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Title: Episode 04 - The Order of Astamon

flamekitty84 - October 5, 2008 02:17 PM (GMT)
Disclaimer: I do not, have not, and never will own Digimon. Great if I did though :D

So, the DigiDestined have managed to defeat Allomon, Cyclonemon, AND Diatrymon! What'll happen next?! Read on to find out!


Digimon Fusion

Episode 04 - The Order Of Astamon


Garurumon, not being able to hold his Champion form, returned to Gabumon. He soon regretted it as a vortex-like hole opened up in the ground beneath Matt and Tai, ready to swallow them both.

“Matt!!” Gabumon tried to hurry over and grab onto him before he fell in, but wasn’t fast enough.

Agumon tried to help Tai, but he was too far away to catch him in time.

“Hold on!” Lobomon leapt towards the vortex, grabbing a hand just in time to save his new friend.

Matt looked up at Lobomon, relieved he was saved, but then heard Tai’s voice below him, yelling for help.

Matt quickly turned his attention down to Tai, whom he could barely see now from the shadows of the vortex.

“Tai!” Matt yelled, reaching out his other hand as he watched his best friend, and lover, fall into the depths of the hungry vortex, “…no…”

“Hang on, Matt…” Lobomon gently pulled Matt up as the vortex began to close around him, setting him on the solid ground beside him.

“Tai, wait for me!” Agumon jumped at the hole, hoping to go wherever Tai was going. The vortex closed quickly and Agumon fell into nothing but the pavement.

Matt stared at the ground where it closed up, silent.

“We’ll get your friend back, Matt” Lobomon reassured him, turning back to Kouji.

“I hope so…”



“Yes master?” The two servants appeared in front of their master.

“Fetch Tai Kamiya and bring him to me.” Astamon ordered.

“Yes sir.” Matadormon’s deep voice replied back as both of them disappeared.

“I only have one DigiDestined,” Astamon spoke to himself, “But, the others will be here looking for him in no time. Then I can have my fun.”

“As long as they don’t have their pesky Digimon with them, I’ll be able to destroy them all and take over the human world as well!” Astamon laughed an eerie laugh that echoed off the stone walls surrounding him.


Tai opened his eyes and sat up, rubbing his head.

“Where am I…?” He looked around to find himself in a dark forest.

“Great.” He stood up and brushed himself off, “What do I do now…?”

He scanned the forest and spotted a figure sitting in a tree some 20 yards away.

The Digimon sat like an assassin in the tree. He held a huge metal staff with a crescent on one end and what looked like a machine gun on the other. His blue hair flowed in the breeze, revealing a small beak-like mouth and a band that covered his eyes.

The figure seemed to be looking for something, and Tai assumed it was looking for him.

His eyes got wide and he slowly backed up quietly, hoping he wouldn’t be heard and he could escape easily.

Tai kept getting farther and farther away until he was almost comfortable with turning his back and running off, but he heard a small crack under his foot. He quickly looked down at the branch he stepped on and looked back up to see the figure staring right at him.

Shawujingmon leapt from the tree, heading straight for Tai.

Tai wasted no time and turned to run the other way. He jumped back as he bumped into yet another Digimon, Matadormon.

“Well, hello there.” Matadormon smiled, swiping at Tai with his blade-claws.

Tai ducked and ran as Shawujingmon jumped at Tai, aiming to take him down right there and get it over with. Tai moved just in time and Shawujingmon plowed into Matadormon, sending them both to the ground.

Tai made his escape and hid behind a tree once he was far enough away.

“You buffoon! Get off me!” Matadormon shoved Shawujingmon and stood up.

Shawujingmon recovered and hastily stood up, scanning for the boy once again.

“Were did he go now…”

“I don’t know. If you wouldn’t have jumped, I could have got him!” Matadormon exclaimed.

“Well if you wouldn’t have gotten in the way,” Shawujingmon retorted, “I would have had him!”

“Never mind that. We need to find that boy before he gets too far. Which way did he go?”

“He went this way,” Shawujingmon began searching the area leading up to where Tai was hiding behind the tree.

What do they want from me?

“Come out, come out, wherever you are…” Shawujingmon jumped into a tree above him, gracefully making his way through the trees as he searched from above, Matadormon following on the ground.

After going some distance, Shawujingmon stopped and jumped into the lower branches of the trees, landing in the tree Tai was hiding behind. Matadormon halted also, figuring he hadn’t been able to go that far.

“Do you think the master wants him back alive?” Shawujingmon growled.

“He said he wanted to have fun, so I’m assuming that means keep him alive, Shawujingmon. Have some common sense.” Matadormon snorted.

“But it would be so much easier if we just destroyed the whole forest and killed him.” Shawujingmon grew impatient with Matadormon’s logic.

“Do you want to get us killed? The Master said bring the boy to him, not his dead body. If we come back with him dead, we’ll be killed ourselves.”

Shawujingmon was obviously the one who likes taking the easy way out, while Matadormon was the exact opposite and took all his missions seriously.

“Plus,” Matadormon began walking forward past the tree Tai was behind, “He can’t be too far away now. I can smell him.”

Shawujingmon jumped to the other side of the tree, looking off in the distance for any sign of his prey.

Tai gulped and inched his way around the trunk of the tree, staying opposite from Matadormon so he wouldn’t be seen.

“We know you’re here, boy! Come out and make it easier on yourself!” Shawujingmon called out into the forest as he jumped to the ground. His voice echoed and bounced off the trees, returning his call back to him.

“This is becoming a bother…” Matadormon shook his head.

“Well, bringing him back dead is better than not bringing him back at all!” Shawujingmon jumped into the air, swinging his crescent. A thousand blades of light cut through the forest like the trees were mere butter, knocking them down and causing a great disturbance.

“Shawujingmon! Enough!” Matadormon demanded, not caring about the forest. He only wanted to preserve his own life, “If you kill him, we’re both goners! I’m not willing to risk my life over some stupid kid!”

“I don’t see you doing anything!” Shawujingmon landed in front of him, glaring.

“We cannot fight each other, Shawujingmon,” Matadormon returned the glare, “That would be unforgivable.”

“True,” Shawujingmon agreed, “We must find him.”

The forest was silent. Shawujingmon sniffed the air and Matadormon listened for some kind of clue.

Tai began to get uncomfortable, wondering if they were still there or if they had left. He would run if he knew they were gone. What if they were watching him now? What if they were above him?

Tai quickly looked up, getting paranoid by his own thoughts.

Nothing. They must be gone. Tai took a chance and peered around the tree. He saw a glimpse of Shawujingmon’s red cape, but it was too late. If he had not seen him, the sound of him retreating behind the tree would catch their attention for sure.

“There he is!” Shawujingmon pointed behind Matadormon.

Matadormon said nothing as he turned and, fast as lighting, sliced through the tree with his razor claws, giving Tai no time to react.

The tree split right above Tai’s head and crashed to the forest floor next to him. He would surely be caught if he stood there.

Tai ran. He ran faster than he had ever ran in his life. Even all the times at soccer practice had not made him run as fast as he was now.

“After him!” He heard Matadormon’s voice catching up behind him.

Matadormon ran swiftly, his clawed arms trailing behind him, out of the way. Shawujingmon growled as he took to the trees, jumping from limb to limb, catching up quickly to Tai.

Shawujingmon locked his eyes on his target, giving himself a quick burst of speed and cutting Tai off in front of him. He grabbed Tai by the arm, causing Tai to skid and fall.

“No! Let me go!” Tai struggled as Shawujingmon lifted him back to his feet, “What do you want from me anyway?”

Tai looked up at Shawujingmon’s masked eyes, anger building up in his own. Shawujingmon looked very intimidating as he looked down at his captured prey, a look of evil and malice on his face.

Tai’s anger was replaced by fear as he stared up at that face. What were their intentions? What would happen to him?


Finally! The fourth Episode like I promised forever ago. :D sorry guys! please don't be mad at me! I got an unmotivational writers block. Icky stuff :P



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