can Spirit Evolve like you?” Matt asked.

“Of course.”

“Are they your friends? Do you know them?” He continued, not thinking maybe the others might have some questions.

“Ya I know them…we saved the Digital World together once.”

Matt realized he was being a question hog and turned to the others.

“Sorry guys. Do any of you want to ask something…?”

“Ya I have a question!” Agumon raised his hand, “Can you turn me into a human??”

Both Kouji and Matt sweatdropped while Tai and Gabumon just laughed.

Matt suddenly felt that strange feeling again, like he was being watched, but this time it wasn’t as strong and consuming. He glanced over his shoulder only to find an empty street. He checked the rooftops but there was nothing.

I’m imagining things again…

Matt shook his head and looked forward, trying to ignore the feeling until it went away.

“Something wrong, Matt??” Gabumon looked up at his friend, kinda worried by the way he had been acting lately.

“No…I’m fine Gabumon.” He smiled a reassuring smile down at Gabumon, who simply smiled back but was still not convinced.


The group, startled, looked over to where the loud ear-shattering screech had come from.

“Not again!” Tai groaned as he saw a giant bird-like Digimon fly over them.

“Great…” Kouji began to run after it.

Tai blinked in confusion, “…Hey wait up!”

“Come on guys.” Matt led Gabumon and Agumon towards where the bird had gone.

“Squaaaak!” The bird was flying over the city, as if it was looking for something.

Kouji stopped under it and swiped his data through his D-Tector.

“Execute. Spirit Evolution!...Lobomon.”

A ball of light enveloped Kouji and Lobomon appeared in his place, ready for another battle.

Lobomon looked back at the rest of the group and saw Matt searching for his Digivice again, even though he knew he didn’t have it.

“Oh come on! I always carry it with me!”

“Matt, catch!”

Matt looked up and saw a glint of something in the air. He caught it and opened his hand to see his Digivice. He raised his eyes to see Lobomon.

Lobomon turned his attention back to the bird circling overhead.

How did he have my Digivice…? Oh well, time for some action!

“Gabumon now!”

“Right! Gabumon Digivolve tooo…………….Garurumon!!”

Garurumon leapt from the light and landed beside Lobomon.

Matt smiled, proud to have such an awesome Digimon.

“I need to sit this one out, Tai.” Agumon plopped down on the ground, exhausted from the battle he was just in not too long ago.

Tai slumped his shoulders and sighed.

“Fine, we’ll watch this time.”

“SubZero Ice Fang!!” Garurumon shot a blast of ice at the bird, hitting a wing and rendering it flightless.

The bird fell from the sky and collided with the ground. It stood up, trying to pick the ice off with its beak. Both Garurumon and Lobomon dashed toward the helpless bird, prepared to end this one quickly. They both leapt into the air but were taken by surprise when the bird turned its head and shot a blast of sonic rings at close range, sending both attackers to the ground. The bird screeched loudly and lowered itself to the ground, smashing its wing on the pavement and shattering the ice. It shook its wing, stretching it out and shaking off any water and loose ice.

“Garurumon!” Matt called to his friend.

Garurumon growled as he stood up on shaky legs, not the Digimon to give up so easily.

Lobomon jumped back to his feet as soon as he hit the ground, trying to hide the effects of the weakening attack. He wasted no time and fired a laser at the already wounded wing. The bird screeched as the blast burned a hole right through the base of its wing, making it completely useless. The bird ran at them, eyes wide and piercing. Lobomon raised his laser and shot the demon bird once more, this time in the other wing, causing the bird to stumble and cry out.

“Finish him, Garurumon.” Lobomon gave Garurumon the opportunity for the final blow.

“Right. Howling Blaster!” Garurumon blasted the defenseless animal with an icy attack, freezing the bird in its tracks.

“Slamming Attack!” Garurumon launched himself at his enemy and burst straight through it like a thin wall of ice, shattering the ice along with the bird itself. Garurumon landed on the other side of the bird as a data stream began to form and flow in a current into the air.


A shadow sat on a rooftop not too far away and whispered to another shadow next to it.

“Let’s go….He’s not gonna like this at all….”

“…hmm…..” The second replied as they both disappeared into the shadows.


Agumon stepped up to Garurumon and Lobomon.

“That was great teamwork, you two! I wish I could have fought with you…” He sounded disappointed.

“You needed to rest up anyway. You did your part, Agumon.” Garurumon reassured him.

Matt looked over at Tai, who seemed extremely bummed out that he wasn’t part of that battle.

“Cheer up, Tai. I’m sure there’ll be plenty more where that came from.”

Tai looked up from the ground with a huge smile.

“Definitely! And Agumon and I will be ready for anything the Digital World spits out at us!” Tai held up his fist.


“…Astamon…” The two shadowy figures appeared in front of a throne covered in darkness except for two red eyes piercing the shadows.

“Ahh, Matadormon…Shawujingmon…nice to hear from you again. Have you gotten rid of those puny humans like I asked?” A deep, menacing voice echoed off the stone walls.

“No sir. They’re stronger than we thought,” The one called Shawujingmon answered, “They’ve defeated Diatrymon…”

“What??...hmm...” Astamon paused, “I’ll take care of this myself, and have some fun while I’m at it.” He smiled evily.

Astamon sat in silence, plotting his little game when he realized his servants were still there.

“…Be gone, fools!”

“Yes sir…” Both disappeared, leaving Astamon to cackle and plot.


Woot! Second chapter in one day! I'm so proud of myself! I actually enjoy writing this story for some odd reason '--

Now that things are starting to heat up and I have no life, I'll prolly be publishing more chapters more often so check back soon for Episode Four!!


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