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flamekitty84 - September 22, 2007 03:24 PM (GMT)
ok...i know there are a lot of emoticons that u can add to ur i figured I'd make this little guide to help u....and becuase I'm extremely bored...

ok well first off...there are some 415 emoticons total...and I'm sure u don't want to look through them all just to find what ur looking for..unless u want to then click 'Show All' at the bottom of the 'Clickable Smilies' window to the left....but for those of u who like things simple, here is the code to get just about any digimon u want....

simply put : and then add the digimon's name...but without the mon...and end with the :


: lobo : without the spaces...


simple eh? simply type any digimon's name u want and click preview post to see if the emoticon will show up...if it doesn't, then we prolly don't have that particular emoticon...but we sure have a lot so i'm sure u'll find it....somewhere.... haha!

there are also some emoticons that are animated....simply type the following

: ryoanim : without the spaces
: terrieranim : without spaces and leave out the mon in the digimon's name

most of the animated ones are from Digimon Battle Spirit for the GBA. so if u've played that game u'll know which ones I'm talking about.

well thats it i guess...I'll include a list of the emoticons that aren't just the names of the digimon for reference if anyone cares to have one.

Note: make sure u put : before and after the names with no spaces

megagargoanim :megagargoanim:
gabupunchanim :gabupunchanim:
gabublasteranim :gabublasteranim:
blackwargreyanim :blackwargreyanim:
gomawalkanim :gomawalkanim:
blackaguanim :blackaguanim:
wargreyanim :wargreyanim:
cherubianim :cherubianim:
gallantanim :gallantanim:
cerberuanim :cerberuanim:
terrieranim :terrieranim:
kyuubianim :kyuubianim:
sakuyaanim :sakuyaanim:
botabounce :botabounce:
sakuyakick :sakuyakick:
garuruanim :garuruanim:
beelzehot :beelzeshot:
punibounce :punibounce:
renastorm :renastorm:
gargoanim :gargoanim:
gomaanim :gomaanim:
pataanim :pataanim:
gabuanim :gabuanim:
sukaanim :sukaanim:
guilanim :guilanim:
renaanim :renaanim:
tokoanim :tokoanim:
salaanim :salaanim:
omnianim :omnianim:
wormanim :wormanim:
aguanim :aguanim:
veeanim :veeanim:
lopanim :lopanim:
agutailwag :agutailwag:

veecourageevo :veecourageevo:
gabumetalgaruruevo :gabumetalgaruruevo:
veemagnaevo :veemagnaevo:
karigatoevo :karigatoevo:
koujievo :koujievo:
rikabio :rikabio:
impevo :impevo:

takatobiobubble :takatobiobubble:
henrybiobubble :henrybiobubble:
rikabiobubble :rikabiobubble:
ryobiobubble :ryobiobubble:
metalgarurusad :metalgarurusad:
weregaruruhappy :weregaruruhappy:
metalgarurustandard :metalgarurustandard:
weregarurustandard :weregarurustandard:
metalgaruruhappy :metalgaruruhappy:
weregarurusad :weregarurusad:
telephonebooth :telephonebooth:
metalgarurubig :metalgarurubig:
blackmetalgarurubig :blackmetalgarurubig:
terrierattack :terrierattack:
terrierfront :terrierfront:
cherubivirus :cherubivirus:
angewofloat :angewofloat:
saberleosit :saberleosit:
chibiairdra :chibiairdra:
nyaroheart :nyaroheart:
syakoshell :syakoshell:
gekodance :gekodance:
renafront :renafront:
yurafloat :yurafloat:
kyuubibig :kyuubibig:
chibikiwi :chibikiwi:
chibinume :chibinume:
kiwichibi :kiwichibi:
gatofront :gatofront:
gatosneak :gatosneak:
lobojump :lobojump:
kazejump :kazejump:
kumajump :kumajump:
lowejump :lowejump:
beetlejump :beetlejump:
agunijump :agunijump:
gabufront :gabufront:
gatoheart :gatoheart:
flamedrabig :flamedrabig:
chuudance :chuudance:
chibipal :chibipal:
gatowink :gatowink:
sukachuu :sukachuu:
veefront :veefront:
gaofront :gaofront:
pataplay :pataplay:
botabig :botabig:
unirun :unirun:
sludge :sludge:
gabo :gabo:
tai :tai:
matt :matt:
tk :tk:
mimi :mimi:
izzy :izzy:
kari :kari:
sora :sora:
joe :joe:
ryo :ryo:
takato :takato:
henry :henry:
rika :rika:

thats it! enjoy!



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