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Title: Rules and Guidelines

flamekitty84 - September 22, 2007 03:45 PM (GMT)
Who Said it? is a game where I post up a quote from any of the digimon series..and you have to be the first to guess who said it!

The first person to post the answer will recieve 50 bitz..

Also! if u would like to recieve even more bitz you may post any additional info such as:

-The season the quote was said in
-The episode
-To whom the quote was said
-About what? (if not already obvious)
-When (time of day, after what event, etc.)

I'm sure u get the point...but...I will make acceptions and I guess it just depends on what quote it is and what peoples answers are that determine the amount of bitz i give out...

Also, if one person answers the question but doesn't supply any additional info, other members may still post the info and i will award a certain amount of bitz depending on what they provide.

If u have any questions I will gladly answer them right here. thanks and have fun!



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