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Title: ScreenShot Mania - Week Three

flamekitty84 - December 25, 2007 02:31 AM (GMT)
This week's topic shall beeeee....

Evil Guys!

Post a pic of your favorite villain! Yay this oughta be interesting!

Go for it, guys!

user posted image

It was a tough decision between Etemon and Apocalymon.

I like Etemon cuz he's spontanious, unpredictable, and he's pretty hilarious. Plus his henchmen are super cute! He prolly wasn't one of the biggest, baddest, super-hard-to-defeat enemies but he was still pretty cool. And he DID make his comeback as MetalEtemon so thats a plus!

Apocalymon is only at the top cuz of his random the one where he says "Why is it that you get the pizza and I get the crust?!?!" lol! that always cracks me up...or how bout the time he just randomly screams "Ahahahahaha! Wait! Why am I laughing? I'm supposed to be depressed!" He's so funny and he's supposed to be the last boss fight, which is pretty wierd if u ask me....

Well ya theres my most fav villian! What's urs?



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