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Title: The Rules
Description: GuideLines and Rules

flamekitty84 - July 4, 2007 05:15 PM (GMT)
Ok..Screenshot Mania is basically this:

We Will give you a subject...and you have to go out and find a screenshot or two of that particular subject.

For Example: Week one: we could give you a subject of....hmm..lets say, TK and Kari together. Then, if you would like to participate, you would go out and search for a screenshot of TK and Kari in the same screen.


There aren't many rules for this but there are some general things you are supposed to and should not do.

-No Art can be posted. If its not a screenshot, its not allowed.
-You cannot post an edited screenshot. If that is what you want, please go to the Caption Contest.
-Remember this is a Digimon Forum, so only Digimon screens will be permitted. And plus..that's the only subject we're gonna give you...

and thats it! Oh one more thing...have fun with this guys!! If you have anything you want to add to make this better then please go to the Suggestions forum.



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