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flamekitty84 - June 13, 2007 09:58 PM (GMT)
At first..I never wanted to watch Frontier because I thought it looked kinda dumb and I didn't like the fact that the humans could change into Digimon. I was used to the fact that they always had Digimon partners. So I never watched that season. But until recently I watched every episode up to number 49 (Dang downloader won't let me download ep. 50! Darn You) and I absolutely LOVED it! I was amazed! I thought it would have been completely different but I was wrong about judging it before I even watched it! lol

I definatly did not like Kouji in the first half of the series...I wanted to punch him in the face...but after I watched the season a little more and he began to change, I started to like him. He is now one of my FAV Digimon characters of all! I also like Takuya. he's pretty funny and he's kinda cute too! I like it when he says "Hey Buuhdy!"

I really don't see why everyone likes Koichi.....He's kind of annoying to me...the way he's always moping around wondering about why his life I mean I understand but think he could be a little less dramatic about it?

Well ya...these are my thoughts on Frontier....Which I really like now that I have actually watched the whole dang season(Save fo ep 50!!!!! Grr...)

*Update* I have officially saw the whole season!! Ep 50 was great and it tied everything together nicely!!! I just hope Savers is as good as Frontier!

*Update* heres another update for yall....I have changed my mind about Kouichi...he's pretty cool I guess...not as awesome as Kouji but! he's alright.



Light_Renamon - June 14, 2007 03:42 PM (GMT)
Well I seen the Jap version of Savers and too me its good. We just have to wait for the dub version and see how that turns out^^

flamekitty84 - June 14, 2007 04:40 PM (GMT)
I hope its a good season...I don't know if I'm gonna get used to the humans being more...anime-ish! we'll see I guess...



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