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Title: ScreenShot Mania - Week One

flamekitty84 - July 29, 2007 03:09 PM (GMT)
Ok our subject for today wiiiilll beee.......hmmmm.......lets see....Takato!. Cuz I feel bad about what i said on the GoggleHead Poll...we'll post screens of Takato! Post away people! and once again, please read the rules as they have some vital information you all should know......but the one thing I need you all to remember is that we do not approve of huge pictures.....they tend to stretch the board, making it difficult to view if you need to make it smaller, then do it. Edit it in Paint or Photoshop or whatever...just if you have a huge pic, resize it somehow....try to make it no bigger than the image below....also...make sure they are screenshots...not artwork...

user posted image

Whoops! It seems noone has even entered this contest!! .....O well....

Have fun you guys!!!



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